LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Just weeks after defending emergency response times for the fire department, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa promised on Monday to come up with answers for why the LAPD dispatch system lost power for nearly 12 hours.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports Villaraigosa hopes to have an explanation by the end of this week.

Villaraigosa demanded information from Information Technology General Manager Randi Levin, General Services Director Tony Royster, and City Engineer Gary Moore in the wake of the system failure on April 3 that forced the LAPD to manually answer dispatch calls and route them to individual divisions.

The mayor said a review of the outage — which occurred at Mount Lee, the prime site for LAPD dispatch transmissions to originate — is still currently underway.

“We are in the process of reviewing that issue,” said Villaraigosa. “I did meet last week, my staff has had a couple of meetings, we’re trying to get to the bottom of what happened.”

It was the second time in nearly one month that Villaraigosa was forced to address growing concerns over emergency response times.

Villaraigosa held a joint news conference with Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Brian Cummings back in March to clear up discrepancies in reported response times and offer new measures taken to enhance the department’s communication system.

On Monday, however, Villaraigosa was in no rush to lay the blame on any specific engineering or personnel failure.

“It may have been both,” said the mayor. “There are personnel issues that precipitated it, but it may have been both.”

Villaraigosa said a comprehensive report will be available to both the relevant City Council Committees and the Police Commission as soon as possible.

Comments (4)
  1. GTH says:

    Oh Tony stop acting like you care…We know you have your sites set on bigger political ambitions and that this whole “Mayor” thing is nothing but a stepping stone for you….Yeah, it’s that obvious.

    If it weren’t for the majority of L.A. being stupid, you would have never gotten the job…Or should I say “Yob”

  2. Corruption says:

    He was voted in by illegals just because he is one of them. He will never get elected for anything outside of LA.
    People from down south are idiots. They actually voted for the mayor just because he is Mexican.

    1. E says:

      Are you stupid? First of all, how can “illegals” vote? Secondly, how do you know “they” just voted for him because he is Mexican? Get your facts right.

  3. lb says:

    The blame begins at the door of Villaraigosa. The infrastructure of the City is in a sad state due to his glaring mismanagement and furlough/layoff policies. Funny, the furloughs don’t apply to his staff. But his cronies tag along all over the place with him on his personal junkets. This has nothing to do, whatsoever, with race. Nor should it. What it has everything to do with is the Mayor’s personal mismanagement of the City jointly with that of his headcutter, Miguel Santana. Sure is odd how Santana’s misuse of City vehicles and being drunk on duty outside a strip bar was conveniently swept under the carpet when he got caught. And now he’s baaaack! I thought Chicago was bad. Guess you could say that Boss Hog is alive and well in the Mayor’s office.

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