PANORAMA CITY (CBS) — An autopsy has been completed on the body of a 17-year-old football player who died after attending a party where teens were drinking alcohol.

Police say 17-year-old Salvador Preciado’s death appears to be “the result of alcohol intoxication.”

However, the official results will not be released until toxicology tests are complete, which could take weeks.

Preciado’s mother, Irma Guevara, also believes heavy drinking at the party on Friday night led to his death. Guevara says she found Preciado, who appeared to choke on his own vomit, on Saturday morning.

The teen who threw the party spoke with CBS2 over the weekend.

“We threw this party for my friend’s birthday. Everyone brought their own drinks, and everything just got out of control,” the teen said. “Everyone was drinking a lot, but he was drinking too much, like he didn’t have self-control. After he passed away, I heard it was his first time drinking.”

Preciado’s friends say he had fallen off a table and hit his head.

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  1. Carol Reynolds says:

    Too many different versions of this story to know what went on. One view I ready in the Daily News printed that the mother blames some coach for giving her son a ride….Nowhere have I read that a coach gave her son a ride from the party to his friends house.
    I also read in the Daily News that one of the females at the party claims to have seen or heard? that Salvador’s drink was spiked?
    There needs to be more warnings and information put out there- especially for teens and young adults- about the dangers and consequences over alcohol intoxication poisoning!
    There are so many deaths that go unreported that is caused from over-drinking.

  2. Mariaa says:

    his coach did give him a ride to his friends house.
    & his coach is currently being investigated.
    i dont believe the girl saw anything.
    first of all someone who wasnt at the party probably said this.
    second of all why didnt she stop sal from drinking it if she was it -.-

  3. veronika says:

    woww!!! i dont understand why they fired the coach for supposely giving him a ride! it would of been worse if he had left the boy drunk and walking! they are just trying to find someone to blame! the only one that has the fualt here is the parents for letting him go to a party, without making sure if it wasnt supervised by an adult. so i think they should save the drama and stop blaming other people! the boy partied, he dranked to excess and eventually he wasnt able to handle it, and died! end of story

  4. Evelyn says:

    @ veronika 1st of all you dont knoe sal okay !! he was one of the nicest kindest person yhu would of ever meet!! ndd lastly who d yhu thinkk you are to jugde some one with out knoeing the person nor the situation!1

    1. k. says:

      Learn how to spell.

  5. nikky says:

    @veronika , you have some nerve!! some one just passed away. if your not here to give the kid some respect them you shouldnt be on this page.
    i might know the kid, but im pretty sure he was a good kid who made a simple mistake just like the rest of us…

  6. Silvia says:

    Wow, its sad to see such a young boy’s life go away, by a BIG mistake!!! First I do believe its half the parents fault and half Sal’s fault… I have a 16 year old son, who attends Panorama High School, great student in sports as well as in education!! Not once has he gone to any party’s HE’ ONLY 16!!! I have him on a tight leash, and I plan on keeping it this way, especially seeing what happend to Salvador!! My heart does go out to the mother, but I really don’t think you should blame the coach!! He helped in my eyes, he gave the kids a ride home, he didn’t give the kids alchol!!

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