DUI Suspect Led Police On Chase With Baby On Board

EXPOSITION PARK (CBS) — Police arrested a suspected DUI driver, who had a woman and baby riding in the vehicle, after he led authorities on a wild chase across several freeways in South Los Angeles.

The suspect may be a parolee, according to emergency dispatchers, and was driving erratically on the streets of East Los Angeles when law enforcement tried to make a traffic stop.

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(credit: CBS)

He could be seen from SKY9 driving a white pick-up truck, with the windows rolled down, while apparently smoking a cigarette.

The chase moved onto the westbound 105 Freeway and then, as of 10:40 p.m., onto the northbound 110 Freeway in Exposition Park.

By 11 p.m. the suspect had reached the southbound 710 Freeway in Commerce. He exited at Florence Avenue and officers executed a PIT maneuver. The suspect’s vehicle spun into a stop and the suspect exited the vehicle with his hands raised.

At that point, a female passenger also exited the vehicle. Police searched the pick-up truck and found a baby in a carrier in the backseat, which they took into custody.

The driver and the female passenger were arrested.

  • Doug

    The baby posted bond and was released a short time later !

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  • Astonished

    I just hear his defense. . .
    Lawyer: “You had a passenger and a baby in the car. Why didn’t you just stop”?

    Defendant: “I was afraid.”

    Lawyer: “Afraid of what”?

    Defendant: “Afraid my cigarette would go out and I’d miss my 15 minutes of fame, man!”

  • Samantha

    People that put children in danger like this should be offered a reduced sentence if they agree to be ‘fixed’…

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