Gas Prices On Catalina Island Pass $7 Mark

AVALON (CBS) — Catalina Island is known for many things… its picturesque scenery, seafood and hiking, to name a few. But what about high gas prices?

For the past two weeks, gas prices on Catalina Island have been an average of $7 a gallon.

Stacy Dizon, who works at the Santa Catalina Island Co.-owned gas station on Pebbly Road, tells CBSLA that a gallon of regular unleaded on Saturday was $7.03.

gas prices avalon Gas Prices On Catalina Island Pass $7 Mark

(credit: Ivan Hernandez/Avalon Marine Dock)

The gas station is one of two service stations catering to the island.

About 1.5 miles away, Ivan Hernandez at the city-owned Avalon Marine Dock says the price of regular unleaded is $6.90 a gallon, down 10 cents from Friday.

While some residents may be feeling the pinch, many aren’t complaining.

“There’s not a lot to complain about when we’re living on an island,” said Catherine Rogers, a server at Original Jack’s Country Kitchen.

Rogers has lived in Avalon for 33 years and tells CBSLA that she doesn’t hear a lot of complaints about gas prices since many residents walk and those who drive use golf carts to get around, many of which are electric.

On average, Rogers says, those who drive golf carts fill up about once a month.

Tony Gomez, who works at La Paloma, has lived on the island for 15 years. He tells CBSLA that as of last week, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded was $7.10.

As Gomez explains, residents on Catalina Island pay on average about $2 more for gas as compared to prices on the mainland.

As for the cause of the spike in gas prices, residents say they expect prices to be higher since the fuel is barged in.

“It’s not uncommon to see unusually high gas prices in certain remote areas, but of course, $7 gas may be a new high point for almost anywhere in the U.S.,” Automobile Club of Southern California spokesperson Jeffrey Spring said. “It’s a reminder to all of us that this year has been very expensive at the pump for Southern California drivers.”

  • susan

    its a short water hop to catalina island from los angeles, and reports have said if gasoline goes to $5 per gallon in california, it does not bode well for the summer travel season across the u.s….

    • freecheese

      . I lived in Honolulu HI from 1965 to 1968. We were paying 4-times for gas than you would pay in Los Angeles.
      When questioned, the locals would say, “Well, ‘day ‘gotta’ bring it ober here by ‘da ship, Brudda’ !
      History repeats ,

    • Big Bear

      There is really no place to drive there. Avalon is a small town. Maybe drive to Airport-in-the-Sky although I think there are shuttle buses. If you want to visit Cat Harbor or Isthmus do it by boat.

      • Amess

        You’re correct…most folks drive golf carts…..the one’s really effected are those traveling there with their boats…

    • dryden01

      Californians were born and bred to pay taxes and rarely complain when the democrats raise them. They want to pay European gasoline prices so they can pretend they are just as classy and chic as snooty European America-loathers. None of them will wonder if they were better off 5 trillion dollars ago; paying for Bushgas instead of Obamagas. Obama says you can save gas dollars by tuning up your cars and inflating the tires to the proper pressure and waiting 10 years for the democrats to come up with algae gas at $12 a gallon.

      • dryden01

        Do you mean like the shooting War in Vietnam that the democratic liberals JFK and LBJ ramped up into 50,000 military deaths? Or like the Obama invasion of Libyan airspace, in itself an act of war without any congressional consultation? Republicans raise dahlias and democrats raise taxes.

      • Kevin DeLeo

        Worst place I’ve ever been. The weather sucks, the people are government medicated, nobody speaks English, no moisture in the air.. Haa what a toilet,, soon to tumble into the sea..Another sales job on the americans , ,biggest cash crop is weed,,, haaaaa

      • biffula

        Exactly. Aren’t high gas prices the tree huggers dream? They’re getting exactly what they’ve asked for.

      • carlsbad moose

        You can inflat at least one car with all the hot air coming form OBama’s mouth. He is an embarrassment to the USA.

      • mike

        Californians are idiots. I don’t care if they pay $20 a gallon.

      • DeFace

        Is that the same as Republicans that were born to spend my tax money on wars that serve no purpose other than raising our price per barrel?

      • Gman

        Thanks! By all means, stay in whatever lousy star you’re from. We happen to love it here. Sorry you’re suffering from California jealousy. I agree, it is incredible to live here.

      • CTSadler

        You mad, bro?

    • Cheese Wonton

      Susan, the drivers delivering gas to Catalina load their truck at a place in Carson called Kinder-Morgan Partners. This is a huge bulk storage and loading facility for gas, diesel and jet fuel. It supplies fuel to big retail outlets like 7-Eleven, Costco, G&M and USA Gasoline, among many others. The company on Catalina is paying the same rack price as everyone else in LA.
      But, after loading the trucks have to go to Long Beach to get on a very slow barge to make the trip to Catalina. They can only do this is daytime and the barge only makes two trips a day I believe. In any event, the barge is so slow the drivers can only run one load a day. Due to weight restrictions on the barge, the truck is about half the size of the gasoline tankers you see on a freeway in LA. And, on top of that, the driver and the truck have to be certified by the US Coast Guard since the load is going to sea.
      This is why gas costs so much on Catalina. It is not some grand plot.

    • Fill up at home

      Don’t get gas in Catalina, it’s full of water and will make your boat run bad.

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Can’t drive far there. Fill up once or twice a year.

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  • Robert S.

    Gas at $7.00 a gallon is a “theft of the public’s wallet no doubt. Current administration want everyone to drive a small car, so sales of small cars are now beginning to “pick-up”! This will help the economey?, when people can barley make ends meet? Now they have a bright and shiney in their driveway, with big payments to boot? This is insane! Won’t help much, inless your kids “eat dirt”! Just more money put in the wrong place. To get a new car, you will get rid of family members? Pets that have been with you through “thick and thin”? That is insane also! Vote “you know who” OUT, the sooner the better!

    • Joshua

      Nobody on Catalina Island cares about $7.00 gas. There is nowhere to drive. Obviously prices are going to be higher at a luxurious island communitey. Lay off the rhetoric.

    • SockitBiatch

      I’ll bet that gas pump was at the boat dock, which the price would be very reasonable for boats, and this is just one more sensational, nonsense story from the kids at CBS-lokal…..cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

      • mark

        Read my comment above. This is a ridiculous story. $7 on an island is nothing like $7 in LA. It takes a boat with some well maintained engines to get to the island in the first place. If you want to make it back home, your stuck paying the dock price.

        You folks out there is CA have some issues. The least of which are gas prices.

    • tx2dth


    • Gman

      It’s an island. Perhaps you should’ve read the entire story or had someone read it to you.
      BTW, California is awesome.

  • Robert S.

    Would the “Moniters” please write that down for the “thought Police”, as I know “who’s listening”! It’s a machine “They” built that “watches, and listens, and will hopefully will “Cease and decist” as soon as possible! Boo on the patriot act anyway! Lawyers have “ruined the country, and have everyone “shakin in their boots”!

  • earlrichards

    Google the “$2.5 Trillion Oil Scam – slideshare.” The oil price is determined by those who control the crude oil futures markets and is not determind by OPEC and Saudi Aramco.

    • Rocco

      Golly it must be true. It’s on the Internet!

    • NY9Solyndra

      The futures market provides liquidity and shared risk. Without it, oil (and gasoline) prices would be MUCH higher.

      • bob

        You’re wrong. It would be more volatile, but not necessarily higher.

      • Timothy

        So clearly Adam Smith has no impact on the modern economy? I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but the actual demand for gas and oil is down, production is up, and the price of oil is way out of line with the “risk”. Don’t get me wrong, we really should have changed from gas 10-20 years ago, but we keep electing the same people to be our representatives, and wondering why the problem doesn’t get solved. Take a look at the definition of insanity sometime. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Vote them all out.!

      • Cheese Wonton

        Tim, demand from China and India, along with demand from a few other rapidly advancing developing nations, drives the current price of oil. Looking only at conditions in the US market misses the point completely.
        Last year, more cars were built and sold in China than in the US. Chew on that a while. There are 1.3 billion Chinese, more of which can afford a car each year. There are about the same number of Indians who’s incomes are also rising fast. Even if a small proportion of them buy cars, this small proportion dwarfs the US market.
        Now consider the factories, housing and other transportation, all of which place demand for oil. This is what is causing global oil prices to rise. Guess what, there is nothing the US alone can do about this. Even if we raise production here, the price the Indians and Chinese are willing to pay for oil will determine the price here. If Americans refuse to pay the high price the Chinese are willing to pay, any oil produced here will simply be sold to China, since they are willing to pay more. That is how markets work. I’ve read Adam Smith too. I’m a practicing economist. What is your qualification?

  • Gas Prices On Catalina Island Pass $7 Mark – CBS Local : wind solar energy resellers

    […] Gas Prices On Catalina Island Pass $7 MarkCBS LocalBut what about high gas prices? For the past two weeks, gas prices on Catalina Island have been an average of $7 a gallon. Stacy Dizon, who works at the Santa Catalina Island Co.-owned gas station on Pebbly Road, tells CBSLA that a gallon of regular …Residents of Catalina Island Grumble About Sky-High Gas PricesNBC Los AngelesGas Hits $7 on Catalina IslandLAistall 4 news articles » […]

  • never ending fight for freedom

    who cares, you cant drive anywhere on cat island. there are no roads & nowhere to go…

    • Joshua

      Dont bother trying to explain that to these folks. They knew what they wanted to yell about,before they even figured out where Catalina Island was.

    • Delilea

      I gurantee you will care. With no money, no food, Just wait until the people wake up and the riots begin, then what? Guess the administration will be happy then.

      • Gman

        Oh, delilea. crawl back into your shack and practice fellating your brother.

  • The Hun

    I’m so glad everyone who so eagerly voted for “hope and change” is having to pay for their poor choice now – Gas was $1.85 a gallon when Obama was inaugurated. Suckers.

    • flb

      you right wing parrot. check your facts. google 4.08 bush.

      • Bluto

        it’s Bush’s fault…of course. Now that didn’t take long. When O loses the election, all the leftists will say the same thing: “it was Bush’s fault he lost”.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        “…WHEN OBAMA WAS INAUGURATED”. Reading comprehension much, flb?

      • JD

        When Obama took office it was 1.85 a gallon nationwide. And what did he do? He appointed for his energy secretary someone who wanted to RAISE GAS PRICES TO TEN DOLLARS A GALLON!
        And Obama’s interior secretary will not even allow offshore drilling when a Federal orders him too.
        Obama wants gas prices to ‘necessarily skyrocket’, but most of the damage will be done if he gets a second term. He’s out to collapse the economy and destroy the country.

      • Sammie Jo

        You google it you left wing dimwit!
        ou know the story. When Obama took office:

        Gasoline cost $1.95/gallon and oil, $45
        But now (3/2/12)

        Gasoline costs $3.72/gallon and oil, $125

      • Michael

        Yes, It was 4.08, and when we left it was 1.80…My question to you is what is BO going to do about it?

      • The Hun

        Unlike Obama, Bush actually tried to stimulate production when oil prices shot up. Obama on the other hand has placed a moratorium on Gulf drilling and cancelled many oil leases on public lands.

        I was wrong – gas was actually $1.83 per gallon national average when Obama took office – my mistake.

      • The Hun

        And you left wing idiots all blamed Bush – but of course, now that it’s $6, it’s not Obama’s fault right?

      • Mike

        $4.08 was the high and only for a short time under Bush, who actually did something to lower gas prices by looking into expanding domestic drilling, which had an immediate impact on the West Texas oil market and other oil markets around the globe. Gas was at or below $2 per gallon when Bush left office. It has “spiked” to $4+ under Obama, where it has remained for several months with no end in sight.


    Nice SEO/page rank boost there. perhaps the lemmings at CBS will one day figure out what an IP ban is, enough people like you and the ‘groapair’ likes cluttering up the boards.

    • Ron

      Ever hear of a non-static ip address?

  • rigbyforrifles

    How are you liking that $7.00/gallon OBAMA GAS?

    • Mad

      What happens in CA eventually comes to the rest of the country! Watch out USA – I’m upset at the $4.03 in FL … $7.00? Not worth driving to work!! We’ll all want handouts then. SAD. Good riddance to hope and change.

      • Joshua

        Dude, its Catalina Island. Its not Sacramento.

    • Mike

      It might not be “Sacramento,” but the story clearly shows gas prices on the Island usually are about $2 per gallon more than the mainland. If so, does that mean $5 per gallon gas in L.A.??

  • fred jacobs

    good ga. needs to pay more. live it up there in the sun. all you libes hows it feel

  • Dave Price

    The People’s Republic of Califruita, thirty seconds after the polls closed on Election Day, 2008, was called for Ob*ma. 60% of you Califruitans who bothered to show up and vote did so for Ob*ma, the Marxist whose policies directly and solely are responsible for the outrageous gasoline prices we’re suffering today.

    You so richly deserve to be paying the highest gasoline prices in the nation.

    Repent this November by not putting your misbegotten state on the wrong side of the political ledger again.

    • exbobbie

      Sorry Dave, it will never happen. The title you start your comments with is correct, and it reflects the views of the 60% who voted for Obama, and will do so again, they are all loony lefties, as Ron says “you can’t fix stupid”.

    • Gman

      Dave, you’re an idiot, mouthpiece, repeater of the FOX talking points. Stay out of California, we don’t need you. Many of us are doing REALLY well.

  • Steve M.

    Enjoying your “transformational change?”

    Welcome to the Obama-Rama

  • Barbara

    Do the Californians who love to vote for Obama, love him now.

    I wonder how much they will love him when gas hits $8 per gallon.

    Poor babies. You get what you vote.

  • barbara

    Ah, the poor Californians who love to vote for Obama.

    Are you gonna still love Obama when gas is $8 per gallon?

  • Shiek Al Shabaz

    The fault of high gas prices have never been the fault of Republicans, Democrats or Independents in Congress the Senate or the White House. It’s due to the fact that Oil is a freely traded commodity like sugar or soy beans and that speculators are to blame..PERIOD!

    • Bill E Bob
    • Shiek Al Shabaz

      And who are these speculators? Rich white dudes like George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump.

    • R. Shearer

      That reminds me, I think I’ll go down to the five and dime and pick up some coffee and sugar. Wo, I forgot the five and dime is a dollar store now and they don’t carry sugar and coffee. A dollar isn’t even worth a nickel anymore.

      Could it be that government deficit spending has devalued the dollar and caused price inflation?

      • Al Rin

        That’s what happens when an administration turns on the presses and prints money until the about run out of paper and ink. Obama thinks we can print ourselves out of this recession.

      • Chris F

        The real value of oil in comparison to other commodities has not changed much over time. The value of the dollar has. If a dollar was worth the same amount as when the federal reserve was created… would be worth $0.04. Talk about inflation. Now the government is covering up inflation because it factors out food and energy costs. So the government is reporting 2-3% inflation while the real number is around 10%.

        What we have now is commodity inflation, not wage inflation (like in the 70’s). Our dollars are becoming worth less. We are printing money to support government entitlement spending in the face of ever increasing deficits. History shows this does not end well if it continues. Meanwhile the Chinese are holding their currency exchange rate low so Chinese goods are cheap…..and ours are overpriced.

        We need to take our medicine of high interest rates to kill inflation.

    • NY9Solyndra

      “It’s due to the fact that Oil is a freely traded commodity like sugar or soy beans and that speculators are to blame”

      False. You recite dogma.

      The futures market provides liquidity and shared risk. If the producers and users had to supply that liquidity and finance the risk, gas prices would be much higher than they are now.

      • DonTomas

        All socialists throughout history have blamed “speculators” for the failure or their egalitarian schemes. Many have even rounded up and shot the “speculators”. But for some reason the standard of living in societies where speculation is allowed remains higher than in societies where speculators are exterminated.

    • Clarity2012

      There are lots of commodities out there, why aren’t they all sky high in price because of “speculators?” Just admit you don’t understand the oil market and shut your mouth.

  • Bawlamer Merlin


  • wizard

    Thank you Mr.. Obama!!! Any more good ideas?
    George Soros wants to say thanks for killing the pipeline so he can continue making money with his Venezuelan oil. Warren Buffet says thanks for making it necessary for him to keep shipping Venezuelan oil to America. Donald Trump still wants to know why you can’t produce a valid birth certificate.
    Please encourage the sale of Chevy Volts, they pay for themselves after 27 years.

  • DonTomas

    Well on Catalina most people drive golf carts over distances which could easily be walked, so I don’t think anyone on the island will suffer much. The trend, however, is disturbing.

    • adcolletti

      Jealous little liberal what a sad day for you. I’ll bet you never met Will Rodgers did you

      • DonTomas

        Me? I make my living from oil I pump out of the ground. Over half the price goes to covering the cost of compliance with government regulations.

    • DonTomas

      No, I never met Will Rogers. He died 23 years before I was born and if he were alive, he’d be celebrating his133rd birthday this November.

  • Regulas

    How’s that hope and change thing doing for you liberal tree huggers, I hope it hits $12-15, maybe then you left wing dunkoffs will wake up from you fantasy and smell the truth that Obozo and company are not helping us.

    • Calsewer

      I live in California,forced by the will of God,and the fools in this State will vote for Obama if the gas goes to $100.00/gal.California is a multi-ethnic,multi-racial,multi cultural nightmare.Most people can’t name the Pacific Ocean. This State is doomed to join Mexico. As California goes,so goes the Nation. If so,welcome to hell.

    • NY9Solyndra

      It’s dummkopf, or dummköpfe, not dunkoff.

      • carlsbad moose

        Stupid bird brains liberal work too.

  • R. Shearer

    Obama brand Sky Rocket gasoline is available in all 57 states.

  • Shiek Al Shabaz

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. The price of oil is high because of speculators and the low value of the U.S. dollar. You can believe what ever else you’d like but that won’t lower the price of oil. Have a lovely day.

    • DonTomas

      What do you propose to remedy the problem?

      • Oldcodger

        Removing Obama and all his Czars, and about 3/4 of the Congress and Senate would be a good start.

  • JoeAstroturf

    Thanks Obama you said you’d get gas to sky rocket and so is unemployment but your policies got the economy going the other way. If you listened to Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce , instead of creating your own phony Black Chamber with clueless socialists you might have a clue. He blasted President Obama’s anti-business administration and labeled the administration “Marxist” and “fanatical.” on the Laura Ingraham Show. He said Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that he wanted $6 to $7 a gallon so we can reduce our footprint.
    Look up “black_chamber_of_commerce_president_blasts_marxist_brownshirt_obama” on youtube
    Gotta run I think I hear the IRS coming.

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 235 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

  • Ken

    Obama 2012 – for even higher gas, energy, food, health care costs…

    Obama 2012 – less freedoms, less choices, and less security in your home (if you get to keep your home)…

  • Pete

    Baraq-a Hussein Obama …. yup, that sounded like the name of a typical American president with a great vision for America.

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