LANCASTER (CBS) — Authorities Sunday announced the arrest of a man suspected in the fatal shooting of a beloved computer store owner last week.

timothy johnson lancaster robbery homicide suspect Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Lancaster Computer Store Owner

2007 booking photo of suspect Timothy Johnson (credit: LASD)

The suspect, identified by deputies as 24-year-old Timothy Johnson, was taken into custody on Saturday evening.

An advisory issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that Johnson was arrested in South Los Angeles.

He was wanted in connection with the shooting death of 60-year-old Reed Keith during a robbery at Keith’s store located in the 2000 block of West Avenue K on Friday.

According to authorities, most of the property that was taken during the robbery has since been recovered.

No other information was immediately available.

» Search Continues For Suspect In Computer Store Killing
» Computer Store Owner Shot, Killed During Robbery In Lancaster

Comments (30)
  1. robert newton says:

    im sure jessie jackson and al sharpton are on their way from florida to condemn this senseless murder. my stopwatch is running

    1. Average Gal says:

      At least the “alleged” perpetrator has been arrested by the police, unlike in Florida where the murderer (with a violent criminal past of assaulting a police officer) admitted to killing an unarmed minor child and he is still walking free on the streets to kill again and has yet to be arrested and prosecuted.

    2. lb punk rock says:

      Another afro bozo with so much “potential”(end sarcasm).

  2. Doug says:

    Robert Newton please don’t hold your breath on that. Remember that it is only white people that are racist ?????

  3. Christina39 says:

    I am surprised the Lancaster Sheriffs actually did something good.

  4. c-man says:

    Can anyone give me ONE godd reason why this suspect should be allowed to remain alive?

    1. Christina39 says:

      I want to know why someone like that is still alive. He will get 10 years and be out for overcrowding.

      1. Christina39 says:

        To .Mel, use your real name you pig so we can sue you for profiling and you can lose that very ILLDESERVED BIG BIG PENSION YOU WILL GET FOR BEING A BIGOT.

    2. Average Gal says:

      George Zimmerman is still alive, and he shot and killed an unarmed child who was carrying skittles and iced tea.

      1. lb punk rock says:

        george zimmerman used self defense according to the only witness.

      2. .Mel says:

        At 6′-3″ he was not a Child. Also He should not have been wearing a Hoodie. It makes Minorities look more intimidating and Ignorant. Geraldo was Right

      3. Christina39 says:

        I can’t believe that .Mel can justify the killing because he was 6:3 and wearing a hoodie and get posted.

  5. Timothy McGarry says:

    He looks like he’s broken- ya know- in the head.

    1. The Big Logic says:

      That’s a true, and very accurate statement.

  6. Everyday Guy says:

    I will not buy Aunt Jemima anymore.

    1. The Big Logic says:

      It’s about time you came to your senses.

    2. Average Gal says:

      Considering you have diabetes, that is a healthy choice.

      Syrup is not intended to go on all the food that you eat…some physical exercise won’t hurt you either.

      1. lb punk rock says:

        yeah I bet you can tell us all about that, FAT UGLY C(_)NT. LOFL

  7. Hardmoney says:

    Did he wear a hoody during the robbery/murder? Lot of criminals wear them.

    1. Average Gal says:

      Yes, like the KKK.

      1. lb punk rock says:

        and just like that racist black church.

        kkk = fbi.started org.

        case closed

  8. Rooney says:

    Christina39…….The deputies just followed the “hoodie”,.

  9. Rooney says:

    I am so glad they caught him. Good for the Sheriff’s dept. Great job! Another piece of garbage off the streets.

    By the way, just to be clear, most young people, of all races, wear hoodies!!!

  10. Rooney says:

    My condolences to the Keith family. The Antelope Valley is NOT a safe place to live!!!!

    1. Christina39 says:

      Nobody can be trusted in the Antelope Valley. Seriously, they have had many many problem there for a very long time. Too many changes in demographics, I think.

  11. Rodman Jones says:

    Off with his head already! Jsut be done with it!

  12. John Jason Chun says:

    Krap DNA from Africa!

  13. MIKE says:

    that’s what happens when the blacks move to white areas. they bring their afropoop

  14. Chuey says:

    I think we White folks should protest. Lets all get together and ‘retaliate’ like Louis Farrakhan warned about with Trayvon. We can march on city hall and ask for a civil rights inquiry. On second thought, never mind.

  15. Chuey says:

    Ooops! I am Mexican

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