Assemblyman Roger Hernandez Arrested For Alleged DUI

CONCORD (CBS) — State lawmaker Roger Hernandez was arrested early Tuesday for allegedly driving under the influence after officers say they spotted him weaving through lanes and failing to use turn signals.

A Concord police officer has Assemblyman Hernandez pull his vehicle into the Crown Plaza Hotel shortly after 2 a.m.

The officer administered a field sobriety test and placed Hernandez under arrest.

The Concord Police Department is awaiting blood test results before deciding whether they will forward the case to the District Attorney’s office for review.

Hernandez represents the 57th District of California.

  • FFL

    I sure notice the LAME SCREAM Odumba owned media is NOT reporting that he is a DEMOCRAT! In fact it is hard to find ANYWHERE on the net EXCEPT Wikipdea that he is a uber liberal progressive socialist democrat! Gotta make sure to cover their fannies if they are anyway connected with the demo-KRAPS! Media MALPRACTICE yet again!

  • cory

    bought and paid for by public employee unions!

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