Walmart To Pay $2.1M For Overcharging California Customers

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Walmart has agreed to pay the state of California $2.1 million for overcharging consumers.

The self-proclaimed rollback leader was found to be in violation of a 2008 judgment that required the retail giant to resolve errors in pricing at checkout stands.

“Consumers should feel confident that the price on the shelf will be the same price they are charged at the cash register,” Attorney General Kamala D. Harris said in a statement. “Californians who shop at Walmart should know they have the right to ask for the appropriate discount.

A 2005 investigation by county Departments of Weights and Measures across the state found that 164 Walmart stores in 30 counties were scanning items at a higher price than advertised on store shelves and signs. A 2008 judgment stipulated that consumers who were overcharged at the cash register should have immediately received $3 off the lowest advertised price of the item or, if the price was less than $3, for free.

A November 2010 investigation by the Departments of Weights and Measures found continued errors in pricing at Walmart checkout stands in 11 counties.

The $3 off program was originally scheduled to end in November 2012, but has now been extended to November 2013. The retail giant will also be required to put new, large signs describing the policy in English and Spanish at each checkstand at its 180 stores and super centers in California.

Walmart has also agreed to designate a person at every store to ensure pricing accuracy.

  • BS

    How does that help me other than me having to pay for this through them being forced to raise prices?

    • Average Gal

      You have a choice. Choose not to shop at Walmart and shop elsewhere. Speak with your money

  • Bob Henning

    Out here in TN Wal Mart says that the exactsame thing as this article describes is STRICTLY RANDOM COMPUTER ERROR. If that were the case many of the Customers would have been Under Charged. Not a single Case of being Under Charged, All went in Wal Marts Favor. The Difference is TN doesn`t give a Rats Arse about its Citizens and the case went no further.

    • Ray

      It does nothing for the Customers only lines the pockets of the state and that is money that is not put in the general fund.

    • boy dog

      just think if wal mart did this in every state or in other parts of the world.i bet they just get the ol hand slap routine in some places.and no one on the floor to help you.also most employees work under 40 hrs.”so they don’t have to pay benefits.EX govoner ARNOLD one of the biggest stock holder of Wal Mart. The American system. I WIN YOU LOSE

  • Ray

    So this only tells me that the state will let companies overcharge us and then the state will sue them and get our money for their cause we are still out of the money.

    • Average Gal

      It is your responsibility to watch the price at which your item scans for at the cash register. You cannot abandon your duty to watch how much your items scan for…keep your eyes on the register at all times when the clerk rings up your items, as a secondary measure.

      It is your responsibility to watch the price at which your items rings up. Be a better consumer.

  • Brian

    chellenge them at the cash register if they don’t budge refuse to buy the item

  • Brian

    I also price chellenge at the commary once they forgot to change the cash register the employee went to the item that I challenged and agreed upon the price

  • duh

    Attorney win, consumer fail

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  • Howard Gottlieb

    I wonder if the price difference was a legit mistake or if Wal Mart is intentionally taking more money from its customers and there is someone within the company that designed that?

    Howard Gottlieb

  • Wally's girl

    Where does the money go?

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