...Starting with Hyundai's coolest car, ever...

If you were unfortunate to get your driver’s licence in the late ’80s, (or early ’60s, early ’90’s, mid ’70s), you remember when all cars looked the same, and that ‘same’ would not have been confused with ‘pretty.’  Stumbling across a Hyundai Veloster a couple of days ago reminded me how much better car design is now. (Full disclosure, up front: I don’t have a stake in any of the cars I’m about to mention, nor do I know which manufacturers may/may not be current or future sponsors– that’s the sales department’s ballgame.)

The Veloster is an entry-level sports subcompact that just looks cool. Sorry: a million descriptive words, and that’s the best I can do. It makes me want to drive it. the front end is stubby, like one of those pug dogs with its teeth barred. The blacked-out roof pillars make the roof appear to float above the car, and the tail looks waaaay to sporty for a car that drives off the lot, starting at $18K.  I’d opt for the tech and style packages, and still come in at less than $23K.  18-inch wheels on a car this small?  — Really? Plus it has three doors: I played around, and actually can fit in the back (I’m 6’3″), though I’d much rather drive. The interior is very Buck Rogers. Or as Buck would say… cool.

Hyundai designers are on a hot streak these days, but they’re not the only ones with pretty models doing their thing. For more, read on; and have something to appreciate on the long commute.


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