Flight Crew Calls Police Due To 2 Unruly Children On Skywest Plane From Long Beach

LONG BEACH (CBS) — A Skywest crew radioed authorities Tuesday when two children refused to fasten their seat belts on a flight from Long Beach to Portland, Ore.

Officers with the Port of Portland Police Department were called to meet the Skywest-operated Alaska Airlines plane when it landed at Portland International Airport at 7:20 p.m., Alaska spokeswoman Marianne Lindsey told CBS2.

“During the flight, the children became disruptive and wouldn’t stay in their seats and wouldn’t fasten their seat belts, which is against federal regulations,” she said in a statement.

It was unknown if they were seated at the time of the landing.

“Following this, an Alaska Airlines supervisor meet with the family (of four), talked with them about the need to comply with Federal Air Regulations that the children must be in their seats and remain buckled when asked,” Lindsey added. “Our supervisor then personally escorted the family to the gate for their connecting flight Alaska Airlines Flight 2056 from Portland to Seattle which departed at 8:30 p.m.”

The family’s name has not been released.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/03/family-kicked-off-alaska-airlines-plane-departing-from-long-beach/ Family Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Plane Departing From Long Beach - Property Cloud

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  • jb

    Poor parenting.

    • Canadian Bacon

      We’ll be paying for the upkeep of these cretins when they get older.

    • alpha1six

      I agree with DJ and with kerry black.. There should be some consequence to bad behavior or these brats won’t learn and their parents won’t bother to disciplne them.



      • DingalingDo

        Where is the story here? Hello? I hear crickets..

      • Donkey/theAss

        they still have not caught DB, so just leave it alone…step away.

    • zombierocket

      Seriously, if some brat b*st*rd children caused my flight to be delayed or diverted, I would beat them to a pulp.Try me… I’m getting sick of this cr*p and angry with these bozo parents..

      • KennyG

        Easy there George Zimmerman Jr. Why not just ignore the kids and move on. They were 3 and 8. Just move on people. Diverting planes for a 3 yr old. What type of power trip are these FAs on these days??

      • Animals

        No fly list for life for the brats and the parents you libturd.

      • dj

        Injury to the kids. Insurance goes up. Seat prices go up. Sick kid puking on you business suit. No need to go on. This is about parents unable and/or unwilling to control their children. How about this, fine the parents $50 per filled seat and pass it back to the passengers as a rebate.

      • KennyG

        yea we should let you beat a 3 and 8 yr old. I bet you dont have any issues at all you perv. You arent a Catholic Priest by any chance are you?

      • RBDLA

        I agree. Don’t let your little brats inconvenience everyone else.

        When I was growing up, we lived a middle class life, but there wasn’t any money to fly places. Where do people get the money to fly with children. It’s not like there is a child’s fare.

      • FlyGuy

        I went to school, got a good job, and work hard at it. We fly biz class and put the kids in coach on long trips, and all of us in coach on short trips. Miles help but we also pay cash sometimes.

        Travel is important to me and my family – seeing difficult cultures, meeting new people, learning about the world – so we make it a priority.

        I’m sorry that I work hard, earn a good living, and vote Democrat – I’m sure that’s causing some cognitive dissonance somewhere.

    • Bob

      Boycott Skywest! There is no purpose to wearing seatbelts on an airplane.

      • Godhelpus

        are you REALLY that stupid? I sure hope you don’t fly.

      • mirted

        Me thinks “Bob” was trolling or being sarcastic, no? If not, the ignorance begs disenfranchisement.

      • TomS

        Now this is from someone who has never flown, or encountered turbulence. Stupid.

      • Bob

        Good point.

      • kerry black

        To Flameout

        You actually think I wouldn’t say this unless I was retired? I said it at the start of every flight. 24,000 plus hours.

      • JohnDaniel

        Boycott Bob! There is no purpose in your taking up space on this planet if you think this issue is only about seat belts, idiot.

      • seesay

        Evidently you’ve not flown much, Bob. A sudden down draft can have unsecured passengers and crew on the ceiling in a split second, then falling heavily to the floor or onto belted passengers in the next.

      • flameout

        To sky pilot, bet you wouldn’t say that if you weren’t retired.

      • Bobo

        Join the Council of Conservative Citizens today, and let’s take our country back!


      • kerry black

        I really don’t care if you bounce off the ceiling when we hit some CAT but I sure as hell don’t want you landing on me. Buckle up and stay that way unless you’re going to the lav.

        Retired US Air pilot

      • mike

        That is one incredibly stupid comment.

      • JoseyWales

        Was this the 2 obaba kids? On the flight to North Dakota? Sure sounds like it, given the grey area here.

      • Bluto

        We should all be allowed to carry one roll of duct tape on the plane. Not only to wrap up these little terrorists, but also in case the plane needs a fixing.

      • Mike

        What a stupid comment!

        Did youever hear of air turbulence that can throw a passenger up to the ceiling?

      • Lucrezia Borgia

        Bad Bob! Bad Bob! Spank Bob! Spank Bob hard!

      • kmrod

        you’re an idiot.

      • carl

        there most certainly IS a purpose!

        during turbulence, your head can hit the ceiling hard enough to break your neck. you would land paralyzed for life, all because you didn’t want to wear your seatbelt.

      • John

        That’s stupid. It’s not their law. It’s the FAA. Are you going to boycott them? Blame the parents.

      • Will Roush

        The next time you have a thought, let it go, you idiot!

      • lwayne

        Maybe not but they can be fined mucho dinero if they don’t meet Federal rules, even the really stupid ones. The parents should be put on the no fly list.

      • HMichaelH

        Bob……..Many people have suspected you are an idiot, and now you’ve gone and written this so that all doubt has been removed!

      • Kruel Hunter

        Can you read Bob? it says plainly in the story that seatbelt use on an airliner is a FEDERAL REGULATION and yet you with your towering intellect want to blame the airline. I’ll wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that you thing raising taxes on oil companies will lower gasoline prices too.

      • John

        I’m sorry you are ignorant. An airliner flying through rough air can drop as much as 100 ft is seconds that would send anyone not wearing a seatbelt straight to the ceiling. You can easily break a neck that way. (A pilot speaking )

      • Jim

        Bob, Ever seen what an explosive decompression or severe turbulence can do? Go ahead, you leave your seat belt off. I’ll wear mine.

      • Bill

        Bob you just don’t know. I was an Aircrew Member in the AF for many years before I retired. In all of my experience I had times where we encountered Clear Air Turbulence so severe that people and things are thrown around the cabin without warning. Seat Belts make for a safe and comfortable flight for everyone.

      • realist

        Actually there are plenty of good reasons. The main reason? The pilot in command tells you to, and he is the final authority on the safety of that aircraft.

    • Whilly

      take our country back from who?

      • David Huffman

        What do you mean,take our country back from who???!!! You can’t tell me that you live somewhere in this country,that does’nt have a problem with illegal mexican aliens.!!!! You could’nt have asked that question 35-40 years ago.

    • John Smith

      I am glad to have read this.Snce there was obviously no adults aboard the airplane.

  • Uriah

    And just what were the parents doing as this unnecessary scene unfolded? Amazing…

    • michael

      The parents’ should have been arrested, wild childern detained by childern service until retrieved by kin and transported home via ground transit.

      • JB Robles

        They all should be on the ‘NO FLY LIST’. There’s nothing worst than being locked up in an aicraft for hours with screaming kids. They should let dogs and cats fly in the cabin and put children in cages in the baggage hold!

    • Chris

      They should’ve been pulling out the hairbrush to take care of business. Instead, they’re an example of Hillary’s “it takes a village” style of parenting – leaving the dirty work to others.

      • Pomona Tony

        In the village I grew up in, if you misbehaved and your parents were not there to take action, another responsible adult used the hairbrush on you. There are no responsible adults anymore.

    • Jim in Frankfort

      Why was the family allowed to make their connecting flight? If the parents can’t control their kids on one flight why would they be able to on the next?

      Was this really as bad as all the different headlines make it sounds? “Plane makes emergency landing due to unruly kids” “Family kicked off Alaska Airlines plane departing from long beach” … those headlines are very misleading considering the plane landed at it’s scheduled destination and the family disembarked there AND still made their connection.

      Sounds to me like the pilot declared an emergency in case he needed to due anything to avoid bouncing these brats around to much on landing … but other than that it was pretty routine. … but the EMERGENCY LANDING headlines had already gone out so the news agencies had to make it sound like something sensational.

      • MikeG

        This is the byproduct of criminalizing stern parenting (aka “spanking”).

      • MB

        It’s an emergency landing because the FAA requires the pilot to declare an emergency and land if there is are passengers that cannot be controlled. Also, unsecured (unseatbelted) passengers increased the possibility of injury to other travelers.

      • Dave-O

        There’s something missing in this story, but it has nothing to do with Palin Derangement Syndrome.

      • StopTheStateRunMedia

        It’s made up Jim like most of the news now. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

      • George

        “Brats” is the crux of the matter along with incompetent parenting!

      • prodnot2bliberal

        I have a simple solution TAZER! Tazer the lil SOB’s Tazer thier idiotic LEFTwing parents ( why am I say they were left wing 1 flight was from LA to portalnd 2 they kids would have been forced int he seats if they werent leftys). If no tazer have piolet do a coule of hard turns with the plane after the lil brast bounced off the wall a couple times they would co-operate.

        RE stop ok menatlcase with your palin derangement syndroem go vote for your buddy RU (ron) paul now about a mental case

    • Kruel Hunter

      Thet were probably brushing up on Dr. Spock’s instructions for helping their children “reach their full potential” by never disciplining them.

  • ragu4u

    They REFUSED? They were 3 & 8. Spank their butts, wire tie their hands and buckle em up. If they keep crying, throw them in an overhead compartment. Problem solved

    • McBain

      Use tasers.

    • patriotgirl1

      If I did that as a kid, which I wouldn’t DARE, my mother would slap me up side my head! What is wrong with these “parents”?!

    • http://biglouie15.wordpress.com biglouie15

      OK. That’s a good idea for the parents but what about the kids.

      • dave

        take each kid in to the lav. beat there tails NO WITNESS come out get next kid do same thing PROBLEM SOLVED and unless you leave marks CPS CAN NOT PROVE SQUAT

    • Calvin Velander


    • whodat1

      Exactly my first thought.

    • yrwf

      You do know forcibly disciplining your children these days sets one up for CPS oversight?

      Regardless, I won’t judge based on article. Hard to know if flight crew overreacted or the parents can’t/don’t/won’t control their kids. What I do know is the press reports “facts” to gain whatever the preconceived reaction it desires from the public.

      • prodnot2bliberal

        This is only becasue we let them!

        Time for parenst to take control of thier kids. My child is still young hasnt been brainwashed by teh left wingnut psyco babble BS. But anyway a freind of mines child ried that if you hit me ill call protective services. He calmly went over got a plastic shoping bag & the cordless phone & said here. Puzzled the kid said what are these for ??? He said for when I hit you youll have teh phone & the bag is for you to put belongings in the rest Ill burn you lil ungrate f*&% DONT TRY ME!.

        That & if we all stood up to the idiots we would overwhelm the system & bring it to its knees the courts & 1/2 way houses would be clogged for months

      • Dee

        hey, “prodnot2blieral” – I wouldn’t brag too much about how conservative you are. You write like an idiot – even your username is misspelled. “prod”? Don’t you mean “proud”? If you’re “prod” not to be a liberal, then I’m extremely proud not to be an uneducated conservative. Go to school and learn how to spell (it’s more than typos); then when you’re finished with your Master’s Degree, come back on this forum and tell us what it’s like to be a conservative.

        For the record, I’m very liberal, and as you can see (and hopefully read and comprehend) that I’m a firm believer in disciplined children. My daughter is in college and my son is looking at colleges – probably as an arson investigator.

        So you see, liberals can bring up their children to be very well behaved and productive members of society.

    • FN Cee

      You are a very cruel man … Duct Tape is the correct option!

      • David Huffman

        You’re dumb,yes duct tape works,but fear is more lasting.!!! When my two oldest boys told me they’d call the cops if i disciplined them,I immediately grabbed the phone and handed it to them and took my belt off at the same time,and told them,”the whoopin you got will be nothing like the whoopin you’re gonna get when i get back from the jail”.!!!!! That’s why the country is so full of all these little street gang bangers,people are’nt taking it to the kid’s backside anymore. The government is not going to tell me how to raise MY children,the government is’nt feeding them and putting a roof over their head,so the government can just kiss my azz on that one.!!!

    • Black Eagle

      Can’t do that anymore, or you get charged with child abuse.

      • george

        Some children scream out (sometimes literally) to be abused. There . . . I said it.

    • Colin

      Indeed. Twist the wire ties so they bite in – even it bleeds a little, they’ll heal fast and once the pain starts, they’ll stop squirming.

      Best to gag them or knock their wind out so they don’t scream, though.

      • Those were spoiled brats

        By the least it would definitely be the last time those little brats got out of the house if there lucky itd send them to an overseas convent til they were 18.

  • carlos

    Crazy Canadians.. can’t take them anywhere.

    • willymartin

      Funny, I didn’t read anywhere that the family was Canadian. Must have missed that. Obviously it isn’t possible that an American family might be visiting Vancouver…to go to Whistler or visit familiy. Sheesh. Regardless, the problem lies with the parenting. It should never be up to flight crew to get children to buckle into a seat belt… particularly by the age of 8.

      • mike jones

        take it easy willy. we all know they were american. have you SEEN how horrible parenting is these days in this country? i got the living tar beat outta me for much less and i appreciate it now. although my butt still hurts…

      • Colin

        heheh. he said butt hurts.

  • Teufel Wolf

    “If you kids don’t behavior, we’re turning this plane around”.

    • TomS

      And all the other passengers have to miss their connecting flights, miss scheduled events, etc? Bad advice.

    • Jason

      I agree, if kids don’t behavior that reason for disciplines and especially for making plane go back home. When ours kids don’t behavior, I does disciplines and make kids do’s the homework and sleep earlies.

      • Eventide

        Comment WIN

      • Jack

        “kids don’t behavior”? The word is behave. Pretty basic English. I’m not even mentioning “I does disciplines”.

      • http://oroaster.wordpress.com oroaster


      • Grandfather

        Jason, it looks like you are learning our language, good for you. We think alike since I did that with my kids and they turned out great. Problem is there are far too many parents that have no clue on how to be a parent. Letting one’s children run around with no boundaries is going to create little monsters that will have no respect for people or laws when they become adults. I’ll bet the people on Wall Street that almost destroyed our economy were such uncontrolled brats…

      • http://avalonfiesta.wordpress.com avalonfiesta


      • Guglielmo Boogliodemus

        I am concurrs. You makes commentings correctlies. Congratulatings.

      • TomPeeping

        I believe Jack below be off……Jack Off

      • duson mandic

        I’ve seen blacks comprehend sarcasm better then you bozos.

      • carl

        you guys are all starting to sound like those nigerian e-mails.
        “please to respond hastily, as bank is holding your inheritance pending verify of your identity, for sum of 6 million US american dollars.”

    • MIKE

      “If you kids don’t learn how to spell, we’re going to turn this plane around”.you bozo @sses LOL

  • Melissa Lipnutz

    Why don’t you read one of these articles before you post your spam mr. fluff

    • Luff Carrington

      I did, why don’t you remove the blinders from your eyes? Or do you like being a slave? If you do, don’t bother responding, you’re unreachable.

    • Neil

      Who are you talking to? Another psycho with a computer ………….

  • Joe Dutra

    Photographs please. Never mind, I get it.

    • TruthBTold

      Joe, exactly what I was thinking.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    i bet these kids were wearing hoddies and threatened the flight crew with skittles.

    • Andrew P.

      Bet they looked like they could have been Obama’s children too.

      • Dugway

        You won’t see Ospawn on a commercial jet until January 2013.

      • Dirk regenburg


      • Grandfather

        Maybe, although I have seen lots of Romney types with the same lack of control over their brats.

  • jslab129

    Don’t make me stop this plane!

    • Dugway

      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?

    • 346547457

      Good one!

    • flagman23

      Ladies and Gentlemen. . . This is the Captain speaking. . . . .Now don’t make me come back there!!! Oh, and if I do, please tell the co-captain to not lock the door on me this time!! Do you know how embarrassing it was to be carried off that darned plane!!

  • jack

    I don’t understand why these two little brats were allowed to inconvenience an entire airplane full of people (and waste the airline’s resources). Put the little bundles of joy into their seats, buckle their seatbelts and, if necessary, give them a couple of whacks across their rear-ends. Problem solved. Oh, I forgot, spanking a child is no longer permitted. So, instead, an entire jet full of people has to be diverted.

    • Big Bear

      If one errs, all suffer: the new American credo.

      And a child shall lead them…

    • anthonyfromtn

      It’s the new “No Child With a Red Behind” statute. If we raise spoiled brats with no respect, they will eventually sign the paperwork to have us euthenized. Then they can collect their incentive bonus from uncle sam.

  • jack

    Pardon me but you sound like a nut.

    • Calin Loftgrenn

      jack is a typical beaten down OmeriKan that thinks speaking up is weird, jack you’re the nutcase.

    • Brent Sallson

      So when were you castrated? How about a name in lower case that shows how little you think of yourself. You sound like a slave.

    • Sandra

      I totally agree Jack. What is Luff the fluff talking about?

    • Sandra

      Brent, I believe you must be related to Luff the fluff. You make no sense whatsoever.

    • Jan


      “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong

  • MOconnor

    You can’t spank your kids in California any more without being reported for child abuse and a visit from the county. You reap what you sow….

    • Felix

      Ok, that’s not true. My wife and I and my brother-in-law/sister-in-law spank our kids on occasion, sometimes in public (playground most recently).

      We live in the East Bay (SF area).

      • KennyG

        Beating your kids is for losers. How pathetic that you need to physically accost your children to get them to behave. You should be embarrassed to call yourself a parent.

      • NoSeattle4Me

        It’s not for losers, it’s for parents. My wife’s parents would hang her by her arms from a tree in the backyard (her toes were on the ground, it was just so she wouldn’t put her arms in the way of the switch). then they’d whip/cane her with a bamboo switch – stings ths skin, no serious damage.

        They had to do it exactly once and she got the picture.

  • Coco

    Funny you mention overreaction..and then tell us all to go to hell..over this?? lol..May you go to a therapist.

    • Garry

      You must be one of those over medicated, possibly dangerous, head cases that has been to too many therapy sessions. Just how many prescription meds are you on?

  • Ben Dover

    TSA in Portland probably contacted the plane and instructed it to land. The screeners needed more young things to molest.

    • george

      If that’s the case, I’m siding with the TSA thugs this time.

    • Bob


  • snapboy

    Frankly, the family’s name SHOULD be disclosed. These two children will continue to inflict negative consequences on the general public unless the parents are pressured to teach these kids discipline.

    • Dugway

      Maybe Spike Lee will tweet their names and the address

    • RVT1K

      I agree with you 100%

    • Dee

      I was thinking the SAME thing, snapboy. They should disclose the family’s name so that they’re humiliated and exposed for all the world to see. I’m curious as to the ages of the brats, er, kids. They must be awful at home – apparently they rule the roost, and the parents have abdicated all control.

  • GD

    What has happened to parenting? If they were my kids, they wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for several days.

    • Woody

      NO doubt my dad did that to me when i acted up in public and told me you don’t act that way. I made a few trips to the bathroom not many witnesses in there to getting a good whooping i needed.

  • http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/alaska-airlines-mileage-plan/1329922-unruly-child-skywest-flight.html#post18297232 Unruly child on Skywest flight - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/…om-long-beach/ This article claims the pilot made an emergency landing in PDX as the flight was scheduled to land in YVR. So many different versions of the story and they all seem inaccurate. […]

  • Vina Sestonari

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Turning around an aircraft because two rugrats won’t buckle up is idiotic.

    • meandi

      but two wrights can make a plane…

      • http://stopbiasmedia.wordpress.com stopbiasmedia

        That is two Wright brothers

  • Republican Watcher

    As per advise from wacko Republican Romney….Just put them in a cage and tie them to the top of the plane. That should fix the wuzzies!

    • Andrew P.

      Except Romney did that to a dog, not a human being. And it was an automobile, not an aircraft..

      you were so close…

  • Ian C (pilot)

    1) Bad Parents – The children lack discipline
    2) This is a federal offence. The parents should be sent to prison for committing a federal crime and the children should be sent to reform school and learn a) respect b) self-control

    • Zexufang

      I agree.

      And – what no family name (or pictures)?

  • csm888

    If he were on a plane I am confident that my son would behave in exactly as these children did. He has autism and I know his behavior will not be tolerated so we stay home.

    • jasperddbagghost

      Yes yes, we are sure you “give him a stern talking to” because you’ve got no guts to call out bad parenting and bratty behavior.

      We can agree on you staying home though. Forever.

  • DingalingDo

    and where is the story here? Nothing happened, nobody was arrested, there was no bear on the plane, no passenger was attacked by a pilot or a mountain lion, so where is the “news” story here?

  • Samuel Adams

    It’d be different if the kids had been alone – you can’t force someone else’e kid to behave – but to have the parents right there and them to not do anything about it! They should have refused to let them complete their trip and gotten to pay for their own way home!

    • http://oroaster.wordpress.com oroaster

      I would say that folks are too afraid to discipline their children. Seriously, had those children been given some corporal punishment they would have been arrested when the plane landed. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

      • http://oroaster.wordpress.com oroaster

        I mean the parents would have been arrested. Excuse the error, please.

  • driveby comment

    “During the flight, the children became disruptive and wouldn’t stay in their seats and wouldn’t fasten their seat belts, which is against federal regulations,” she said in a statement.


    I’m studying to be a pilot and I don’t think that statement is entirely correct. Thought seat belts were only required, by law, at landing and take off for passengers.


      If the Fasten Seat Belt sign is on due to turbulence would be a good reason.

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