LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The shooting death of a Florida teen that has sparked a national conversation about race has also fueled calls for justice here in Los Angeles.

KNX 1070’s Margaret Carrero reports dozens of protesters showed up for a rally in the Crenshaw district in the wake of the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Despite an alleged leaked police report cited in the Orlando Sentinel that supports the account of George Zimmerman, who said he fired on Martin in self-defense, protesters were calling for justice wearing hoodies and holding signs that read “Trayvon could be your son” and “Stop killing our young black men”.

L.A. Sentinel publisher Danny Bakewell, who hosted the rally, said any speculation about what transpired between Martin and Zimmerman should be left in the hands of a jury.

“No matter what the discussion is about what he did or didn’t do, that should be discussed in a court of law,” said Bakewell.

The leaked report claimed there was an exchange of words between the two men before Martin punched Zimmerman in the face and beat his head on the ground.

Leon Jenkins with the NAACP said Martin may have been acting in self-defense.

“A jury has to make a determination whether this man is a big fat liar and a murderer, or whether he’s telling the truth,” said Jenkins.

The rally comes as conservative political website The Daily Caller posted a compilation of Martin’s activity on his personal Twitter account from the last month of his life.

Although the account was closed shortly after his death, Martin — who tweeted under the handle “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” — posted and “re-tweeted” several violent and sexually explicit messages before the account was ultimately shut down.

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  1. jmz says:

    they dont care about justice only racist payback. there could be video of martin attacking and still these racist mobs will want zimmermans head cause he is “white”. there is more black deaths caused by black people than white on black, but thats ok because ‘thug life” is all apart of the black community and crime and violence is cool in black culture…come on someone tell me im wrong and proove it?!.

    black culture= criime, raping, killing, theft, drugs, govt entitlement etc=thug life =good
    studying, working hard, self relience, not being on welfare, speaking correctly= “white washed” = BAD

    1. Average Gal says:

      Now, you are making up facts.

      The fact is that there was an unarmed 17 year old child who was pursued by Zimmerman against the directions of the 911 operator. Zimmerman escalated the situation when he left his SUV and stalked pursued the poor boy, accosted him with a loaded deadly weapon, and shot and killed him. These are the facts.

      You conveniently ignore the facts and make up your own. The thug here, was Zimmerman.

      1. John Smith says:

        Stupid niggapotamuses and their ignorance, they’re just begging for a race war. You are all the reason why racism still exists. It’s based not because of your previous actions but your present actions and how you can’t let things go.

      2. ransomlb says:

        Average Gal- You should have named yourself Below Average Gal because Mr. Martin is not the little innocent boy the left is trying to make him out to be. On the first day the story broke in Florida, it said that there was a witness (who is black) who saw the whole thing. He said he saw Travon on top of Mr. ZImmerman hitting him. How do you think Mr. Zimmerman’s nose was broken? Or how did he get a head wound to the back of the head. Mr. Travon jumped Mr. Zimmerman as he was walking back to his car.

        Don’t believe the left (main stream media). One story (hard to find now) stated that Travon was 6’3″. I think that a 6’3″ kid could kick an adult’s butt. Do you think differently?

        The only people that really stand to gain from this is the Honored Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (and Travon’s mother).

      3. MIKE says:

        what you blacks fail to understand is, that zimmerman was promoted by the florida police department/neighborhood to work as a neighborhood watch commander for that crime ridden area. that’s why there has not been any charges against him, because it was in total self defence i do the same for my city.

    2. John Ashton says:

      You’re just a pist poor excuse of person!

    3. April says:

      White culture=stealing someone else’s, pedophilia, murder, hate, serial killings, murder-suicide, lies, thievery, entitlement, suicide, the list is long jmz, do you want me to go on? It’s craziness in every race.

    4. Whiskey Tango says:

      Ah yes the Crenshaw District. Police should surround the place and solve crimes right there. After all, all the mudflaps are in one place.

  2. Max Letgrume says:

    As always … just a clown show when losers like sharpton , jackson and barak oblunder step into a steaming pile race-baiting nonsense.

    Nobody cares people! Race card = overdrawn on ALL fronts. nobody’s listening anymore , nobody cares anymore becuase this junk is ALL we see of the black community.


    1. Average Gal says:

      Apparently, Zimmerman cared enough about race because he called TM martin a “g00n” and stalked the child, so the hate crime was racially-motivated and one involving racial profiling.

      So, why shouldn’t Al Sharpton care?

      Racism is what this nation was founded on, it is woven into the very social fabric of this nation. Remember when Columbus invaded this nation back in 1492…yeah, the natives were slaughtered, Africans were brought to the country against their will and forced into slavery, and all of a sudden racism is non-existent?

      Max, speak for yourself….sounds like you live underneath a rock and have a wool over your eyes.

      1. Bobby says:

        Are you enslaved? No. Did you know anyone who was enslaved? No. Do all of the white people you seem to dislike ever own any slaves? I would hope not. Get over it. And don’t forget that wealthy blacks enslaved other blacks. But that would be convenient to forget.

        If you really want to earn the respect of other races, then maybe you should denounce the use of that variation of the n-word that Martin used as his twitter profile as much as you have pretty much tried and convicted Zimmerman. The use of that word in ghetto society (not just black) often as someone breathes air are only teaching younger ghetto people to hate and that violence is always the answer. I have even seen 10 year olds using it. Do we really want the next generation to grow too that way? Wearing saggy pants not helping either……Not trying to pin you into a corner, just want to see how reasonable you are.

        As for the issue that has us here; Zimmerman should be arrested at the very least because his failure to obey an official order ended up in someone’s death (even if Martin assaulted him which would have made it self defense). But since we both weren’t there, think we should wait to get all of the facts before rushing into judgement. Regardless of the outcome, I hope that cooler heads do prevail. Because this is NOT helping racial tensions.

      2. ransomlb says:

        I once had an acquaintance who is black. He was college educated, had a career as a writer, married a white woman, had kids with that white woman only to leave them with no support when he got bored of his white wife.

        At the time, I was still in college and he needed me to buy him beer (college kid vs. a career man) and as we drank those beers, he had the nerve to tell me that he deserved reparations for slavery.

        Are you kidding me? Is that the racism that you are talking about?

  3. John Ashton says:

    imz, the pist poor excuse of a person is for U !

  4. April says:

    this is why we will never get it! Because you can’t stop hating someone because of their color. When you hate blacks, hispanics, asians, native americans, you hate God! He made them. So unless you have total control of the universe, which you don’t, you have no control over anything except the words of hatred.


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