LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are asking the public for help on Wednesday after the severed heads of two dogs were found in a trash bin in South Los Angeles.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports a $5,000 reward is being offered as police hope someone comes forward with information on the grisly discovery.

The dogs are described as a mixed chocolate Labrador retriever and a tan German shepherd, according to LAPD spokeswoman Norma Eisenmann.

The heads were discovered late Tuesday night in a dumpster near a CVS store at the Vermont Slauson Shopping Center, Eisenmann said.

“It appears the heads were severed with a sharp object,” she said. “The bodies have not been found.”

Animal cruelty detectives will determine whether the animals were involved in dog fighting, but Eisenmann said the killings were inhumane regardless of the circumstances.

“Hopefully they weren’t alive, but if they were alive, it’s brutal,” she said.

“These look like two family house type pets someone killed and dismembered and left in a dumpster. It’s just a terrible act,” LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said.

Anyone with information on the dogs is asked to contact the LAPD South Bureau at (213) 485-4251.

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  1. Dawgmamamary says:

    A person who indulges in this kind of cruelty is not fit to be on the streets… they have proven that they are dung. God Bless the poor animals. By the way, Big Logic… stop inhaling paint. It’s f****d up your brain.

  2. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

    MY GOD! South Central Los Angeles is such a disgusting cesspool of human waste.

  3. marc says:

    Not to excuse it but has no one ever heard that there are some cultures who eat dog and or cat or other animals?? i personally use to live down the street from an asian family who by their own admission fancied eating dogs. they were seen roasting one over an outdoor grill much like you might see someone roast a pig. GROSS? SURE but clearly not against the law because someone called the police on them when they were roasting the dog and the police DID NOT arrest them or even give them a ticket. if all they have is the heads of these dogs and if they never find bodies or some other way of PROVING that they tortured the dogs what can really be done?

    1. Me says:

      Sure, other cultures do do different things; But here in America, this is illegal.

      1. marc says:

        no it is not against the law or the police would have arrested or ticketed the family i mentioned. all the police told them was to try to cook it more discreetly as not to upset the neighbors

  4. Barb says:

    I just hope they devise a way, or that someone knows more about this grisly killing, and these criminals are found. To think people like that are alive in our midst is frightening. And, as far as eating dog and cat meat, I am not sure, but I do not think that is legal here. Additionally, if you want to pursue this type of
    “cultural”, behavior, go back to your own country and perpetrate this atrocity there. Wonder where this “Asian” family got the dog, either they stole it from
    someone, our of their yard, which I have heard of, or, they adopted it from a shelter. Adopting a dog from a shelter for this purpose is heinous, and cannot possibly be lega.

    1. marc says:

      let me assure you eating meat other then the normal BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN AND SO ON that is accepted here in America is legal AS LONG AS THE FROM OF KILLING OF THE ANIMAL IS NOT CRUEL. which i find a little funny when you stop to think how cows are slaughtered (led into a pen where they are clubed over the head) and how a pig is slaughtered ( its throat slit and then hung upside down to let the blood drain) i agree with all of you who think eating a dog or cat is gross but then there are people of other cultures even with in the american culture who think some of our food is gross case in point MENUDO which is huge with the mexican culture of which i am half is thought to be gross by my best friend who is irish. chitterlings to me being part mexican, irish, english and native american is really gross but there are folks who love the stuff. my point is this each of us may eat or like to eat something that the next guy would find totally gross. i say as long as i am not forced to eat it and as long as the way of killing the animal was not cruel I.E. cutting the head off these dogs while they were alive then i really do not see that i or anyone has the right to tell someone else what they can eat or weather they need to return to their nation of origin to eat it. as for where the “asian family” got the dog?? it was a stray that they had found roaming the block we all know that to be true because we all saw this dog often roaming the area so they caught the dog and YES they fattened it up for the very purpose of making it their dinner but they did not TORTURE IT when they killed it. their son who was (is) my age showed me how it is done. and it make it simple and not to graphic they simply took A .22 AND SHOT IT IN THE BASE OF ITS SKULL and as many of you might know shot any thing in the base of the brain and it died INSTANTLY and with no pain

      1. Gina Fox says:

        So how come that you didn’t try to help the stray with getting a new home?? Don’t you think that there is something wrong with your way of thinking? Now i don’t say that those asians shouldn’t eat whatever they like to eat, but in the same time I do have a problem with just killing a stray for dinner, regardless of how that poor dog was killed. And for you to admit that you know that dog and that it was a stray does make your statement even worse for me. We are living in the USA in which we don’t eat dog or cat unless you live somewhere in the woods and I believe anyone who comes from a different culture should respect ours. And out of respect to the dogs, you should be ashamed to not trying to help that dog to get of the street and away from the bbq…just my 5 cents

      2. marc says:

        at the time i was 12 so i had then and even now have no duty to go rescue any animals. if you gather up every stray you see you will end up with a ton of pets in your yard. and if you can the pound what exactly do you think they will do with it? ill tell you what THEY WILL KILL IT with in 72 hours. and even faster if there is anything wrong with it. in the case of this dog they caught it and kept it for a year got it nice and fat which means they fed it well treated it well and yes cooked it well. i do not belive ANYONE HAS TO RESCUE STRAYS. my grand parents who lived out in lancaster had chickens and goats and pigs on their land ALL MENT FOR FOOD the chickens were of course for eggs but when they stoped laying guess what they became?? SUNDAY SUPPER and guess how you kill a chicken for dinner? YOU CHOP ITS HAD OFF WHILE IT IS ALIVE. have you ever bought or ate a chicken?? the pigs were raised purely for food guess how you kill that? CUT ITS THROAT AND HANG IT UP SIDE DOWN TO DRAIN ITS BLOOD ( that is required so the meat does not spoil) goats were for milk and food and grandpa killed them by shooting them in the head then gutting them. if you think the food you eat was killed nicely your mistaken. only way your food did not feel pain on the way to your plate is if your a vegan. i may not like what my neighbors eat but i sure as heck have no right to tell them anything about it. and i sure have no duty to catch and save stray dogs.

  5. Crickett says:

    As the economy worsens you are going to find a lot of people eating things they would have never dreamed of. One mans pets are another mans dinner. People from India are appalled that us Americans eat Beef. Be careful Fluffy and fido are staples in some cultures. There will be those who will go to free shelters and get their dinner there. The things I have seen people eat in third world countries would turn you stomach and head.

  6. d wade says:

    Keep in mind the large number of people we are importing who eat dogs. There are restaurants in China where you can pick the dog you want to eat just like we have tanks where you can pick your lobster. It should all stop.

  7. Kate says:

    I agree with you completely, Barb. Shame on the people eating dogs and cats. And the shame on the people who inhumanely treat and kill animals. People can be viscous and unconscionable. Take in a stray animal to fatten it up to satisfy some gluttonous fat craving? Go back to your own country and eat worms. As for the dogs heads in the trash, i hope the reward will help help authorities find the sick perpetrator before they do it again. What will it take for people to respect and honor the animals in the world? Dogfighting and abuse and torture – – it saddens me so. Thanks to Ed Mertz for not simply reporting the story but for offering reward to see that justice is done.

  8. dave says:

    unless you eat only vegies, then you are two faced. if you eat beef IT IS CLUBED OVER THE HEAD. pork HAS ITS THROAT SLIT AND HUNG UPSIDE DOWN TO DRAIN THE BLOOD. chicken HAS ITS NECK BROKE OR CHOPED OFF WHILE IT IS STILL ALIVE. would i eat dog or cat NO because it does not sound good to me. but if someone else likes it and they kill it humanely like the family listed above by shoting it in the head WHO ARE YOU TO TELL THEM THEY CAN NOT just because it does not fit your culture?? do you eat corn?? many of us AMERICANS do. go to France and order some with your meal, and be ready to be called a PIG because that is what they feed corn to they do not think it is fit for humans to eat. POINT IS everyone has their own likes as long as they do not TORTURE the animal to kill it i see no problem if they eat it. if they did this humanely then its not a problem

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