IRVINE (CBS) — Police on Monday released surveillance video and photos of an Orange County woman suspected in a string of wallet thefts from several Southland businesses.

At least 9 people in 8 different office buildings have been victimized by the suspect in the month of March, according to Irvine police Lt. Julia Engen.

The thief has been racking up an average of $2,000 on stolen credit cards, Engen said.

Police have posted video footage of the suspect online that shows her at department stores such as Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and other retail giants, where she apparently charges as much as she can on the stolen credit cards before they can be canceled, according to police.

The suspect has dumped some of the wallets in the parking garages of the office buildings where the victims work, said Engen.

In some cases, it appears the woman has bypassed office security by following workers into their office spaces, Engen said.

“She goes in, blends in, finds an unattended wallet and swipes it,” Engen said.

The suspect is only targeting women, “probably in case she gets confronted,” the lieutenant said.

She is described as a white woman in her 30s or 40s, about 5’3″ to 5’5″ and weighs about 140 to 160 pounds, Engen said. She has been seen driving a newer-model white or silver Chevrolet Suburban with tinted rear windows and no license plates.

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Comments (17)
  1. Christina39 says:

    I didn’t know you could drive in California without license plates because when my front plate was stolen unbeknowst to me, I was ticketed. Must be knew law

  2. reason says:

    I see people with no license plates all the time – often driving horribly. You can get ticketed but just like anything else – someone has to notice first.

    1. Christina39 says:

      I guess you’re correct, they have to notice and guess you can notice whom you want.

  3. Teacher says:

    unbeknownst & new

    1. Christina39 says:

      My bad! I noticed after the fact.

  4. Gene Rodmy says:

    No good facial shot presented here.

  5. Rebeca R says:

    I am very angry that you referred to the woman as “the chunky blonde”. First of all, she is not fat at all, so the fact that you called her “chunky” makes you judgemental. And even if she were, I don’t believe you should say that about anybody unless it has some relevance to the crime.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Obviously you are not as old as I am and have not learned two things about men.

      If a beautiful women commits a crime, she is either innocent or becomes ugly if found guilty.

      If an ugly woman, guility or not, is accused of a crime, she is always guilty.

      Learn your law, girl

      1. Rebeca R says:

        I stand corrected, but this was said by the woman anchor, which made it even worse. And that “law” is what makes me angry. I don’t believe a physical characteristic should come into play in the news piece, whether it’s size, race, weight, or a big nose, if it has nothing to do with the crime.

    2. Christina39 says:

      Also right now take note in the article, Suspects Arrested On Murder Charges In Death Of Torrance Man, 67, there are no posts because the suspects are not black or Hispanics. the same with the new article. No posts, the man is white. I have been keeping tabs on the amount of comments and notice that no comments for whites or asians. Hateful comments for blacks and Hispanics and plain women of all races. This all means that a lot of police troll CBS LA and spew their filth.

    3. sparky says:

      And just what did you say that has relevance to the crime? Nothing at all. Let me guess, you’re an overweight, chunky blond with a chip on your shoulder.

      1. Christina39 says:

        Let’s guess SPARKY is one more insulting American man whose sparky isn’t working with a chip on his shoulder!

  6. Christina39 says:

    You’re preaching to the choir. I do believe it should be used in identification purposes, but not after the fact as it fosters low self esteem in young people and also encourages killings like the one in Florida of Trayvon Martin eating Skittles.

  7. Rebeca R says:

    I love to see there’s people like you out there! Are you listening, CBS????
    You are promoting profiling and race and appearance hate. The people that write your news should know better.

  8. Christina39 says:

    CBS LA reports ALL stories. it’s not their fault that the goofs only comment when the suspect or alleged suspect is black or Hispanic. I have noticed over time, that CBS LA told the story like it is and was completely ignored by posters if the suspect was white or Asian. Check out Suspects Arrested On Murder Charges In Death Of Torrance Man, 67 right now and the new post regarding the white bank robber. NO COMMENTS FROM THE PIGS. TO ME THAT MEANS NO ACTION FROM THE PIGS.

  9. Yami says:

    …she looks RUSSIAN …..also, the SUV should be easy to spot. Did the LEADS dry up or something? Too early to be asking the public for assistance

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