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Get on the Elevator, and Stick Out Your Tongue. Or Don’t

"Could you push the button for 5, please? ...Er, nevermind"
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(credit: Su-E Tan) Kent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek, anchors weekday prime-time newscasts on CBS-TV's KCAL9...
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I’m not exactly sure what a “Jaffa Cake” is, but apparently, in England, you eat them. 

Or glue them to the interior of an elevator to “raise a smile, give people a taste for Jaffa Cakes and encourage… them to go and buy a pack.” So says Orange UK

I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. 1,325 Jaffa Cakes later, the elevator (or “lift” as they say, sniffily, over there) is ready for business. I say, either be the first one onboard, or keep your tongue to yourself. Still, it beats the rival product idea of a ‘cod liver oil office chair.’  

(Photo: Orange UK)

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