LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Thankfully we don’t have to wait until the official date of April Fool’s Day, when we wouldn’t know whether to believe it was actually true that Los Angeles was out from under Frank McCourt’s ownership of the Dodgers.

During his reign, McCourt often talked of owing a “stewardship” to the community by owning a franchise so steeped in tradition, history, and the sporting fiber of Los Angeles.  He has finally made the ultimate commitment to that idea, agreeing to sell the team to an L.A. icon, Magic Johnson.

The only more popular choice McCourt could have made on his way out is if Vin Scully had enough money to buy the team.

The euphoria and enthusiasm spreading around the city as the news that Magic Johnson is the new face of the franchise, is on a level only approached by the exuberance of Tommy Lasorda.  May the reality equal the anticipation and optomism.


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