Supreme Court Ruling Could Prompt Cameras In The Classroom To Curb Abuse

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The California State Supreme Court has ruled school districts must be responsible to reduce the risk of children being molested by staff members. Otherwise, they may face civil lawsuits.

The ruling allows districts and school administrators to be sued if it is demonstrated they were negligent in employing staff or faculty.

KNX1070 legal analyst Royal Oakes says the ruling could have a significant impact on any civil cases filed against the LA Unified School District as a result of the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal.

The ruling could additionally lead to revamping of LAUSD policies regarding hiring, vetting of new or transferred employees, and improved means of employee surveillance, up to and maybe including efforts such as cameras in the classroom.

  • Tempus Nunc

    Perhaps it will improve student discipline in class as well!

    • John

      Perhaps cameras in classrooms will improve student discipline?

      The f**k is wrong with you?

    • Chuck

      I love the bars in front of the “school”. It looks like a prison. So glad I’m not a kid growing up in this increasingly f’ed up country. Wait until this world is run by people who were “educated” in these stockades…oh wait, it’s already happening. Stop being spineless jellyfish letting the unions degrade everything. Smell the coffee, morons.

    • rich

      i doubt it will solve anything. when people know they are on camera they mearly change their negitive actions to a diffrent venue. what i am saying is this, if they put a cam in the classroom then any teacher who might abuse a child will mearly do it in a place on campus where you CAN NOT place a cam namely the RESTROOMS. as for kids and their negitive behavior it wont stop that unless the cams also have sound and can record what they say. because if they mearly talk back to the teacher or say things to each other in class then the cam can not detail such actions. if there is violence in class then the students will mearly move that out to say the areas around the school that again DO NOT have a camera namely THE RESTROOMS so this is an exercise in futility

      • bob

        order in the classroom allows other students to learn while in class

      • Rick

        My daughters high school has cameras everywhere.

      • rich

        not in the bathrooms they don’s and if by some chance they do in your daughters school, you need to get her out of that school. if they put a single camera in my kids schools other then out side the buildings as a security thing i will remove my kids from their schools. i understand something has to be done about the bad teachers and out of control kids but this is not the answer better back grounds on teachers is an answer

      • 2dillusion

        I like your comment, but please, the word is merely.

      • Al

        Not only that, 2dillusion, the other word is “negative.”

        It’s almost scary to think that rich might be voting in November. If so, I hope it’s not in a battleground state where rich’s vote might make a difference.

      • BigBrotherOhBrother

        Honestly, so much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    • ze forte

      A few student beatings would be nice. Can we get those tapes in hi-def?

    • daveh

      I had a student smash my monitor last week. I cut off his internet when he refused to get off a hip hop site. The mother accused us of lying, and slamming the kid to the ground. A camera would have shut her mouth right away. She wanted to sue the school, because her kid destroyed school property. I put a $300 obligation on his record – no grades, transfers, nor graduation until paid. Parents enable their kids in so many ways to be disrespectful of any authority. They do not parent their kids, and when a teacher tries to apply rules/discipline, we are targeted as being unfair.

      • Crabjuice

        Too often, these days, people adopt an arrogant posture when an apologetic attitude would be appropriate. And it works, unfortunately.

      • Jim

        As a fellow teacher, I commiserate. I actually want a camera in my classroom. I know I am doing nothing wrong. But half of the time, when I call a parent to tell them what their child is doing in class (discipline, not academics) that distract other students from leaning, I am asked to tell the parent what I am doing wrong to cause this behavior, or I am told the parent believes the child over the adult. Just once, I would like a disagreeable parent to explain to me how I benefit from lying about their child. But that would be “unprofessional” I think.

      • teach3r

        I expelled 3 students for a drug ring and the police came and did a report. One boy’s mom refused to accept the expulsion, even though her son had been kicked out of his last two schools… she demanded to see our security camera tape of the police searching her son. She actually thought a policeman had lied to her. We did not have caneras so she was irate. Luckily her son just stopped attending school, angry mom went away, but, he was never officially expelled either.

      • allen

        Good for you deveh … too bad we are living in such a sick society. Parents haven’t been parents for many decades, that’s why we have the problem so rampant in every area of society. I am 64, and I have seen it all, disgusting, our nation and the world for that matter is heading for a collision with Dr. Doom. Sounds awful, but I haven’t seen it getting better. Have you?

    • Kaitara

      More likely the teachers can use it as a means to prove how THEY are being abused by students.

    • mmercier

      when I was in highschool, hundreds of kids would gather in a parking lot and get stoned in the morning.

      the group was too large for the school and police to handle… some got busted, the rest just moved on.

      one day someone put a camera crew on the roof to film the crowd. the rumor was they were giong to run the film on the local cable channel.

      the next day, there was no crowd… not one person.

      • Chuck

        I was in that crowd. We went to the other side of the building, you dope. Then I grew out of it, like kids do, and today I’m an engineer. We treat kids like criminals, and they’ll act like criminals.

      • chaz

        When you bow to a state the camera is your GOD.

    • drdarby

      Scary 2delision and Al , two mentally ill, obsessive- compulsive disorder can vote

    • leo kurn

      cameras will reduce alot problems , teachers will not be able to hide there activity’s .neither will the students . plus watch for fights etc etc etc .

  • ApplegateRanch

    Yay, CA Supremes! Cameras in classrooms, but NOT courtrooms!

  • Breetai

    Brought to you by the California Department of WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

    • Klaus

      Now the principal can enjoy watching live kiddie porn.

  • Margaret C

    I would not be surprised if this just caused this to make situations take place in the restrooms or off campus.

    I also wonder how much this would cost. I don’t mind it if it would truly help, but I’m sure at least 50% of those outraged and voice adamant support for cameras would balk at the cost.

    • Elliot Kobalanski

      I’d like to see the neighborly foot tapping on the restroom cam, I am sure it would make for a show, America’s Funniest Your on Surveilance

    • Vicky Bevis

      It is a joke. What about the band director who grabbed me, kissed me & felt me up WAY back in 1963? He has/had a history of doing this & as it was “summer band,” there would be no one to see the tape. He’s still alive & active in his 90’s in charitable works. He ahd 3 daughters, & I often wondered if he sexually abused them?

      Pedophiles are cunning, bafflingly & powerful. Look at Jerry Sandusky & he was caught in the act!

      • Concerned

        Why didn’t you report him? Why didn’t any other girls report him?

    • mac

      I seem to remember something about a book that goes into this. And eventually the cameras WILL be in the restrooms as well!

  • BarbaraS

    And who will review all the tapes? The TSA? The problems we are having in our country were started by the same people who are now in charge, liberal leftists, who are relativists. They believe that the end justifies the means. They also think they can create heaven on earth and make us all equal by destroying our faith in God, and our culture. Out of the chaos they have created not just here in the USA but all over the world, they will usher in the NWO, in which we will all be equal (slaves to them.)

    • JAMES

      The end justifies the means?? HMM, METHINGKS THAT IS A DIRECT LINE FROM COMMUNSIM, IS IT NOT.?

      • chad

        no,its not. its machiavelli …but close enough…

      • CLG4

        The socialist democrat platform passed our new constitution (the health bill) it will allow them to control all personal and business rights. As for camers they won’t br there long it’s not in the bill.

  • commie_shooter

    Hahaha how can these fools afford cameras in classrooms when they have illegals to offer free healthcare, feed, cloth, house, and buy cell phones for? Don’t forget Californians, anchor baby machines (with no daddy to pay) need “free” money too.

  • David from San Diego

    The teacher’s union will never allow it. If parents and taxpayers could see that their children are not being educated, they would revolt.

    • Chrsity

      Funny but oh so true!!

    • bob burns

      very true the unions wont like it lol . also need to go through all teachers credentials for false etc etc etc . everify also ,

    • Atommc B0mb

      This is the way to getting rid of the unions. Step one, we get cameras so the teacher can see the kids remotely. Step two, we go to remote teaching with nonunion labor in India/China. I’m not kidding.

      • Atommc B0mb

        For more info just web search “remote teaching” teacher union

      • krp

        Cannot be any worse than what we have now.

  • FreedomIsAbsolute

    What do you mean “pols” ? You mean Polocks? Or the Polish? I’m a Polock and I have the same sentiment as you. But if you mean pols as in idiots, then I

    • tom road


    • krp

      The word is “Polack”, or “Polak” (in the native spelling). If you were Polish, you would know that.

  • freecheese

    I wonder if the cameras are going to expose the liberal indoctrination of the teachers instructions ?
    I wonder if the cameras will record sleeping minority students who get “automatic” passing grades.
    Go ahead, Kollifornia. Try to be fair about it. While you’re at it, put cameras on ALL school buses and expose the gang thugery that goes on every day.

    • Hindenburg

      Now THAT is a good point.

      • 1800E

        Yes, but only if they rule that sound capability be added. Only then can we listen in on the indoctrination. No way will the teachers’ union go along with that one. Never happen.
        I look forward to Breitbart firing up “Big Education.” The teachers’ union will be using scanners outside the entrances to the school and holding onto all electronic devices until the students leave the building. That will prevent the world from knowing what is being said in there.

  • Charles

    Oh’, what a surprise! Great for sue-hungry lawyers (Lib voters to the core) and bad for teachers/schools. Ultimately, guess who pays the lawyers – YOU, Joe taxpayer!

  • Christy

    Yes, we conservative taxpayers here in CA are few and far between. I honestly will never understand the insane mentality of the liberal.

  • dmar003

    Liberals, are here and thriving on destroying our liberty. Soon there will be cameras in the classrooms. (yes I read the article). Every child will have their own desk. pencils, papers, and other things would be in a pefect place, so everyone lookes the same. They will sit at their desk and have their arms onthe desk and listen to all that brain washing rhetoric, telling all the students you can never fail because we will help you pass. Just remember the govenment states are the law.

  • DJ

    Bravo. These perverted public union teachers must have a camera on them at all times. If a teacher is being paid with tax dollars everything they say and do in public schools should be known by the parents. Look at the perversion that his happening in California public schools. Their are semen feedings and also teachers are dumping their families and marrying the students as soon as they are of legal age.
    Frankly this shouldn’t mean that the LA public schools shouldn’t be sued for their cover=up of their union goons feeding children the teacher’s semen. There was a cover-up he wasn’t fired soon enough.

  • pashley1411

    Get ready for a boat-load of bogus lawsuits; law firms robo-calling parents to see if there mjight be some bs excuse to sue, like “my dope-smoking teenageer doesn’t learn because he gets RESPECT in the classroom!”.

    Parents don’t care about their kids education, so what do they care about sueing their school out of existence?

    Stupid is as stupid does. CA!!! A very bad sitcom that gets more unbelievable every episode.

  • James Woods

    If you need cameras in your classrooms to prevent abuse obviously your hiring process is a failure. Teachers and other types of educators must go through special certification in most states so they can work with kids.

    What kind of requirements does california have? Must you be a child molester to begin with, or perhaps have already been involved in some sort of child abuse?

    Seems that way to me; hey at least the law can watch the abuse now after it happens; im sure it gets them off.

    • Klaus

      Yes, these child molesters are all certified by the government, meeting their highest standards. Government doesn’t work.

  • larryPTL

    This is going to class with teachers’ unions! Now a principal who has an teacher they want to get rid of can easily do so. They can accuse a sub-standard teacher of being a potential sexual predator and remove them from their school altogether!

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  • jekyllisland

    So the left allows for lenient punishment for criminals which makes the average citizen scream for more protection which then leads to even less rights for the average person while giving the government more control.

    It will only be a matter of time until someone smart takes real control of this country and then all hell will break loose or we will be the next Venezuela

  • snapboy

    CA is a scary state if they have to videotape their classrooms to ensure appropriate behavior from adults and children.

    • TeaRunner

      It goes both ways.

      Maybe some of these will be held responsible for their behavior in unruly classrooms.

      I’d like to see some of these abusive kids brought up on charges of disturbing the peace at a minimum.

  • Heenez

    I bet the discipline in the classroom will improve greatly with the addition of cameras.

    • Klaus

      We need cameras in cars, too, to make sure people aren’t using their cellphones.

      • TeaRunner

        Cars are private property, communist.

      • krp

        Obviously a class envy liberal that thinks that cells phones are only used by rich people, so therefore they must be gotten away with. Cellphone companies are corporations, so therefore some fairy tale must be made about cellphone to put the corporations out of business.

        Cellphones are considered “mobile communications”., People are most mobile when they are driving. , Look at the coverage maps of any service provider and you will see that the most coverage is along freeways – because the most usage is used while driving.
        And where are freeways? Freeways run though “bad neighborhoods”, Which means that there are a lot of black people out there, that are making a lot of money by renting out space on their property that is a depressed property because it is close to a major thoroughfare, to cellphone companies to place their equipment to service their customers.

        Ban cellphone use while driving, then mobil phone companies will no longer hav any reason to service the highways, and then they will no longer have any reason to rent space in the black neighborhoods and the black property owners will lose money.

        Talking on a cellphone is no more distracting to a driver than talking to the person sitting next to them, listening to the radio, or especially dealing with kids in the car. That is the next step for all you liberals – no driving with kids in the car, It’s bad enough that we have to have car seats for the kids (that wasn’t the case 40 years ago) You liberals will next make it so that there s no kids in the car, so therefore the mother must stay home, because she cannot drive anywhere with her kids because they are too distracting and therefore the women must remain barefoot and pregnant.

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  • TeaRunner

    I don’t have a problem with it.

    Schools are responsible for the welfare of children while they are in their custody.

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  • yorkie01

    Let’s have cameras in Atlanta’s schools as well. No further comment is needed.

  • Mike0oSS

    Jeez, are we really such an out of control society that adults need to be watched around the kids? What is wrong with us?

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