LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A gang member from the San Gabriel Valley has been sentenced to death for killing two people in Whittier.

KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner of the murders turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

Gabriel Ronquillo, 39, stabbed Gary Frausto to death when Frausto answered a knock on his door in 2004.

But Ronquillo killed the wrong guy: the Mexican Mafia had ordered a hit on Gary Frausto’s brother.

His conviction on charges of murder with special circumstances included the 1999 murder or a rival gang mamber.

In court, the Judge rejected Ronquillo’s motion for a new trial, and sentenced him to the death penalty for his crimes.

Ronquillo made no statement during sentencing.

Comments (7)
  1. Xen says:

    Those street gang members are cowards.

  2. Dave in LA says:

    Society does not need persons such as him. And that includes ALL gang-members. Many, many people are sick and tired of the graffiti, killings, thefts, etc. done by gang-hoodlums.
    YAY to all the law-enforcement men who nabbed and convicted this young punk.

  3. Frank says:

    The state will never execute this guy or anyone else sitting on death row. California has too many bleeing heart liberals.

  4. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

    Its about time one of these f###n idiots gets what he deserves.

  5. DAX says:

    Gangs Are Anti American Urban Terrorist Traitors And Should ALL Be exterminated like the Coward Vermin that they are.

  6. Whiskey Tango says:

    Destroy the entire family, the gene pool needs eliminated.

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