ANAHEIM (CBS) — Police are investigating the shooting death of a man outside of an Orange County apartment building.

The shooting happened just after midnight Thursday in the 100 block of South Grand Avenue of Anaheim.

A police officer in the area was the first to hear the shots around 12:20 a.m. and responded to the scene, Anaheim Police Department Sgt. Bob Dunn said.

“When he arrived here he found a male adult, suffering from at least one gunshot wound in the breezeway of the apartment complex,” Sgt. Dunn said.

The male victim  was transported to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The deceased was identified Thursday as 33-year-old Lamar Curtis Bell of Yorba Linda.

Police say the crime scene was still active as of 5:35 a.m. Thursday with the investigation continuing through the morning. A white sedan was also towed from the scene as possible evidence.

A motive for the murder nor the victim’s identity have not been released by authorities. Detectives are working on a description of the suspect.

Anyone who may have information in the shooting should contact Anaheim police at (714) 765-1900.

Comments (12)
  1. jaime says:

    ANACRIME got that name for a reason… The police really need to clean up the city!

  2. Dave Jones says:

    Clearly another drug deal gone bad lol.

    1. YOUR RUDE says:

      JUST RUDE!!!! Your probably the Biggest Drug Dealer in OC!!!!! Only ingnorance will make some one say that—– God Does not like UGLY!!!!!!!

    2. woodchuck. says:

      the big picture people.LAMAR was taken by a gun made in america by a american company.we have to stop being a DEATH DEALING COUNTRY.i hate guns there is no reason to hunt thing with guns,there are no animals is on the corner.we have to change is not everything.i live is just like drugs you get a taste of the high and you want more.people wounder why aliens from other planets dont want to know us because we are still cavemen……..

  3. I beat up Gang Members says:

    Jaime, I agree with you. But unfortunately, “Hundreds” of Anaheim residents are apperantly ” Up in arms” over the police shooting of an armed gang member. The Police should give those residents what they want, and should stop being pro active. They should just wait until crime happens then respond accordingly. Just like the Fire department. Maybe then everyone will love them too. Ha ha….

  4. Old Friend says:

    Regardless of what the situation was this is STILL ANOTHER LIFE LOST, this man had kids, people who cared about him and now they will have to live with out him, because some one thought they were GOD and took him from us.
    Rest in much Peace Lamar!!!! I will always remember you…

    1. a caring friend says:

      very well said these people make me sick with their negative comments he was a very wonderful person and now his kids have to live without him….why cant you ignorant people have compassion for the family and everyone invovled

  5. todd says:

    ok well it can be possible a drug deal go bad i live in the sme palce he was shot at this is not a bad nabororhood this is the 1st of a shooting and what not and iv lived here for 4 years never really had anyproblems…………..

  6. B.-enough said says:

    Man this was my fmaily, for everybody to be assuming ish…is hurtful and cold. Think about his mama, 2 kids, 2 other brothers and a host of dear friends that will miss him. Whatever the case there was no need for him to lose his life. We love you Lamar, forever you will be engraved in our hearts.

  7. a caring friend says:

    you people are very ignorant and cold hearted to assume what he was or wasnt you dont know so shut the hell up just think how you would feel if this was your loved one!!! GROW THE HELL UP!!!!! REST IN PARADISE LAMAR

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