LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Burbank woman was detained for 10 hours for painting her nails on board a Southwest flight headed to Houston.

Jeanie Daniels was on the flight on Feb. 26 to see her boyfriend, Jimmy Hauser, who lives in Houston. Daniels asked the passengers on both sides if they would mind her painting her nails. They said, ‘No, go right ahead.’

But a flight attendant wasn’t so obliging.

“I thought it was all going well until the attendant came over and was very upset I was painting my nails, saying it was offending everyone around me,” Daniels told CBS2’s Randy Paige.

Daniels went into the bathroom to finish and a second angry flight attendant was waiting for her.

“She said, ‘Weren’t you just told not to paint your nails?’ and I said, ‘Actually, I wasn’t. I was just told it was offending people around me so I did the right thing and went to an enclosed area,'” Daniels explained.

The passenger went back to her seat and was confronted by the first flight attendant.

“She said, ‘You just blatantly didn’t listen to my rules,’ and she just kept carrying it on and on,” Daniels said.

“She was getting so loud when I was sitting in my seat. I was like, just stop, and I was loud when I said…(expletive) because she wouldn’t end the conversation,” she added in a phone interview.

nail polish2 Burbank Woman Detained For More Than 10 Hours For Painting Nails On Southwest Flight

Daniels’ slip led to her arrest at Hobby Airport. A Houston Police spokesman says the officers interviewed the flight attendant and a witness, then called the District Attorney’s Office to ask if they would accept the charge of “abusive profane language.”

The passenger said as she was leaving the plane she turned to the first flight attendant and said, while raising her hand, “High five — no hard feelings.”

That prompted a police officer to grab her raised arm, and ask, “Are you trying to hit her?”

The charge was later dismissed by a judge. After more than 10 hours in jail, Daniels was released.

Southwest Airlines released this statement about the incident.

“The Customer in question was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight from LAS – HOU on Feb 26th.  The airport police became involved because of the passenger’s behavior and a verbal altercation with a Southwest Airlines crew member. Southwest Airlines is responsible for the safety of all of our passengers and Employees”

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  1. Rich says:

    Southwest flight attendants need to be better trained in deescalating situations .

    1. James says:

      I guess the flight attendant should go work for TSA!

      1. Cliff says:

        Well said, James!

      2. McSorley says:

        Not to mention you get some cop who is just dying to impress a pretty flight attendant escalating what was probably a non issue. Think I will swing over to the flight attendant web page and listen to how rough their job is dealing with the public as if that wasn’t what they signed up for in the first place.

      3. ExLibris says:

        We can likely expect two things:

        1) Pretty soon, Flight Attendants will be called “Flight Safety Officers” (just as the minimally trained NON-police TSA agents have been re-branded as “Officers” to increase the intimidation/compliance factor)

        2) Nail polish will be added to the list of banned carry-on materials.

        Perhaps part of the story was left out of this article, but based on what was reported above, the attendants DID seem to needlessly aggravate the situation.

      4. Raz says:

        No such thing as pretty flight attendant anymore.

      5. Frequent Traveller says:

        There are pretty flight attendants… on Asian Airlines (JAL, Korean Airline, ANA).

      6. Gary says:

        They sure are pretty. Pretty arrogant and antagonistic, not to mention pretty unattractive !!!!

      7. PressOn says:

        More made up news after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media for domestic spying in addition to preventing the truth from leaking out. We have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      8. Cynthia says:

        Like the other airlines, Southwest would have allowed radical Islamists to fly unimpeded.

      9. Chrissakes says:

        And pretty apt to stay that way.

        @Gary “They sure are pretty. Pretty arrogant and antagonistic, not to mention pretty unattractive !!!!”

      10. Ralph Gizzip says:

        @McSorley: Pretty flight attendant?!? You haven’t flown recently, have you.

      11. Sgt Action says:

        Now that we have turned air travel into an excuse for the Government/Gestapo to treat us like Gitmo prisoners, the next logical step is to stop wasting all this money on making airports look like places of business. Let’s rebuild and redecorate in bare concrete block, iron doors, window bars and that funny green/grey paint that everything in the Soviet Union used to be painted. We can call this new American style “neo-Gulag”.

      12. robertsgt40 says:

        No kidding. It wasn’t like she was painting her nails with thermite

    2. Emerald says:

      I think they get off on causing them.

      1. ChrisTopHer says:

        A lot of posters have an axe to grind against airlines and the TSA or other law enforcement. This story is about a woman who asked her row-mates if they minded her putting polish on as if that revolting smell wouldn’t leave her row. (And by the description of her, her row-mates probably didn’t dare to say no.) And then she loudly curses out the attendant who told her to stop. Sounds like a well deserved 10 hour timeout. I can only hope she also has to pay restitution for the jail transport and accommodation. Mind you, I’m all for resistance to Obama administration excesses. But just because this passenger acts like a pig doesn’t make this another Bacon’s Rebellion.

      2. Kat says:

        Are you SERIOUSLY that stupid? or are you just faking it to give folks a good laugh?

      3. Shredder says:

        To ChrisTopHer
        Admit it. You ARE flight attendant #1. Aren’t you?

      4. Міша says:

        ChrisTopHer, according to the story, she went on to finish the paint-job in the restroom. Though I agree, that fresh nail-polish tends to smell pretty bad, it would still be an improvement to the bathroom smell.

        I fail to see, why the stewardesses continued to harass her after she stopped painting on the seat.

        And, yes, everyone, who flew more than once in the last few years, has an ax to grind with both the airlines and the TSA — for good reasons. This incident adds one more reason…

      5. Nunya says:

        You are an idiot ChrisTopHer, big time.

    3. donw says:

      Yes, because asking someone to put their nail polish away, in a polite manner is difficult to comprehend by passengers.
      The mentality in this country: I wnat it and I want it now OR I will do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it.
      Serves her right for being so obnoxious!

      1. Qwibqwib says:

        Wow, martha! I am glad you are not in charge of this country! You said: “This twit is lucky she wasn’t slammed to the ground and hogtied for the remainder of the flight.” Why? For painting her nails? Should she be hogtied and slammed to the ground before or after a trial? You don’t think 10 hours of detention (remember, w/o a trial) was too much punishment? How long does it take the po po to figure out she is not a threat? She is not a threat by the way. Granted, that smell is horrible! I would have taken her polish and thrown it out the window! She is WAY rude for doing that on the plane, but slammed to the ground and hog tied? Have you ever heard of pol pot martha? He has a nice smile, google him! You and he would have LOTS to talk about!

      2. The Bruce says:

        Here’s what I call obnoxious: the flight attendant waiting outside the bathroom door for the passenger to exit, and then harassing the passenger all the way back to her seat.

      3. Nick says:

        Qwibqwib, you’d of thrown the polish out of the window of a pressurized flight? That won’t get you arrested or anything.

    4. John says:


      I HATE the smell of nail polish. It literally gives me a headache, but once this woman was told it was offending people she got up and went into the bathroom to finish. NO HARM DONE.

      The flight attendants seem to think their itty bitty little bit of power gives them the right to be abusive.

      1. Mark Milner says:

        Total harm done; it prevented passengers from using the bathroom for it’s proper function. The nail polish smell could also make the crew faint.

      2. Diogenes says:

        If the smell of nail polish could make the flight attendants faint, then they are much too fragile to be in that job.

      3. Gary says:

        What a joke: nail polish bothers them when they inhale jet fuel fumes hours on end. On the other hand, I seem to recal highly efficient ventilation scrubbers. What a joke.

    5. dano says:

      This little heifer got exactly what she deserved.

      1. H Beale says:

        Wow! The comments on this topic are absolutely amazing. Never in my life, would I have believed that the American people would turn into the nazi’s we once fought against.

        You tattle tales, whiners, and spoiled overindulged pieces of trash have opened up Pandora’s Box and you don’t even know it. You are a disgrace! For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be one of your countrymen. I can only hope that the rest of the world does not judge the people the way you judged the woman painting her nails. I, for one, will not fly again, until the behavior of the TSA and airlines in general start treating customers like customers instead of treating customers like cattle.

      2. gw says:

        Here! Here!! Theres alot of truth in what you say. Nazi’s might be a little harsh, as the TSA hasn’t begun gasing anyone yet. But I see your point. Once you let some of your freedoms go, the rest can falter easily. The kids on this/most post have know frame of reference for what you are saying. For them the Nazi’s are ancient history. Like the civil war too them. They’ve NEVER experienced ANY oppresion or restrictions. That’s why they have to protest not getting something for free. Sadly they are ripe for an absolute take over. They might even embrace it (like the Germans did). I can only pray that some true leaders rise from the depths. “Those who do not know history, are destined to repeat it”
        Totalitarion leaders do not take power all at once, it’s gradual. small bites at a time “for your own good”. First they came for them, next they came for me.

      3. Rhynn says:

        No, actually she got what she would have deserved had she knocked these two out for jumping in her face.

        And since that is what we’re going to get whether we do it or not, that’ll be the way to handle American lames that want to cry like toddlers about everything and think they can run up like bosses every time someone else dares to live their own lives within their line of sight.

        Tired of people like these attendants, and sheep like yourself who sign off on this kind of madness all day long as long as it’s happening to someone else as well.

      4. Stacey says:

        @H Beale – What you said makes you a liberal, un-American, conspiracy theorist, crazy nut – JUST LIKE ME. It’s going to take the people to do something because whatever has highjacked our government has also infiltrated the top echelons of our military too. Our only hope right now is Ron Paul – I hope he goes independent. Even then, there is no chance they will allow him the presidency. Then what?

      5. Archie1954 says:

        I guess now considering your comment you are happy with an America where a woman painting her nails without permission is a ctriminal offense. Maybe eating a hotdog while walking will be the next criminal offense. Of course people like you cam always just hibenate in their houses until that becomes a criminal offense.

    6. Jim says:

      iyou mean in flight waitress

      1. makemyday says:

        We used to call them “coffee-jockeys” in the airforce (RAF)!!! Some of them behave like little tyrants – as they think they have all this power etc!! Flying today is getting absolutely ridiculous – especially on American carriers!!

      2. Jack thomsen says:

        I don’t know what happened to my comment that mirrored yours. I was almost stuck in Tuscon because a gate agent wanted photo id for my two daughters!

        I protested and finally got a manager to inform the nit that I didn’t need passports for children on state to state flights… She had been so persistent and so obnoxious… I finally boarded but called her an idiot as I left..

        Then the captain came to our seats and told us to leave the plane… when we got our luggage.. we found all our wrapped Christmas presents torn open in our suitcases!!

        IT’s really all about turf and power… you just cannot give this kind of power to one citizen over another … for any reason… it’s just like corrupt cops.

        You give em a badge of any kind and you create a tyrant. So glad America West is out of business…. they never apologized or gave any excuses for tearing open our packages.

    7. trcsteve says:

      I am simply upset that this story is so one-sided. Did anyone follow up with any of the other passengers? “Around you” could mean customers in front of or behind. Press statements are designed to be vague for legal reasons. The only real testamony we have is the “victim.” I know from working reatail that people WILL lie to avoid embarrassment or payment or, in this case, possible jail time.

    8. NoBamaNoMore says:

      I’ve been on a plane when some nutty woman decided to paint her nails. The smell was terrible. The stew didn’t even have time to react because about 20 passengers immediately told the woman to put it away. Another time was a Korean woman opening a pot of kimchi. I’m not sure which was worse. People need to recognize the fact that we are close together in a closed tube for hours.

      1. swissik says:

        Noboby would have said anything to the Korean woman you can be sure. People are afraid of the word racist. Southwest is the only airline I fly domestically, so now I guess I will have to think twice about that too. Flying is such an insult these days that most of us can do without. I drive when I can there in 48 hours with a night spent halfway. Much more pleasant than putting up with TSA Hitlers and now seemingly the Southwest Gestapo.

    9. diane says:

      The flight attendant did not handle this well at all and virtually provoked the situation, then took the customer’s avoidance behavior (going into the bathroom) as some kind of challenge to her authority.

      I do not fly a lot but find the customer service airlines used to pride themselves on is gone. Most attendants are polite – maybe even friendly, at least one or two on any given flight are outright rude. The prevailing ambiance on a flight is that I, as a passenger, am now in the attendant’s cabin (not care) and will obey without question. The story last year about the women forcibly ejected from a plane for disagreeing with the attendant about an overhead bag is one facet. I find, espedially once landed, the attendants apparently go on ‘break’ – on one flight they bemusedly stood in a group at the back of the plane and watched my husband struggle with getting an overhead compartment open for almost 5 minutes when the latch was jammed – did nothing. Another flight with a layover one of the attendants ordered 10-12 of us to ‘get off’ like we were idiots when an earlier flight announcement had told us to stay on if we were continuing the flight. When one passenger started to point this out this attendant shouted ‘ just get off for Christ’s sake’. Ahhh. the friendly skies?

      The TSA and bag searches are enough of an indignity. Now the flight attendants. I drive and take a train whenever I can.

    10. Rationalist says:

      The airlines seem to literally be doing things to drive away their customers. Up til now, I thought Southwest was the best – guess they are competing with American Airlines in more ways than on.

    11. John says:

      Excellent comment!

    12. John says:

      Southwest needs to take reality review course. SW is now off my preferred airline list.

    13. Sorrano says:

      What a stupid joke America has become !

    14. Pam says:

      Southwest Airlines used to have the last of the best flight attendants. They have forgotten all about customer service and fun. The last few times I have flown on SW the crew was sullen. These flight attendants need to remember who is paying their salaries!

    15. Elron says:

      We are turning into a nation in which everyone seems to have a right to be offended by everything and a nation in which we expect the government, or in this case law enforcement, to enter every single interaction we have.

      Read this again: a woman was detained by law enforcement for using nail polish. Nail polish. And they were called because someones feeling were hurt.

      Wimps and sheep. You are all wimps and sheep

    16. crmitchell says:

      Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems that most incidents of this type happen on Southwest – why ?

    17. kenneth says:

      As an asthmatic,who is allergic to nail polish, when I run into a situation where nail polish is used in a public enclosed area [such as a coffee house] I immediately leave the building. When this woman went to the bathroom to paint her remaining nails she contaminated[from my perspective] another clean space. I’m glad I was not on that flight.

    18. Don says:

      Sounds like these attendants have their PMS in synch.

    19. dragonwolf07 says:

      you guys are so ridiculous, lol…wat a laughing stock of a country…a completely run of the mill every day activity is blown so far out of proportion that the airline attendants ‘provoked’ a law abiding citizen, then after provoking her decide to press charges leading to her arrest and imprisonment …way to go Southwest for da protection, why dont you protect the public from the stupidity of your attendants, Gestapo like tactics…wat a bunch of stooges the whole lot of you in America…shame on you …shame on you …look at wat you have become

    20. Diana says:

      No one is addressing that nail polish, and nail polish remover can not be used while in the air because they are highly flammable. That is why the FAA made that rule, not the flight attendants. I am a flight attendant for American, and while I agree some airline employees can be rude and intimidating, many of us are not. We carry a manual with the rules the FAA wants us to follow, iif we let you paint your nails in flight and the FAA happens to be there annanounced, and sees that we failed to stop you, we get a Personal $1100.00 fine, that is why we have to be militant about some of the rules…… Hope this helps the public understand our side a little bit.

  2. ES says:

    Has society really become this paranoid?

    1. bruce brinkmann says:


      1. jnsesq says:

        Amen, Bruce!

    2. Art says:

      Yesss !!! Crazy people should not be put in Charge of anything

      1. Mark says:

        The crazy’s are best at faking the behaviours needed to pass the “political correctness.” test. therefor they are “most” qualified to advance to positions of power. Both corporate and political.

        Get used to it, the crazys are in power…

    3. Ian MacLeod says:

      She did ask those around her if it would bother them and was told “No.” That stewie was abusively authoritarian, with NO give at all. What the girl did was a reasonable response, and considerate – bathrooms are VERY well ventilated in commercial aircraft.I know; I’ve designed a gasper system for ’em.The stewardess was way out of line, and afterward she just wanted to make trouble for the young woman, and THAT doesn’t say anything good for her training or the airline.

      From the responses, I can’t believe this is America, even now. And ten HOURS Like everything else happening, that’ is INSANE! The TSA is bad enough, Now the airline personnel are getting into the abuse, and the cop was just looking for an excuse to abuse. We’re coming down to the wire, and for me, it’s time to vacate the premises. As the Police State grows and gains more power, their are going to be more and more of these incidents. Petty people misuse what little people they have – usually only tom power to say, “No!” Then there are the ones with the guns; Firearms are all the power they need. American is a Third World country. It’s full of petty dictators. It’s the big one, though, who are going to finish ruining it. They are behaving ALMOST like the Schutzstaffel – the S.S. Sociopaths with unlimited authority, up to and including death. None have any compunctions about lying, and sending someone to prison with a lie is perfectly fine too.

      What do you suppose the cost of this little incident of shoving a young woman around was? Was it worth it? It’s time to go. There HAS to be comeoneplace more sane than this.


      1. gw says:

        I agree. However the USA is still the last best hope (‘cept maby Australia). . Too most of these kids they look at WWII, the way we look at the civil war. Very few are alive that were involved are. And all they know is what they see in the movies. And the washed up hippies from the ’60’s teach them in college that America is just as bad as the Nazi’s, and they lap it up. And then protest that we should pay for the propaganda. Freedom doesn’t disappear all at once, it has to be taken slowly “for your own good”. These kids will learn I just hope the lesson doesn;t kill millions like it has in the past.
        “Those that DO NOT know history, are destined to repeat it”

      2. Mark says:

        The LEO’s response was over the top agreed. I no longer trust LEO’s to be resasonble and teach my kids to not approach, LEO’s anymore becasue you invite trouble backed by the fed’s if you do. the outcome is very uncertain.

        The women is a lier, she was told the smell was bothering other passengers and asked to stop then retreated to a bathroom to continue painting her nails.

      3. Cynthia says:

        If you found out she was a liberal democrat would that change your mind?

      4. flag says:

        Gaspers are deactivated on SWA flights. Many of the bathrooms do not have any type of on/off twist valve. Point is it is policy, and for good reason, other pax hate it. Problem is the “I can do what I want” attitude. She was advised once that it was prohibited onboard, as per SWA policy, yet she proceeds to the lav to finish the job? Narcissist? ummhmmm

    4. Old and in the Way says:

      Sadly, it’s not paranoia, it’s self-hatred. If it were paranoia, we would be afraid of terrorist. This is chasing your own tail and then biting it to boot! Pure idiocy on the part of SWA and the airport police. That’s why the judge threw it out.

    5. Echo says:

      It is far worse. Not only are we as paranoid as sheep, we have contracted the wolves to protect us.

  3. Don says:

    I am old enough to remember wearing a suit & tie when I flew. Now you see slobs wearing flip-flops and beach attire. In my day, we just consumed alcohol to excess and behaved ourselves. Flying was cool. Now it is more like trailer park transit.

    1. James says:

      I Am one of the very few non-business travelers who still dresses business casual with a nice sweater or collared shirt and non-blue jeans pants when I fly. And you could not be more correct…. 30 y/old men in flip flops and shorts and t-shirts. Ridiculous

      Ghetto & Trailer Park Transit indeed..

      1. Robert Frost says:

        So you get dressed up so peole will think you are important?

      2. KC says:


        Love it. Yes, people wear really gross outfits on airplanes. I am a woman in my 30’s and I always dress nicely on planes. I cover myself too because I figure no one wants to be sitting next to a stranger’s bare flesh. And a plane filled with nicely groomed adults makes for a more civilized flight.

        A guy sat next to me with a tank top with fat and underarm hair spilling out. I had to fight to stay calm. Perpetual adolescents are everywhere, but it’s important to keep your standards always.

      3. eross says:

        Err.. i wear jogging shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt to reduce my TSA pat-down. I also don’t dress up much anyway. I must be Rediculous too.

      4. al Jay says:

        Well good for you

      5. icecream says:

        Don’t insult the greyhound.
        Southwest should use the pigeon because they treat their customers the same way the pigeons do.
        Customer service…..Never at Southwest !!!

      6. Kurt Belyeu says:


        I fly 150k a year and most trips involve two 12+ hour segments in the air. I think your an idiot for your comment.

        You can kiss my t-shirt and flip flop wearing A&&.

        Enjoy stinking the plane up with your sweat soaked suit.



      7. Cynthia says:

        Amen! People are just adolescent slobs. They have no sense of class or what is proper anymore. You can usually tell a persons politics by how they dress and behave out in society – – – liberals and democrats are usually the poorly behaved, foul-mouthed selfish goons you see daily at airports and at the malls.

      8. heinrich says:

        You must feel soooo elite. Who am I trying to impress. I have my family and we would love each other even if we wearing trashbags. i mean cmon, your talking about people your never going to see again for the rest of your life.

      9. McSorley says:

        Yea your one of those east coast clowns who think what you wear says everything people need to know about you. Either that or some 50+ year old goof who thinks flying should be a right of passage only for those who are sophisticated enough. Just admit your a snob / elitist and be done with it. I personally dress business casual unless I am flying for vacation in which case dressing how one would dress on vacation in public should be fine. Quite frankly being stuffed into my 12 square inches of real-estate for 6 – 14 hours if I choose to wear some shorts so my legs are not dripping with sweat during the entire flight then that should be my prerogative. The one thing unique about america isn’t the sloppy dress on airplanes as I can take you to thousands of countries where that is the standard its this idea that some americans feel like they need to be in a permanent bubble free from noise, smells, and whatever else ails them about having to interact with others in public.

      10. Stacey says:

        Good for you James but you sound like a troll.

    2. Ron says:

      Yeah, last time I flew SW they fed so much booze to some off-duty cops. The female was the worst and started using sexual suggestive comments really loud. I felt so bad for the young family near me that I turned and asked them to pipe down…of course their response…’do you know who we are?’. I think SW needs better training over all, including when to cut off the booze. Haven’t flown SW since.

      1. Old Goat says:

        The only thing missing from a SW jet is a greyhound painted on the fuselage.

    3. Grannysoon says:

      Indeed. I would never have imagined doing such a thing on a flight, as it might have annoyed others (fumes, etc.)…Yet today, nobody seems to care about anyone aside from him or herself, and this is a prime example of it. It did not merit a jail stay, of course. Common sense, which also seems to be highly lacking these days, should be applied on a far more routine basis. But I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking.

    4. TW Lewis says:

      Amen Brother. I grew up dirt poor but was still taught to dress clean, Big boys wear long pants, tuck your shirt in and shine your boots. If you want to be taken serious, then dress and act it. sneakers and short pants are for the beach or little kids on the playground. I used to go to Las Vegas regular and remember when men wore Suits or sports jackets and nice shirts. Many casino’s had a dress code and would not let you in otherwise. Now its tank tops and shorts with flip flops, bikers and gang freaks. Very few places have any class anymore.

      1. McSorley says:

        There actually still are plenty of places but you probably can’t afford to get in them. LOL

    5. Dave says:

      not dressing up for a flight does not make you trailer park trash…..I wear what is comfortable and granted I won’t dress down for when I fly, I don’t dress up either….I usually fly in the summer when I do travel and I will wear shorts and a nice shirt…..but that doesn’t make me trailer park trash because I wear something that is comfortable….geeez some people

      1. John says:

        Bikers have a lot more class than those you are hob-knobbing with in rent-a-nazi land. Why would anyone fly when there are alternative modes of transportation?

    6. Dave says:

      More like cattle car transit. I’d wear a suit, too, if we were treated like we were back then.

      We’re not anymore.

      1. McSorley says:

        Amen brother …your comment is right on.

    7. The Bruce says:

      I like to wear my favorite tuxedo during flights. Here’s the catch: I also wear my skis.

    8. kaosktrl says:

      I wear flips flops swim trunks and tshirts when I fly becuase of the TSA.

    9. John says:

      Dressing up to fly a plane makes no sense. I agree you should dress appropriatly when you’re forced to sit next too close to people you don’t know, but a tie? C’mon… In your day you probably wore a suit when you took a shower

    10. The Rukh says:

      Oh, I like that phrase, “trailer park transit.” I’m sure to use it later!

    11. shadowspawn says:

      I wear sandals and loose clothes, all my dress clothes are usually checked in. I’ve been stuck in too many delays and layovers. One time we were stuck on the tarmac for about 2 hours, and no AC and I reeked to high heaven by the time my flights were done. Now, if it happens, I can just change into my suit either at the airport (did that once) or at the hotel first then wherever I have to go I’m dressed to the 9’s.

      I understand what you’re saying, but sometimes it’s just plain easier with security and comfort. If it was a private plane, yea I have no problem with a full suit, but I’m always on commercial flights nowadays.

    12. Vicky Bevis says:

      OMG Don! You hit the nail on the head. We MIGHT fly to visit our youngest as it is a short hop, but other than visiting “rellies” for one last time in Australia next yr., ( & yes, it still is free, but losing ground every day like us.) I do NOT plan to fly anywhere for the rest of my retired life. I’m just “Flying beneath the radar.”

      1. uninformedLuddite says:

        Vicky I hate to tell you but it isn’t free here in AU. It is getting worse every day. Thankfully we still have a lot of men in this country (as opposed to metrosexual types) who wouldn;t allow petty functionaries to behave this way towards others.

    13. Echo says:

      It is fascinating to read the wisdom of a sage that can discern the depth of a man’s character from the cut of his britches. I offer a sincere apology on behalf of those of us not blessed by God as lavishly as you who are not up to your standards.

    14. Ty says:

      Well,this isn’t the 1950s anymore, bud. I completely disagree with you.
      Passengers should be able to wear as they please.
      Why on earth would anyone want to dress all fancy just to ride on an airplane?
      I mean… If anything, wouldn’t you want to be comfortable? Who wants to sit in a seat for 8- 12+ hours in a SUIT? No. I’ll take my jeans and hoodies. Thanks.

  4. diana says:

    Next time the Nail gun comes out!

    1. Mo says:

      I make my wife wear a burka. We fly through security.

  5. citizen says:

    Sounds like this attendant has a attiude problem. This woman should file a complaint and then sue.

    1. barker says:

      It does happen.. I personally experienced an American Airlines attendant who tried to bait me, but I had the good sense to back off.

      She was just licking her chops at the prospect. Yet I had followed every instruction from the flight crew, and she didn’t even know that, nor ask.

    2. Dave says:

      Most of them have attitudes. They’re a lot older than they used to be, also. I don’t about SW’s attendant’s, never dared.

    3. dano says:

      CBS goes on in the story to make it appear that she is a victim- I just don’y buy it. The police would not have held her if she showed signs of respect- most likely they would have warned her and sent her on her way.
      I have people watched for a long time…I have seen this type of person on many a flight. and in many other venues.
      She simply believed rules do not apply to her…

      I have used obscure laws to wreak havoc on opponents… having to miss work to attend a court date, sometimes is an effective deterrent… but since she continues in her blather, I fault the judge now for dismissing it.

      1. H Beale says:

        Maybe you would be more content if a lynch mob got together and executed her.

        It must be interesting to live in your lala land of moral superiority. I’m sure you NEVER do anything that “offends” your neighbors. It’s good to be you, right?

      2. uninformedLuddite says:

        You say with pride that yo have used obscure laws to wreak havok on opponents? You are what we would call her in AU a wanker. You must have a great life.

    4. Mark says:

      Maybe, or the young woman painting her nails is lying. I’m inclined to beleive the flight attendants. The young woman’s excuse about trying to paint her nails in an “enclosed” space in the bathroom on an airplane is stupid. It seems more plausible someone complained three rows away, the woman was told to stop, she then moved to the bathroom and continued.

      The actions of law enforcement was over the top. Good thing a decent judge heard the case.

  6. emily says:

    another shining example of why i will never fly southwest. and no, it’s not the flight attendant. these passengers have made southwest into walmart in the sky.

    REALLY? painting your nails in an environment with recycled air flow with that smell? GROSS. hope she learned her lesson. that’s so thoughtless and rude. i expect that smell at the nail salon, not on my flight.

    1. Dave says:

      Better than Body Odor. Ride a Greyhound in the summer!

  7. Wow says:

    I can’t believe people are so dense as to side with this passenger. Think about it, she is fouling the air with pungent chemicals from her nail-polish that NO ONE can escape from. What does that say about her???? Then, after being told, probably nicely to “stop being an incosiderate beeznatch.” She does what? She marches off the the restroom to continue her selfish activity….Then SHE gets mad the at the attendant for balling her out for NOT following directions and for the most part telling the attendant to *F* off by doing it any ways….

    And you numbnutz side with her? Are you freakin for real? Tell you what, next time we’re on a plane together, I’ll peel my cheeks apart and blow farts in your face ok? So when the attendant tells me to stop…You can side with me.

    1. Follow says:

      The charge came from her not following directions as a result of fouling the cabin…Then cussing the attendant when she was called on it…

      You’re the dumb f%Ck kind of person that flips off someone when they honk at you for cutting them off aren’t you? Yeah, we know the type.

    2. Livefreeordie says:

      Yeah, never mind the fluoride in your water, or the mercury in your “vaccines” but that dang nail polish.. Maybe we should outlaw for “the safety of the children!”. Bunch of sheep.. Enjoying your police state much? It’s only getting better everyday..

      1. cornczech says:

        plus two….right ON!!!

      2. rod says:

        -1 . just because one is bad does not mean all are OK

    3. Adam says:

      You ever been on a 737. growapair? There are two lavatories in the rear of the plane, near the galley and aft flight attendant jumpseat. That is where you will find flight attendants. They most likely didn’t “follow her to the restroom.”

      Also, the air onboard an airplane is recirculated throughout the whole aircraft. Even the pilots can smell the nail polish and acetone-based nail polish remover.

      Using chemicals like this on an airplane is completely unthinkable, antisocial behavior. The passenger might not have been aware of this the first time she was told, but she sure was the second time she uncapped the bottle of the polish.

      She is not to be defended in any way. She was wrong, she got caught, she was embarrassed, so she decided to make stink about it (again).

      The flight attendants were doing their job.

      1. .Mel says:

        It was Water based Nail Polish You Goof !!!

      2. Martha says:

        The article didn’t say what the chemical composition of the polish was, but most are chemical-based and not water-based. Since there was a complaint about the smell, I am lead to believe it was a chemical-based polish. If she was filling the air with chemical smells and refusing to comply with official requests to cease, then Daniels is at fault. Whether the flight attendant was a jerk or not isn’t the issue — there was a reasonable and lawful order for her to put the polish away and Daniels refused to comply. When you fill the fuselage of a plane in flight with chemical smells you will get a very negative reaction from the crew and fellow passengers, and be arrested after landing. This twit is lucky she wasn’t slammed to the ground and hogtied for the remainder of the flight.

      3. stercuilus65 says:

        Smartest post of the night!

      4. judester says:

        If the pilots can smell something from a toilet I feel for them.

      5. shaking my head says:

        while the passengers behaviour was no doubt poor – to be arrested is a bit much

      6. Ralph says:

        Polish is allowed to be taken on board, so settle down moron.

    4. Smack Dab says:

      Oh god, you are gross. Not the same at all. I think screaming children, babies and rude self important people are much worse.

      1. McSorley says:

        I would gladly stick the bottle up my nose if I don’t have to listen to the snobby SOB business man in his suit throwing a fit about why he can’t get a “double” with his free drink coupon.

    5. Laine Prickrel says:

      so much better than the SCREAMING baby I endured from Austin to Las Vegas last fall. This kid screamed non stop the entire trip…I was on the verge of a stroke.
      Stay at McDonalds or stay home, but don’t subject me to that torture.

      1. ExLibris says:

        Earplugs. Don’t leave the terminal without ’em. A couple sets of good earplugs is always on my list of travel accessories for just such conditions. They definitely help reduce or prevent the otherwise almost certain to appear throbbing headache.

    6. Sensibilly says:

      The farting bit aside, this is the most intelligent post on the page. Stupid self-entitled woman thinks that she has ANY right to paint her idiotic nails on an enclosed tube hurtling through the air? Smoker’s mentality: “I wanna do it, so I’m gonna.” They should’ve thrown her off the plane mid-flight. God, are people ever inconsiderate…

      1. Chris M says:


        I am astonished at the posts supporting the alleged lady painting nails in the closed environment! I demand AIR JUSTICE!

  8. Jacob Reilly says:

    Trailer park trash can be found everywhere.

  9. LaLaLa says:

    The lady all but admits she said “f&uK it I’m going to do what I want, so I’m more convinced it was HER that was the aggressor here. It’s not a matter of it being only 2 nails left to polish. COMPLY with the rules/show respect for your fellow passengers or drive to Houston next time.
    Once the police got involved this was no longer Southewest’s issue, however, we live in such a litigious society full of bogus lawsuits that I’m sure this prick will win a nice settlement for being obnoxious. Ugghhh

    1. Smack Dab says:

      COMPLY. Yes. That says it all. COMPLY. You must COMPLY. Sheep.

      1. stercuilus65 says:

        “you must COMPLY Sheep.”

        That’s what you tell all your dates?

        BTW You sound like a real DBag who loves to trample over other people’s rights. Good luck with that DBag.

      2. Mark says:

        In reality it’s the opposite, it’s becasue of rude/selfish people like this woman we get a lot of the draconian rules thrusted upon society. Had she simply appoligized for making the “stink” and put the finger paint away, this would have been a much different story. Instead she retreatd to the bathroom, “parsed” words saying she wasn’t explicitely told NOT to paint her nails and then hogged the bathroom as her own personal salon while a line formed waiting to use the facilities. I’t not about compliance, it’s about civility. Unfortuantly, you can’t legislate/regulate civilty which is what our government has tired to do.

        Now, the LEO’s actions were definatly over the top. thankfully a decent judge presided over the case.

  10. Sam Sindaha says:

    Now were detaining bimbos

    1. Mark says:

      Maybe we need a Bimbo test before one is allowed to fly.

  11. Jan says:

    I’ am glad she didn’t sit next to me applying polish. The smell is bad enough in an enclosed area but I would have been irate if she spilled polish on me. Another person that thinks only of themselves. She should have been fined.

    1. Robert Frost says:

      You sound pretty selfish yourself…

    2. ExLibris says:

      Some of the newer nail polish products have virtually NO smell, yet I’ve heard people complain about it from several meters away. In some cases people are simply reacting to what they EXPECT rather than the reality.

      Most perfumes in my opinion are far, FAR worse than even the worst of the organic solvent-based nail polish products.

      1. stercuilus65 says:

        Maybe your sense of smell has been destroyed by inhaling that toxin so much.

    3. Claire says:

      It says in the article she asked her seat mates if she could paint her nails. If you’d sat by her you could have said no. If you said yes and the smell got too bad you still could politely ask her not to continue.

      Ohhh, she should have been thrown out mid- flight, the beotch inconvenienced me! Is your life so coddled that 2 seconds of inconvenience is that big of a hardship? Jeeze.

  12. sycodon says:

    Probably a unionized Airtran employee. Southwest used to rock, then they bought Airtran and their unionized malcontents contaminated the whole organization.

    1. Dave says:

      That would explain it. Union employess are horrible! I worked with some and I almost begged the union prez. to take his attitude outside where I could adjust it for him, he just ran the other way.

  13. jwiz says:

    so if the nail polish is truly the issue, why stoop down to 5yr old levels and tell on her for saying a no-no word. awww poor babies

  14. Liver Lips says:

    How did she get the nail polish on the plane to begin with? you cannot even take a lighter or a bottle of water through the screening process. TSA should be held accountable.

  15. piece of work says:

    Look up aaaahole in the dictionary and theres a picture of Jeane Daniels.

  16. Al says:

    Southwest being the fashion police again . . too fat . . too much skin showing . . no same-sex kissing . . now no nail color. Who appointed Southwest God? And if you don’t obey, I’m calling the cops! I’ve seen flight attendants painting their nails in flight, so don’t tell me it’s against policy and/or illegal.

    First, if TSA let her board with it, it’s okay to possess and/or use in flight; end discussion. Second, what’s this flight attendant stalking the passanger to the bathroom thing all about? Finally, if “abusive and profane language” is a crime in Texas, then the law is unconstitutional on its face. I’m guessing it’s a state statute, which then makes me wonder if the cussing even took place in Texas air space. Otherwise, the locals would have no jurisdiction, which leads me to wonder why the locals and not the FBI handled this . . hopefully the FBI saw this for the stupid that it is.

    Southwest needs to be fined by the FAA, the flight attendant needs to be fired, people should boycott Southwest so that they understand that the are not the world’s policemen, and the woman should sue both Southwest and the State of Texas cops for a good chunk of change to teach them a lesson.

    1. Ace says:

      TSA lets you board with matches, too. Try using those on your next flight.
      Bottom line, it depends on the regulation of the individual airlines. Beyond that, it is common courtesy, or at least common sense. If the airline has a policy about it, they should have asked the passenger to relinquish the polish, without resulting in an argument. If she refused, let the airline and/or pilot handle it.

  17. Patrizio says:

    I wish I had been on Southwest when the pig seated next to me clipped his filthy nails and let then drop on the floor!

    1. Beebee says:

      That actually happened on a SW flight I was on on Sunday…this dude clipped his nails for literally 15 minutes, then brushed them all to the floor. Flight attendants nowhere to be found…

      1. flag says:

        well God forbid a Flight Attendant told him to stop doing that. It would have made the evening news.

  18. Scott says:

    The problem with today’s society is no delayed gratification.

  19. Robert Frost says:

    The broad was from LA.

    1. Zi says:

      Does it really matter.
      Its called basic common sense, This situation should of never gotten to this level of been detained for 10 hours.
      Is common sense a thing of the past?


  20. michael donoghue says:

    so they tried to press charges against somebody for doing her nails in the bathroom and arguing with some catty flight attendant and most people here approve. what the hell happened to you people

  21. H.P. Loveshaft says:

    What idiot wrote this headline? The woman was not detained for painting her nails. She was detained for her abusive and vulgar behavior.H

  22. PatD says:

    Anyone stupid enough to paint their nails in a closed environment and make everyone else on the plane suffer with the stench of her toe-nail polish deserves whatever she gets. That doesn’t mean the airline didn’t over-react, but I just don’t care when the victim of one unreasonable F*CK is another unreasonable F*CK.

    1. danny says:

      If you’d care to read the article again, and pay attention to the contents this time, she asked those around her if it would bother them and the said no.

      Maybe you should relook at who the “stupid” person is

  23. Locke says:

    Why would anyone fly unless they had no alternative, it’s like going to a supermax prison.

  24. Mr. Clusters says:

    So according to you, if she would have farted loudly….off with her head

    1. jimmy a Swansong says:

      If she let one rip, everyone within hearin range would just laugh; farting s a universal game and funny to boot, just look surprised and point to the fat girl next to you

    2. Linder says:

      People, people. Isn’t the real issue that she brought banned substances in her carry on?? It doesn’t matter if the other passengers were not disturbed. Those items should not have been in the cabin! Looks like she’s just another “the rules don’t apply to me” passenger.

    3. turninblue says:

      It’s not just rude, it does affect other people. I have asthma and one of the biggest triggers is the smell of nail polish. Someone painting their nails in a plane puts me in a severe situation that I have no means of escaping from.

  25. MrObstat says:

    The passenger got confused. The nasty chemicals in the polish have that effect on half the population, particularly in closed compartments such as airplanes.

    The flight attendant told her to “toe the mark” but she understood “mark the toe.”

  26. Houstonian says:

    I remember when southwest was a decent airline. It really has declined dramatically since 2001.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      They all have. Prior to 9/11 Frontier was the best of them all … new planes, great prices, fun and young stews, roomy and comfy seats, and better than usual food and drink, not to mention $5 live TV in front of every seat. Since 9/11 they’ve all but gone out of business. Truly sad.

  27. A 99%'er says:

    Semi illiteracy, how sad.

    1. bstar says:

      She was arrested in TX for profanity is what I believe they were commenting on. I don’t think that you can be arrested for saying dirty words in CA

    2. bob says:

      she was arrested for not following the instructions of the flight crew, not for profanity

    3. Rob in Houston says:

      bob, are you really that stupid? Did you even read the article above? it clearly states, and I quote “‘the charge of “abusive profane language.”” No where in the article does it even say anything close to or about not following instructions by anyone.

    4. SureSheWas says:

      Just another made up story linked to from the Drudge Report after the coup and cover up no one can speak about.

      So much of the news is made up, orchestrated, all after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media for domestic spying purposes. They also fear the truth leaking out and think you can’t handle it. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is only an illusion. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of scam as the last. Do you know who Sarah Palin really is? Do you know why she was planted in the last election? Or why she choose the death of Steve Jobs as a diversion to announce that she’s no running for office? Turns out she’s not in the race for the same reason as Herman Cain, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history before it disappears forever, much like me.

    5. CommonCents says:

      @Rob in Houston:

      Better read it again yourself… as the ‘charge’ was -reduced- TO profanity:

      A Houston Police spokesman says the officers interviewed the flight attendant and a witness, then called the District Attorney’s Office to ask if they would accept the charge of “abusive profane language.”

      They asked the DA if they would -accept- a lesser (i.e. misdemeanor) charge… otherwise, the passenger could have been facing FEDERAL charges.

      FYI, nail polish is a highly volatile (flammable) substance…

      GET IT?!

    6. YouMoron says:

      SureSheWas – You need to go adjust your tinfoil hat. I think it’s loose or out of calibration.

    7. academiamole says:


      “…nail polish is a highly flammable substance”

      So is alcohol

      Get it?

    8. Freeland Dave says:


      And if she had paid $7.00 for the bottle of nail polish there wouldn’t have been a problem. Get it?

  28. Some Guy says:

    Only if her name was Hussein or Mohammed could she have gotten away with it. The TSA and airlines don’t care about them

    1. Dave says:

      The Saudi Secret Service was in on 9/11, so they probably had a hand in creating TSA, also.

      1. WagTheDog says:

        Surely you meant to say the CIA and the Mossad … didn’t you?

  29. jimmy a Swansong says:

    you know how to stop this BS? Just quit flying; if the majority of travlers just quit flying for a month they even could dictate the TSA out of existance and the airlines would comply

    1. Dave says:

      i quit the day B. Hussein Obama was installed. Two weeks before illegal patdowns started. Hoping for a Change!

    2. Wayners says:

      Seems to me Odumbozotheclown would just nationalize a few or one airline that gave him political donations and that would then be the National Airline that you would be forced to fly, period. He doesn’t care if it loses 25 Billion a year…YOU pay for it.

    3. Don says:

      Good advice. I got stranded for 11 hours at Newark Airport a while back and the people at Continental / United were rude, abusive, and threatening. They know you can’t say anything. Imagine being thrown into jail in Newark

      I drive now whenever possible, but they’ll find some other use for the TSA.

  30. T. H. Edwards says:

    I always dress like an adult (slacks, coat, real shoes, etc…) and regularly get bumped to biz/1st class. Even if I don’t, I get better service than the flip-flop wearing crowd. What’s wrong with khakis and blazer OTW way to Cancun. The beach bums look like buffoons. Clothes make the man.

    1. Thurston Howell III says:

      Right you are , my good man! I say: it’s almost as if the plebes and commoners believe they have the right to look me in they eye when they address me these days. It’s all I can do not to call for the cabin boy and demand that I be accommodated more appropriately. . . In, say, ULTRA first class! If you want QUALITY men like Mr. Edwards and myself to patronize your little airline, then by God learn how to treat a man of my station Southwest! A throne! On top of the plane!

    2. McSorley says:

      Khakis and a blazer on the way to Cancun? That is laughable really.

  31. Tom R says:

    The TSA and the environment it has created after 9/11 has caused people to over react about small things. This is a good example. First of all, airline stewardesses are NOT TSA AGENTS!!!! And they DO NOT HAVE THE SAME POWER! Some low payed, irritating, low self esteem, stewardess decided to take it out on a customer for a TINY infraction leading to the passengers arrest causing other passengers emotional distress thinking it was a real emergency. This is ridiculous! The TSA needs to be defunded, disassembled, and DISBANDED!

    1. danny says:

      So do the tyrannical airline waitresses.

  32. jph000 says:

    I was stilling behind someone putting on fingernail polish (this was decades ago). I asked the flight attendant to have them stop. They were told to stop. I have asthma and it was very close to setting off an attack.

    With the security issues today, NOBODY should be using fingernail polish on an airplane. And then going into the bathroom to do it after being told to stop? How can people be defending her?

    She is just one more sell centered individual who thinks she can do anything she wants.

    It’s too bad they let her go, that sends the wrong message to others that might consider doing similar stunts.

    1. emily says:

      it’s totally true. i sat behind a woman a few years ago on a fight to england from los angeles who, the minute the plane left the ground started painting her nails. i almost vomited from the smell in the enclosed environment. not to mention, it doesn’t have anywhere to go with RECIRCULATED air. gross. inconsiderate. rude. selfish. what is wrong with people, defending this woman!

  33. mac says:

    A Southwest stewardess was miserable to me on a flight – I was seated at an exit row and my husband was seated with our son on the next row forward. The stewardess said I was a rotten mother for not sitting with our son… who was 12 at the time, no special needs, no behavioral issues.

    I moved so she gave the male passenger she was flirting with the exit row seat. I’d had knee surgery, was looking forward to a family vacation, and just wanted a little leg room.

    I was furious and but said nothing. The head stewardess came and asked if I’d like a drink or to discuss the “problem.” I told her I would say nothing while in the air, but would speak to customer service on the ground.

    Half an hour later the co-pilot or nav (or whatever) came out and asked if I was having a pleasant flight and if there was anything they could do.

    Again, I said I’d wait till I was on the ground… one word in the wrong direction and SWA has you locked up.

    This airline ENCOURAGES its flight attendants to be rude. They think it’s “quirky” and helps their brand. I filed a complaint.

    Fly any other airline if you can.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      The last time I flew Southwest (and it WAS the last time), I was last onto the plane and had to sit at the window in the last row with a 350# ghetto gal on the aisle (no room in the center seat as she overflowed into it) who stank so horribly that I was nauseous the whole flight. When I had to use the john, she didn’t (couldn’t?) get out of her seat, and you can imagine the contortions I had to go through, not to mention the proximity to that filthy odor. I don’t think this woman would have been allowed to fly on any other airline. Southwest is indeed the pigsty in the sky.

    2. Bueno says:

      I filed a complaint with Southwest over airline abuse at SFO, and they promised to investigate. The only response since then has been endless credit-card applications.

  34. Dorothy says:

    What insanity. I really don’t think I’ll ever fly again.

  35. DSAX says:

    It was not about the profane language, it was about the caustic liquid chemical. The information was not provided fully/accurately.

  36. ericdb says:

    We are going to be seeing situations like this more and more as people instinctively fight the ever increasing police state. Get used to it.

  37. Chief Willie says:

    Idiot !! She left Burbank heading for Texas. After 10 minutes, she went to the rest room to paint her nails. The plane was probably still climbing and not even heading for Texas yet. About 1300 miles from LA to Houston, if I remember and five or six flight hours time to get there. I feel so sad for you since you obviously flunked geography and basic math in school.

    1. Martha says:

      It’s three hours to Houston from either LA or San Diego. I fly SD to Houston regularly on Southwest and have never had a problem. The article doesn’t say if the smell of the polish was making someone sick, but if it was then Daniels shouldn’t have put the polish away. If someone on the flight was hypersensitive to the chemical smell, then it was a matter of keeping that passenger well and Daniels should have cooperated. Personally, I don’t understand the urgency in getting her nails polished. Yes, she wanted to look nice for her boyfriends but I don’t think he would have left her at the airport over an unfinished manicure. Something tells me there are more pieces to this puzzle. Bottom line is that everyone has to follow the instructions of the flight crew or they risk arrest when the plane lands. Duh.

    2. TW Lewis says:

      It does not matter what state the flight lands in, its FEDERAL AVIATION regulation not any state laws. The state of Texas and its state penal code have nothing to do with violations on airlines. In fact even in a hijacking the FBI has no jurisdiction until the plane is on the ground AND a door has been opened. Until the doorway is opened the aviation rules it still in flight status and under FAA jurisdiction.

    3. Pilot Bob says:

      Five or six hours?? Were you flying on a DC-3. Welcome to the jet age Chief as the flight now only takes three hours. Five hours will get you from LA to New York. Plenty of time to paint your nails

    4. RT says:

      Well, let’s see about the math. 1300 miles in six hours is about, what? Oh, maybe a little more than 200 mph. What sort of plane were you on?

    5. PilotJon says:

      lol @ thinking LA to NY is 5 hours

      what kind of plane do you fly, pilotbob? is it made by hasbro?

    6. Bruzer says:

      5 or 6 flight hours? When did you last fly? 1920? Try 3 to 3.5 hrs on a direct flight!

    7. Pilot Bob says:

      JBU672 just landed LAX to JFK 4 hours 27 minutes flight duration. So that would make it less than 5 hour Pilotjon. Gate to gate is no doubt longer but Chief Willie was talking flight time.

    8. Sgt Bilko says:

      I quote “The Customer in question was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight from LAS – HOU on Feb 26th.”
      Las is Las Vegas baby. No where near burbank.

    9. WagTheDog says:

      Not quite. She LIVES in Burbank, but the flight was from LAS VEGAS to Houston.

  38. traf yhcnuar says:

    I love to let leak a nasty fart on a flight like this. It reaks so bad but no one knows where it came from. Take THAT Southwest….

  39. Wm says:

    Stop flying! I have.

  40. John says:

    It’s a simple matter when flight attendants are belligerent to you. You keep quiet and smile. Then, when you get off the plane, you smile at them again and pleasantly say, “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.”

    Then you walk away.

  41. JJ says:

    HERE IS THE ANSWER! If you are found painting your nails on a plane you will be asked to stop. No questions asked. Typically your fellow passengers find this before the flight attendant does. It is likely that there are passengers onboard that are sensitive to the fumes or even a passenger that is pregnant and only wants the best for her new born. An aircraft is an enclosed compartment that is pressurized with recirculated dry air. The fumes could contain dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde or toluene and other fumes that are considered toxic. The entire flight crews responsiblity is for the safety of everyone on board. After all public…..Who is flying the aircraft….I wouldnt want my pilot even near anything that emits a fume. An aircraft is not the place to paint your nails ladies! Be considerate of others….

    1. emily says:

      thank you for explaining. unfortunately, i’m afraid no one wants to really think about the problem. they’re all hyped up about the so called “police state”. i’m just waiting to read the first comment about how this is somehow obama’s fault.

      1. 4 years too many says:

        Well, emily, it may surprise you to learn that even though I’m not afraid to admit that Obama is a stuttering clusterhump of a miserable failure, I also know he had nothing to do with this, and the idiotic passenger was 100% in the wrong.

      2. Dave says:

        Illegal Patdowns started 2 weeks after he did! The woman went to the restroom. People S**t in there, yet I never smelled that.

      3. Dave says:

        It’s a question of overreaction, ma’am. Yes, the pax was wrong to do it again. However, she tried to be considerate by finishing her nails up in the restroom. Had the FAs gone just a little bit farther the first time and explained the problem fully, there may not have been a second occurrence. If they followed her back to her seat and were yelling at her, THEY escalated the situation. They’re the supposed professionals.

    2. KEN says:


  42. Shelley says:

    Oh good lord….people can say whatever words they want to as long as they aren’t threatening harm. I can call a police officer a pig and I am in my right to do this. these flight attendants are becoming nazis.

  43. JJ says:

    I agree with Adam…

  44. OLJingoist says:

    It’s always Southwest who seems to be involved in having people arrested and refusing them service.. I won’t fly with them for this and many other moronic behavior.

  45. gas gas gas says:

    I always eat a can of beans and drink a six pack of Weinhard’s Green Ale the night before I fly because you never know what can happen. One time I was flying to SF and this gay black guy stopped me in the aisle and said I looked real nice. I lifted my leg slightly like a dog and let him have it. The gay and everyone around him were gagging for their life. Usually however I take a quiet approach and stealthily gas the fool elbowing for position over the armrest.

  46. Don says:

    I have roughly 19,000 hours as a flight passenger. I have never once experienced any problem related to my conduct or behavior.. I have been drunk (and behaved) on hundreds of flights in my drinking days. I don’t dress up trying to look like James Bond, I merely want to blend in and not appear like some anal-specific. These days, people will find trouble even when they don’t want it. At home I am a slob..for business I dress the part.

  47. Mike says:

    Sounds to me like another case of a stewardess who thinks she’s somebody important, getting her rocks off bossing around a customer. She was upset that she was painting her nails in the bathroom? Hey, I hear people do things that smell a lot worse in there…

  48. bob c says:

    9-11 happened because of stupid Airline crews and screeners!

  49. hey.Mel says:

    You know that how? Most of that stuff _is_ based on strong solvents like acetone.

    1. jewfromhell says:

      I love to sniff nail polish…

  50. aki009 says:

    Southwest Airlines. SHAME ON YOU. What type of control freaks do you have working for you? Why would there be a problem with painting nails in a lavatory? Will you next tell people not to talk? How about breathe? Doesn’t make your airline look good, and an apology should be forthcoming from the gestapo flight attendant and whoever supported that stance.

    As to those discussing air circulation in an aircraft, the natural smells generated in lavatories are not pumped back in the cabin for obvious reasons.

  51. hey.Mel says:

    Acetone is extremely flammable.
    TSA’s inconsistency… considering all the stuff they ban, nail-polish should definitely be on the list.
    Acetone can cause dizziness, and releasing it into a closed/recirculated environment like that _is_ dangerous.

  52. Darren says:

    Next time the ryhmes with RUNT will listen to the flight attendants. Nail polish reeks and should not be used in a metal tube recirculating air.

  53. Anyone But Southwest says:

    Southwest stinks, literally, their little bags of garlicky snacks make their planes reek of garlic. Their flights are cattle calls, their stewardesses appear to be loose women and typical agressive gays and are rejects from all other airlines. One redeye flight my company booked me on a couple of years ago left Denver with about five passengers on it and the seat i was sitting in was crawling with ticks. Yes, ticks. Crawling! When I notified the bimbo stewardess, she just told me to change seats. I did. That seat had ticks on it too. Where did the ticks come from? Probably from their headquarters in Phoenix. What a dump that is. They don’t clean their flying fleabag planes. Their flights are cheap and their employees are, too. Another time flying to Cleveland from Frisco, with a one hour layover in Phoenix, they kept all of us passengers in the terminal whilke they made announcement every 45 minutes that they were working to fix the plane EVERY 45 MINUTES FOR 8 HOURS so they woldn’t have to put us passengers up in a hotel per FAA regulations. Oh ya, stewardii doing their jobs? Not! Partying on with the flight crew is more like it, to my way of thinking. Fly Southwest at your peril.

  54. Dwight Mann says:

    I bet you the broad that was painting her nails was an Øbama supporter, a regular jock . . . lol

    1. icecream says:

      No, She was ignorant, frustrated and unthinking about others…Had to be a republican.

      1. McSorley says:

        No No No.. Clearly we let a 99%er do our nails for us the day before the flight.

      2. H Beale says:

        Oh yeah, because liberals never behave in an ignorant, frustrated, and unthinking manner.

        You liberals have the upper hand in moral superiority don’t you? I guess it won’t be long before you start forcing those who don’t agree with you to wear arm bands for ease in identification. That will be the next step in implementing your long awaited 4th Reich.

  55. B da Truth says:

    Get in line, take your damn shoes and belt off empty your pockets, don’t make jokes about bombs or Bin Laden, turn off your electronics when your told, and do as the damn flight crew instructs you to do and I don’t care if your Alec Baldwin, the Pope, Mpther Theresa or just some little twit paianting her nails.

  56. Ray McGraw says:

    This airline and the TSA should do really well together.Of course why would anyone want to fly an airline with one of the poorest safety records out there.

    1. Dave says:

      Um, yeah…How many hull losses have they had? How many fatalities per passenger mile?

  57. Edward says:

    I was once on an America West flight when a woman painted her nails. The flight attended went on the intercom and said nail polish is a no-no on the plane and not to do it. that ended it and nothing more happened

    1. McSorley says:

      Well yes a job professionally done. Of course that takes all the fun out of it for the flight attendant.

  58. Yeah it's me says:

    thats just bs on the part of Southwest staff. no excuse for that. if she had something that was prohibited, the TSA would have already seized the materials (of course after the customary cavity search and tazering)…

  59. GCA says:

    Nail polish stinks to high heaven and this young lady should not have exposed the other passengers to this toxic smell in the first place. He next air-headed move was to disregard the flight attendant by using the nail polish again, in the bathroom. Disrespect for authority, such as this young woman displayed, is becoming the downfall of our nation.

    1. Freedomcalls says:

      Absolutely right! A simple “Yes’m, Massa would have been appropriate.

  60. ghj says:

    Boycott Southwest. F them.

  61. Clutch Cargo says:

    Airline Captain here:
    I have to tell you all that we are inside a very confined space with minimal air exchange, and to have anyone on-board using chemicals or loud foo-foo water is very disturbing to many, many people. It may not be offensive to the person applying the polish or wearing the “toilette water” but those of us inside this pressurized aluminum tube have to cope, including yours truly!
    Also, you hear it all the time but believe me— this one is a no-kidding a safety issue.
    As far as what happened in the end with this passenger I will not comment on other to say, “can’t we all just get along?”
    Happy landings!

    1. Sgt Bilko says:

      Well said Clutch, everyone, please calm down and lets get along.

    2. Dave says:

      Do you remember when they smoked on planes? I once went from Dallas to Honolulu, 10 hrs. in a fog of cigarette smoke. People are just a bunch of babies anymore.

    3. WagTheDog says:

      Ha! I remember flying in the 60’s, and the stews always handed out a lot of cigarette mini-packs. Nobody ever complained about the smokey, foul air back then … probably because we were ALL smoking. This gal could have easily applied her nail polish in the lounge right after she got off the plane … she doesn’t sound like a nice lady.

      1. DONT FLY SOUTHWEST says:

        She was going to meet her boyfriend. She wanted to walk off the plane looking nice. You are not a woman and don’t have a clue – shutup!

      2. fedup in the air says:

        It is amazing how inconsistent these decisions are. I would much rather have the nail polish than smell some fat a** who brings on a salami and onion sandwich and eats it next to me.

  62. eramthgin says:

    OK there is enough stupid to go around on this one. Since when did it become against flight regulations to paint your fingernails in flight? Don’t recall that as part of the seatbelt, oxygen mask, and no smoking on board or in the lavatory. Maybe it is on the safety card in the seat back in front of you.

  63. buster says:

    This was clearly just a Catfight. nothing more. Rowrrrr!!

  64. malcom says:

    so putting someone in jail for this is a good use of tax dollars? You idiots keep flying, keep giving your money to be abused. how smart. And you parents who bring your children to be molested by the tsa agents are as guilty as the pedophiles that do it.

  65. Me says:

    “19 Signs That America Has Become a Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal”
    Watch the video.

  66. Polishifulike says:

    this country has gone to hell and we should wash it away with nail polish.

  67. adam says:

    Ok… so the charge was using “abusive profane language.” I fail to see how that constitutes a safety hazard. According to the report, the expletive happened as a result of the flight attendant who “was loud” and wouldn’t let it drop even AFTER the passenger went back to her seat. I agree with Rich SWA flight attendants need training on how to handle difficult passengers and diffuse situations. They’re exceptionally bad at it. So now I’m not free to drop the F bomb on a plane or say damn because I’m being embarrassed by the treatment I’m getting from a flight attendant and if I talk back the flight attendant might have me arrested? I fail to see how that has anything to do with passenger safety. As a former SWA flyer… do what I did; find a new airlines!

  68. I'm Rick James b&*$h says:

    Hey JJ, did you know that “cabin air” is the same as “turbine air”? What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that EVERYONE, passenger and crew alike, is breathing oil used to lubricate the engines. Google it! Damn, the internet is one hell of a drug!

  69. rod says:

    trashy woman, foul mouth, bad news

    1. Darren says:

      A real cu nt.

  70. Danedog says:

    For fux sake. A line from Jefferson Airplane pops in my head. When logic and proportion has fallen sloppy dead. …. God in heaven please save us one and all.

  71. Brodave says:

    Too bad they didn’t throw the dingbat in jail for a few days. Maybe that would help cure her stubborn stupidity. Reminds me of Lohan.

  72. Rodrigo Vladimir Chang says:

    Let’s cut to the chase here. Where, specifically, is the written regulation prohibiting nail polish use onboard? If there is one, her fault. If there’s not, SWA was wrong. Simple as that.

  73. JerryT says:

    Ok, I must be simple here….Why would painting ones nails be an issue?

    1. Darren says:

      Yes, you are simple. Perhaps you enhaled too many nail polich fumes you simpleton.

  74. Maya Ayala says:

    The woman’s “side” of the story is skewed according to other published reports.

    This woman was a “diva” who was angry when she wasn’t allowed to paint her toenails in the closed quarters of an airliner (even from the bathroom…causing congestion).

    She then went on an angry rant and verbally threatened those who told her why she couldn’t paint her toe nails on a plane.

    The woman was psycho.

    1. Danny says:

      You have no clue what happened. Stop talking like you were there. Liar.

  75. Steve V. says:

    Another typically scewed headline.

  76. Angie says:

    Within the past 25 years, females in the California area have become uncouth, loud, argumentative, and vulgar in both the way they dress in public and the way they speak in public. There is nothing paranoid and/or cuckoo about anyone who gets offended by the “F” word. Kudos to the airline employees and Houstan’s police for asserting their authority to jail this self-centered dame for her profane and disruptive behavior. The chemicals in nail polish could start a fire on the plane. Another thing, nail polish does not belong on the nails of very young children. I am seeing women treating their daughters under the age of 10 to a manicure and pedicure ( some of those women speak loudly and it is apparent that they are not ashamed that they’re collecting a welfare check so that means that you and I, the taxpayers, are picking up the tab for their indulging themselves and their kids to beauty treatments) !!.

  77. Iceman says:

    Remember this all goes back to 9/11. This is a link to a GREAT tribute video that commends both Obama and Bush for their valiant effort against terrorism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNd1U1-kMHQ

  78. CQ says:

    Is it just me, or is this the most poorly written article you have ever seen??? Misplaced modifiers (she went on the plan to see her boyfriend? He was on the PLANE?), misspelled words. The writer of this article should go back to 3rd grade and learn to write.

  79. Mike G says:

    Between the Gestapo TSA at the airports and the snotty unprofessional staff on the planes, you really have to be desperate or nutty to fly anymore.

  80. Clyde the Glde says:

    The airplane is not your freakin’ living room. Don’t kick your shoes off, put your feet up on the arm rest, polish your fingers or polish your toes. Sit in your seat, be respectful of everyone else around else around you, and you won’t have any problems. It’s mind boggling what people feel entitled to do on an airplane. 10 hours in jail? Good. I dont want to be the one sitting next to you, inhaling your nail polish fumes. Bet she won’t do that again. Lesson learned.

    1. McSorley says:

      Of course if it really was jail I would be pimping you out for cartons of cigarettes

  81. Kay says:

    This woman had no common sense and was inconsiderate of others. Nail polish has a very strong odor. Some people can have an asthma-like attack from the smell of the polish itself.. She may be a DIVA but she is no lady!

  82. Darren says:

    The biatch is a total cu nt. Nail polish reeks and should not be used in a metal tube where air is recirculated. She was told to stop, and the cu nt did not. Then she threw a tantrum when called out for violating the orders of the flight crew. What a cu nt!

  83. mini mean says:

    After reading comments on this article and many others, it is quite obvious that people everywhere from all walks of life just hate each other’s guts. Anyone with half a brain can see that it’s about time for sh$t will hit the fan, so to speak. War, Economic Collapse, Disease and Famine are coming soon to your city, neighborhood, school, livingroom, etc. It’s not the biblical end of times…it’s just that human beings are such conflicted, traumatized, dysfunctional creatures, you might say it’s genetic. Enjoy the ride, HATERS!!!

    1. shaking my head says:

      sounds like you are the hater

  84. dave says:

    this why i will not fly any more. if i can not drive i do not go
    an if they want to start put the TSA check points on the streets, i will be carrieing
    an do have my lic. so what will they do detain me
    Nov get Obuma out

  85. Barry Levy says:

    makes me question whether I want to fly on this airlines when a non-issue can escalate to arrest.

  86. Garr Obo says:

    Southwest Airlines is going down the tubes since they changed their Rapid Rewards program and they ran out of cheap fuel. I have one of their Chase credit cards which I will be cancelling as soon as I have enough air miles for another round trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Too bad. I had a good run with them for quite a few years but they have really f****d it up.

  87. WagTheDog says:

    C’mon, ladies! By now you should all know that ODORLESS nail enamel is available, and it’s a helluva lot less toxic than that poison you’ve been using. Go to the web and look for Honeybee Gardens Nail Enamel. Jeez! We airline passengers will love ya for it.

  88. Karl in Scottsdale says:

    I think these skank stewardesses are getting a little too big for their panties – and from what I’ve seen it is more than metaphorically true.

  89. Your daddy says:

    See this is what can happen when you give a stewardess/steward a little authority. It’s alway’s the stewardess who is having a bad day. Where was she when the guy next to me was eating a burrito from taco bell with extra onions. Southwest would be out of business if not for their Cattle car prices!

  90. Jedsil says:

    Would fly only upon the most dire necessiity. As The Dowager Countess of Grantham observed in an episode of Downton Abbey, “It never fails when you give people a little authority, they become drunk with power.”

  91. kittlylove says:

    Crazy, then why do they allow nail polish on your carry on,if you can’t use it on the plane? Their is other things to worry about than nail polish, besides she went to the restroom where it would not bother anybody.

  92. ivan barker says:

    You Dress Up people really need to get some confidence!

    Who cares what you wear…….as long as it is clean and you do not smell.

    I can tell you a lot of us jeans and T-shirts guys have 10x the money of you phony suit and tie losers trying to impress others you don’t know and probably never see again.

    I guess you are just trying to make yourselves feel better about the loser you are!

  93. Jethro says:

    Southwest Boarding Procedure
    After boarding the plane move immediately to your right.
    State your seat request in a loud, clear voice and move to your left.
    Do not to embellish on your request. No
    extraneous comments. No questions. No compliments.
    They are, “THE AIRLINE NAZIS!”

  94. Some Guy in Arizona says:

    Hmmmmm.. so this is a federal offense? No one has pointed out WHERE the offense took place. Could have been over four different states. But she was arrested by local police officers in Texas and released by a local judge in Texas. However, the Obama feds don’t want local police in Arizona questioning illegal invaders and are suing to stop them from enforcing the law. I think this is a good argument to use in the Supreme Court hearing, proving that the feds DO allow local police to enforce federal laws – if its something they agree with.

  95. Jim in HCMC says:

    I agree with WagTheDog. Applying polish on fingernails during a flight is simply thoughtless. First, a lot of people really don’t like the smell of nail polish (Reminds me of my ex-wife!) Secondly, unexpected turbulence could cause that nail polish to go flying – and may land on other passengers.

    Best to consider common courtesy while sitting next to strangers. Listen to music on your i-Pod. Read a book on your Kindle. Take a nap. Leave personal hygiene and grooming for the privacy of your home (Or the airplane restroom.)

  96. Danny says:

    The nazi flight “attendants” should be fired for harrassment. Flight attendants think they control the skies and therefore can control anyone flying. They are the TSA in skirts.

    The defendant should sue the cr@p out of the airline and the b!tch waitresses.

  97. ekz904 says:

    I applaud the flight attendents. The dipsh$t painting her nails, in a closed cylinder (airtplane) with recirculated air (open the window??) basically just exposed everyone onboard to a host of noxious chemicals. Read the bottle you moron…. “use in a well ventilated area”!!!

  98. TJP says:

    This was definitely an overreaction. However, the woman should not be allowed to paint her nails on an airplane either. It’s an enclosed space with minimal ventilation and the fumes from that stuff can get pretty strong. It’s a health hazard.

  99. tungncheek says:

    What about those old people who are always flatulent on airplanes? Why doesn’t the stewardess come by with a cork and tell them to shove in in their butt or they’ll get shoved into a cruiser when they land? After all, farts are way more obnoxious than nail polish…particularly ones that come from the bowels of the elderly. I mean, don’t we Amerikans deserve to be free from any and all irritating things other Amerikans do? Think about it.

  100. ChinaWildMan says:

    Petty power tripping airline gestapo!

  101. Mike says:

    Fortunately, flying is optional for me, and I opt not to do it. The airlines have become the new Greyhound with the added necessity of running a gauntlet of stupid, incompetent TSA fascists before and after you fly. To hell with them, all of them, airlines and TSA alike.

  102. Brian says:

    i say one thing sue for false imprisonment I complain about a flight control system that needed some attention to the flight attendant she complied by saying do you want to fly the plane I almost wanted to say yes granted that the problem was correced by the time we taxi out to the runway I for one is a a certified private pilot but these wantabees have no life ie the flight attendants under paid and have no life

  103. ETEE says:

    Just do as you are told, Sheeple, and the Homeland Gestapo might allow you to continue your pathetic lives generating Taxes to pay for their raises and Pensions.

  104. rog says:

    This country has reached its final destination……HELL!!

  105. Steve Hartman says:

    Southwest is now off my list of approved airlines. Good bye.

  106. GFJ says:

    How many consumer service employees would love to have the power to punish and arrest the customer? I think the Southwest attendant was acting out her frustration of the customer “not following HER orders”.

  107. Mike Merryman says:

    Beware the Flying Harpies!

  108. dixie says:

    anyone inconsiderate enough to groom herself with sickening smelling cosmetics meant to be used in a ventilated space and then to hog the lavoratory to complete her extended makeup application should be handcuffed to a back seat until landing and then seized by authorities.

    the air in an airplane is bad at best. what if all passengers were such jerks.

    thank you, southwest. i luv your airline.

  109. LanitaFambro says:

    Enclosed airtight tube. Recirculated air. VARNISH. I’d have been violently ill, no matter where she did it. it’s offensive, selfish, obnoxious, and just plain NOXIOUS. Some people have severe asthmatic or allergic reactions to this. Yes people used to smoke on planes, but perhaps those who would be bothered just didn’t fly, to avoid it. But who expects VARNISH? No matter where something happens on a plane, it can be smelled all over. Good for them. Don’t paint your freaking nails on a plane. Salon or home, please. (As if the boyfriend would notice or CARE)

    1. dixie says:

      thanks for the one sensible comment. acetone is highly allergenic to many of us. i avoid hair salons because of the effects of breathing nail polish on me. at least one can walk out of a salon if necessary. i feel so sorry for flight crews who put up with passengers such as this one day after day..

  110. Yo face says:

    The TSA must have a lead on explosive finger nails.

  111. Brigmaster says:

    between the TSA and the Airline personnel I can see no reason to fly and every reason to get rid of O-Bum-A’s thugs and sue the incompetent air crews

  112. ERIC says:

    The Southwest people even pay attention to what you do in the lavatory???

    Why doesn’t the CEO of Southwest just stand next to you when you pee into the toilet?? Cause that would make sense.

    What happened was that the crew people would just have you arrested and because they want that on your record as a retribution.

    And they don’t care because they have a whole f*cking Southwest airline standing behind them.

    The charge maybe dropped but the arrest will ALWAYS be on your record..

  113. JMeHere says:

    Well done. The small gf nail polish is nauseating. The beyotch had it coming.

  114. cb2000a says:

    The chemicals used in nail polish are flammable so it is obvious that the flight attendant was trying to avoid an explosion in the cabin of the aircraft…….or something like that…

  115. ClearyJ says:

    So flight attendants and Southwest Airline view their customers as jailed felons who have to follow “implied” rules. I don’t recall there being any written instructions that say you can’t paint your nails. This is such an over-reaction by SWA and its employees – this woman is owed an apology and maybe a refund.

    That said – who the heck paints there nails in a closed environment where people with allergies can be intensely affected. How is this any different from intentionally farting in a crowded elevator? A crime? No – but definitely not cool.

  116. stercuilus65 says:

    All this story does is present her side and even then she does not come particularly well. I’m sure there is more to the story but on the bright side it has given the peanut gallery to scream “they is takin all my rights and they aint gonna get away with it”!
    Funny how the people to always scream the loudest about their rights being violated are the first to trample over other people’s rights.

  117. The Sage Waitress says:

    We can only hope Anonymous finds out who these nosy-parker flight attendants are and ruins their credit for a while.

  118. David says:

    No one seems to have used any sense on this one. After 40 years in the airline biz, now retired, I have absolutely NO interest in boarding a plane to go anywhere. Situations like this and the total disrespect by the TSA have taken away my interest in flying completely. Good luck airlines!

  119. Ralloh says:

    I am sick to death of whining sniveling people in our country who think they are above the rules and can do whatever they please (drive on any road and you know what I mean). When on board a plane or ship, the captain and crew are god. There are good reasons for that. You follow what they say and do what they ask. If you can’t do that, don’t fly or go on a ship. If you act like a spoiled baby like this woman did, expect consequences.

  120. jose says:

    i like farting in airplanes cuz no one can tell where it came from 😀

  121. Julie says:

    My nose must not be working correctly. I don’t notice much of a smell at all from nail polish. Now, if we’re talking about nail polish remover, that is a whole different thing. People need to lighten up. I can think of at least 20 other things people do with great regularity on a flight that is more annoying and no one does anything about it. I think someone just got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

  122. Frank Marshal Davis says:

    Over 6 million views, have you seen it yet? Just 10 minutes long and covers a lot, but still doesn’t scratch the surface and needs updated
    Obama Admits He Is A Muslim
    http://www.youtube(insert the period)com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY

  123. jamadan says:

    The woman should never have even considered doing her nails on a flight – the enclosed space and recycled air would make that miserable on the other passengers.

    And she should have obeyed the attendant when told to stop.

    At the same time, South West treating this as a police matter is insane as well. They need to figure out a way to handle disruptive passengers without turning to Nazi tactics. Perhaps banning her from flights on SW for a year or forever.

  124. Robert G says:

    There should be a rule that any employee that gets the company bad press gets fired.

  125. chris says:

    Welcome to the USSA!

  126. Kaliwind says:

    I’ve been painting my nails for 45 years and I’ve never had a bottle of polish catch fire! What a crock. The passenger was correct to go to the bathroom to finish her nails. The air in the bathroom is sufficient to do away with any smells and does not enter the cabin. The flight attendant just wanted to give her grief and cause problems. I haven’t flown Southwest since I was waiting for a soft drink while the flight attendant was too busy flirting with one man to do her waitressing job. When I let her know that I and the iother passengers still waiting were not happy with her, she got really snarky about it. I was not rude, abusive nor did I use profane language. I just stated a fact and told her that her job was not to flirt for 15 minutes. I guess today I would have been arrested for insubordination to a flight attendant!

  127. judester says:

    Again and again it’s the use of power by some one and I for one have had a problem with abusive use of power. I once left my shaving kit on a seat in a plane and on the way out I realized I left it in the seat and was not allowed to return to my seat and it was lost. A lesson learned but again abusive use of power.

  128. Mike says:

    You wanted a police state America, you got one! This is the kind of thing that happens when a free people are all too eager to trade away a bit of liberty for the illusion of security.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  129. HangEmHigh says:

    SouthWest flight attendants are all fat niggars

  130. Donald says:

    And in other news: She was “legally” felt up by her federal government.

  131. Donald says:

    And in other news: She was legally “raped” by the federal government.

  132. michael says:

    jail is too much and the air marshall over reacted. However, how rude do you have to be to open up a bottle of fingernail paint in an inclosed space? She sounds like a very selfish person.

  133. ssgtnelson says:

    Yeah, we’re not becoming a Police State.

  134. Faxx Fantum says:

    it’s ok… As lonk as it’s the other person 🙂

  135. Roger says:

    Abuse of power… the woman in question inquired of those around her then when told some (perhaps) others around her didn’t care for the activity she went to the bathroom where ventilation exists. She made every effort to comply. I suppose that if she ‘hung up’ the bathroom for a lengthy period this might have been an issue but to have her arrested? The judge was correct in throwing the case out and the cop was (as so many seem to be becoming) overly zealous. Citizens are becoming less and less free, video cams everywhere, angry and power hungry behavior by authority and oppression by Big Sis and TSA… “with Freedom” is becoming less and less.

  136. john spurlock says:

    Have yoiu ever been stuck in some small, enclosed space, with some rude cow painting her nails?

    I would have chucked her out of the plane mid-flight!

  137. Tom Tucker says:

    Let’s face it…America has lost its collective mind. This is what three years of liberal politics and Anti-American rhetoric does to a nation. Ready for four more? Then vote Obama…we’ll all be in jail one way or another.

  138. Anonymous says:

    That nail stuff smells terrible. Doesn’t this woman have enough common sense to know there are another 200 people on the airplane that don’t want to smell this junk? I say kick off airplanes for life…for being so stupid.

  139. JCS says:

    Fire the employee. He/She forgot who is the customer. It is their job to serve the public. I’m sure it was upsetting for all customers.

  140. alice says:

    Every woman, no, every PERSON, on an airplane today, should calmly take out their little bottle of fingernail polish and begin to paint their nails.

    It’s all about CONTROL. Don’t LET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight back.

  141. shaking my head says:

    Woman painting nails = obnoxious. Flight attendants reaction = escalating. Cops arrest of passenger – absurd and scary. Since 9/11 america has turned more toward the police state – it started with BUSH and has increased with OBAMA. If the passenger in question was too obnoxious for Southwest then they should have just banned her from future flights.

  142. Bruiser says:

    Plenty of idiots here…Nail polish contains Acetone – a highly explosive chemical when mixed with the right amount of O2 could be detonated by the ventilation motors.

    Putting safety aside – there are rules to follow and some people just don’t get it (definition of stupid) that the aircrew’s authority overrides your rights. Don’t like it? Drive your car.

    The fact is – when I am flying, the last thing I need is some idiot refusing to listen (as if to test) to the aircrew no matter how stupid it seems. I have little patience for morons and will offer any help to any flight attendant so I know I’ll get home in one piece.
    Call me whatever name, but some of us have to be adult about flying in a pressurized aluminum tube at 500 mph @ 34,000 ft.

  143. Roach says:

    You ain’t nothing but a waitress in the sky.

  144. Jack thomsen says:

    II’ve noticed this attitude in flight attendants and gate people for years… they are becoming more authoritarian because they know they can get away with it.

    I had a tiff with a gate girl who wanted ID’s for my children! I looked at her like she was nuts… I was on a return flight from Tuscon to Colorado … I asked her… how the hell do you think I got here? … look at the ticket … they let them on without a pass port in Colorado!! She continued to give me trouble… so I called her immediate superior… when she was informed of her errror… I called her an idiot.

    When we boarded… the captain came back to my seat and told me I would not be flying that day. We were tossed off… our luggage was ripped open and all our christmas presents were torn open…

    ALL THAT for calling an idiot an idtiot. America West is out of business now … but the attitudes prevail… it’s an industry that knows they don’t have to take ANY back talk … because they have police state power.

    Not unlike in Russia as more and more STATE employees got power… they used and abused it. I hate the airlines…. their people are usually pigs …who hate their jobs… so they hate us too.

  145. Jack thomsen says:

    Chuey would send people to jail for rude behavior… some day we will all regret the atmosphere that created this hatred.

    Americans all hate and despise one another depending on class, color, job…

    ANd the idea that somebody should sit in a jail cell because some other private citizen in a high security job became angry at them…. wow

    This is a vicious downward cycle…. everybody wanting revenge on somebody else for behavior they deem – what? – rude? Rude is jailworthy?

    Things are not going to end well

  146. gw says:

    “the way she is discribed” what we know about her (according to this story) is:
    Shes from Burbank, Shes a women, and she appently has nails, and at least one finger. there is NO FURTHER discriptio. some posters just say whatever they want, with ZERO REGARD FOR THE FACTS. It’s no wonder we are in the mess we are in right now. People say, and believe whatever suits them at the moment. The truth can be assertained.

  147. Rose says:

    Seems like the Nazis at Southwest are all so stupid.

  148. Echo4Texas says:

    Chuey, the 10 hour time period strikes me as excessive but if had been 5 hours I am right there with you. If these paid protective officers could not sort this out in half the time we need to replace them with people who can.

  149. Jenna says:

    We all know Customer Service has gone to poop…It’s ludicrus to think you can be detained in jail for producing offensive odors and expletive uses of the english language (which is a First Ammendment Right )….thank goodness she didnt have an upste stomach and mess her pants letting the Sh word slip..That being said, it was horribly RUDE flier lady to subject everybody else in that flying tin can with recycled air to your smells of vanity…nail polish STINKS, and there are a fairly decent amount of folks out there who suffer genuine medical discomfort when exposed to the smells of it with no ventilation…such as migraines and extrinsic asthma. You should have painted them in the car after your boyfriend picked you up at your destination. Flier you should be ashamed of yourself…and attendant .keep up that kind of b*t<#y behavior and eventually you will find yourself crossing paths with someone who has had a terrible day, was just detained in naked scanners for 4 hours, given a box of crayons to finish thier proposal (because we all know ink pens could really be dangerous).., hit in the elbow with your sticky beverage cart, and then….stuck in the itsy bitsy bathroom with offensive odors after anothers expletive use of its wonderful facilities, and you may find yourself on the recieving end of an attitude adjustment instead of a discriptive language lesson from the vetinary medicine handbook.

  150. FusterCluck says:

    @ Linder – Banned substance? I think not. That said, this is one dumb and inconsiderate woman, on several different levels.

  151. John Fox says:

    I had a stupid woman get out her aroma therapy kit on a Southwest flight. After about ten minutes, I finally said something to her and she put it away. How inconsiderate of people to not realize that such odors go far beyond their own personal space. Fingernail polish odor probably filled half the plane.

    I sympathize with this lady, it sounds like the attendant was out of line. But she was a moron for doing it in the first place.

  152. Travis says:

    OK. No one made this “common sense” comment yet so I will. When the stewardess asks you to stop something, you simply comply, without arguing or insults. And you don’t go to the restroom to paint your nails while other passengers who may need to relieve themselves have to wait. Simple. Painting nails is something that can wait. It is just common sense and courtesy and respect for those who are in charge and responsible for the whole group to comply with the request.

    1. Jack thomsen says:

      or go to jail?

      you sound like military or government…. they are the goonies who got us here.

  153. Driller says:

    Wan’t there a Southwest captain describing what types work as flight “attendant”?

  154. Jim Dea says:

    10 hours for abusive and profane language? What did she say to the F/A

  155. RJ OGuillory says:

    No Linder!!

    The real issue was challenging the immature flight attendant….who could not handle the communications skills of her position…and acted petulantly to get even…..

    an abusive language charge?

    Welcome to Ameristan


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  156. DPBISME says:

    Silly woman,,, I doubt the ten (10) hours will knock any sense in to her head… what a dingbat… I have been in offices where a women would apply hand cream to her hands all day,,, stunk up the place someth’in terrible…. She thought it smelled nice and cared nothing about anyone else..

    1. Jack thomsen says:

      or go to jail?

      you people all sound like government TSA or pollice mentality

      milltary goon?

  157. Mike says:

    Useless TSA, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


  158. r charles says:

    obama wants to give our missles defence secrets to the russians,
    do you really want russia-> china to have our missle DFENCE secrets.

    NO VOTE4Obama! never evah.

  159. gw says:

    “People, people. Isn’t the real issue that she brought banned substances in her carry on?? It doesn’t matter if the other passengers were not disturbed. Those items should not have been in the cabin! Looks like she’s just another “the rules don’t apply to me” passenger.”
    If it was banned they would have taken it from her. Ergo it is NOT Banned. try and stick with the facts

  160. BJ says:

    Last time I checked there was no explicit right to paint one’s nails on an airplane. It’s an airplane, not a salon. If you don’t like the rules on the airplane, then don’t fly.

  161. happywanderer says:

    It doesn’t matter that her seatmates didn’t mind her painting her nails. Didn’t she think the fumes from the nail polish would be circulated throughout the plane, possibly causing breathing difficulties? She was extremely selfish and rude not only to paint her nails at her seat, but later to tie up the bathroom, all for the sake of her vanity.

  162. rufus levin says:

    Not sure how the TSA allowed her on the plain with a bottle of nail polish! But somehow the flight attendant DOES NOT SOUND LIKE NORMAL SOUTHWEST STAFF…usually they are the BEST. In my opinion, women that GROOM themselves in public instead of doing their makeup at HOME are pretty much simple tools with zero sensitivity for others and show their lack of discipline and class.

  163. joe says:

    If thats not Nazism I dont know what is…

  164. Javaman says:

    Give little people too much power and they’ll abuse it.

  165. Uncle Reggie says:

    The flight Nazis were obviously Obama voters.

  166. I'm with the flight crew says:

    I had a girl sitting next to me start painting her nails while we were on a flight to Germany. Sitting right in the middle of a row of 5 seats…trust me, there is no place for that smell to dissipate on a plane. It was really strong. I don’t think she even thought of the people around her. Flight attendant told her to stop & she did. Do your nails before you leave on your trip, girls.

  167. southwest@southwestairlines.com says:

    Every one has the belief this is a FREE Country…. so Pathetic South West Airlines….

  168. Jason says:

    i like how everything is a threat. This is the hallmark of a police state.

    JJ Fed (I work in security for Uncle Sam)

  169. emma says:

    Sorry, but as someone with migraines this woman was out of line using nail polish in an enclosed area. Who cares what the two people next to her thought, I’m sure you could smell it throughout the plane. And then she went into the restroom? A place where people have no choice but to go if they need to? And what a wise a** – “No, she didn’t TELL me I had to stop, just that people were bothered”. Maybe the stewardess could have handled it better but I side with the airlines.

  170. ralph says:

    Its because she is a hot looking woman. Go find a pic.
    I guarantee you thats what the problem was for the stewardess.

    1. 547684747 says:

      Years ago two female employees kept saying terrible things about a new hire who I had not yet met.

      After hearing them say bad things about the new hire, I had developed a pretty bad image of what she must be like.

      When I finally met the new hire, I found her to be smart and capable, so I wondered why those two female employees said such terrible things about her.

      Then I realized it was because the new hire was very good-looking, and the two female employees who trashed her were quite unattractive.

      There are a lot of things about women I still don’t understand. . .

  171. 547684747 says:

    Years ago I was at an airport where the airline gate attendant kept announcing that the departing flight would be delayed, but always in 15 minute increments.

    After an extended period, it became apparent that they knew the delay was going to be for hours, but they kept announcing the delay in 15 minute increments so that passengers would not switch to another airline/flight.

    I went up to the gate attendant and without raising my voice or using any abusive or profane language, but with a disgusted expression on my face, I asked her if that was why they were announcing it in 15 minute increments.

    I asked her how long the delay would really be so that I could decide whether to switch to another flight or airline.

    She was obviously harried and stressed out, and she told me that if I did not go back and sit down in the waiting area she would have me arrested.

    Again, I had not raised my voice or used abusive or profane language, although it was obvious to her that I was disgusted.

    The gate attendant was just having a bad day and that is why she threatened me with arrest if I did not go back and sit down in the waiting area.

    I will never forget that incident.

    I never fly unless I absolutely have to.

  172. Don says:

    Way to go Southwest Airlines & Houston PD!
    Glad to see you’re keeping us safe from all the threats out there.

    No wonder we’re becoming the laughing stock of the world.

  173. Oswald says:

    Good BY Southwest Airline
    I live in Atlanta (Southwest’ first flight from Atlanta last week)
    To Southwest: So long it’s been good to know you, hello, Delta, American, United, etc.

  174. maasanova says:

    As it turns out the movie Idiocracy was not about a nation of stupid people in the future.

  175. It's coming says:

    This is just another of what have become daily incidents and reminders that our “freedom” is paper thin, that people who hold any sort of government sanctioned authority, be it city, state or federal, can wield it at will. You, we, the private citizens, have very little recourse other than to submit and be complient. We are quickly becoming a police state, no different than any other police state…. check that….our police state is very powerful. If you can legally own a firearm, do so. This is not going to get any better. Finally, don’t let this tin horn, corrupt third world little socialist dictator obama fool you, it is his intention, the intention of his party, to deny your second amendment rights and take away your ability to protect yourselves from an increasing aggressive and dictatorial fedreal government.

  176. J. Moses Browning says:

    LET:S JUST SEE what a Texas jury says about Southwest’s obnoxious stewardess and whatever Southwest personnel complained to the police.

  177. www.twistedmuser.com says:

    Good for the airline! Its about time they did something about people who have no respect for those around them.

  178. ariel says:

    I haven’t flown since 9/11, and it’s NOT because I’m concerned for safety. I simply refuse to subject myself to unconstitutional searches, abuse, rudeness, and other nonsense (not to mention possible criminal/civil charges for idiotic situations).

    If the airline industry is concerned about their business they should look at themselves and the security theater we call the TSA.

  179. Brad says:

    She don’t wear no pants and she don’t wear no tie
    Always on the ball, she’s always on strike
    Struttin’ up the aisle, big deal, you get to fly
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky

    Paid my fare, don’t wanna complain
    You get to me, you’re always outta champagne
    Treat me like a bum, don’t wear no tie
    ’cause you ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky

    And the sign says, “Thank you very much for not smoking”
    My own sign says, “I’m sorry, I’m smokin'”
    Don’t treat me special, don’t kiss my ass
    Treat me like the way they treat ’em up in first class

    Sanitation expert and a maintenance engineer
    Garbage man, a janitor and you my dear
    A real union flight attendant, my oh my
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky
    You ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky



  181. texashorseman says:

    I stopped reading when the flight police said: ‘You just blatantly didn’t listen to my rules,’ HER RULES? Seems we have a problem here SW. The Airline sucks anyway. I am or was a customer not head of cattle.

  182. Springer Rider says:

    The flight Attendant’s name wasn’t Patti LaBelle, by any chance?

  183. Brian says:

    We made these flight attendant {glorified waitresses} queens after 9/11. Powers meant to protect us from another terrorist attack have turned into “you didn’t follow my rules about painting your nails”. And what are the police doing getting involved

  184. Leroy says:

    My guess is that we’re getting a somewhat slanted version of this story and that more will come out later. I’ve never met a Southwest stewardess or steward who would have acted like this and I’ve flown on Southwest many hundreds of times.

  185. Fritz says:

    Do the right thing – go to Southwest’s web page, find the ‘contact us’ link, and tell them directly that you are loathe to fly them if it involves getting 1) strip-searched by the TSA, 2) harassed by their staff. If you get convicted (or even indicted) for some BS like this, your life will get more difficult (many jobs involve flying; employers run background checks on people) and expensive (fighting it in court).

  186. Southerngal says:

    Customer service went out the window when customers became spoiled brats!

  187. Horice says:

    Real Good Reason to NOT fly SouthWest.

  188. Buck O'Fama says:

    Fly the unfriendly air nazi skies of America where you can be scanned for nude pics, groped, stripped, verbally abuse and jailed for questioning authority. Heil Der ObaMeinFuhrer, der reich is proceeding as planned.

  189. Linder says:

    People, people…I say again: Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover are BANNED items. They CANNOT be carried on a plane!! Security should have caught them before she boarded!!

  190. mac says:

    They should have made her go outside where there is fresh air and paint the rivets too…

  191. CommonSense says:

    I had some dingbat do this while I was on a southwest flight as well. The smell was horrible, and there is no where to get away from it. I asked if she was seriously doing that, and she stopped. Painting your nails is NOT something you do in an enclosed space with 2-300 other people around you…

  192. Ralph says:

    If nail polish is allowed on flights then the flight attendants should bug off. Would she yell at the passenger for excessive flatulence or for coughing germs all over us? That happens all the time on flights and no one gets arrested. That’s just how it is on coach flights. Flight attendants hand out peanuts and collect trash, not the smartest bunch.

  193. TR says:

    South-West Airline employees should be given very large zucchini massages to relieve the stress of terrorists lurking everywhere.

  194. Way Cup says:

    Because of TSA, petty power-trips are developing in low-wage employees. It will get worse. Americans are passively watching TC news, believing in the fairy tale of economic recovery and false flag terrorism (FBI provateured).

    1. Stacey says:

      I can only conclude that the people who don’t see what’s happening are unwilling to accept the truth or are to afraid to confront it.

      Actions such as this, first by TSA and now by flight crews, have less to do with security and irritation and more to do with control. It’s just another form of psychological warfare our government is imposing on the population.
      1. Desensitize the people to government intrusion – Monkey see monkey do.
      2. Principle of authority – People obey authority figures even if they object to the action.
      3. Lastly, Principle of commitment and consistency – An idea in word or action becomes part of a person self image.
      Source: Kevin Hayden –Truthistreason net
      Sovereign Man – Simon Black, Truth Contributor

      The truth is that our government is a lie, mainstream media is a lie, and our military leaders are a lie. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to have the courage to find out the truth. BlackListedNews has an array of other sources of information. Now try suggesting BlackListedNews on Yahoo or Google and see what happens.

  195. Rick Blaine says:

    Even during Soviet times, the Communists weren’t even this silly.

  196. Larry Croft says:

    Judging from more than 55 years of experiences with the public, I’m inclined to believe the attendants.

  197. J says:

    I would say that this is a one-sided story. Obviously they only interviewed the offender and not the flight attendant or other passengers (the ones who had to smell the stinking nail polish. This kind of reporting is just to get a reaction from the public and it works for enterainment, but no real value.

  198. Udo says:

    So passengers can not dispute or verbally correct a flight attendant? I don’t see an adequate explanation in the SWA statement anywhere describing passenger behavior that would support having police involved at all. Arguing with a flight attendant and calling them a name is NO reason for being arrested. And I’m curious if “abusive profane language” is actually a criminal charge in Texas or if the Houston PD officers were simply acting beyond their scope of authority. If so, those officers have no business being in a police uniform.

    1. Michelle says:

      It’s not.

  199. Smitty says:

    Now if they’d just take such an attitude about women or men who drench themselves in obnoxious perfume/cologne and expect everyone around them to inhale the fumes for hours.

  200. norton says:

    Quit flying period

  201. Joe Marquis says:

    Have you all figure it out yet? We now live in the land of the slave home of the coward. TSA another useless agency created solely to terrorize honest American citizens, just like DHS and every other alphabet combo three letters out there. Until you realize that everything you are being told has been a lie, you will never escape the matrix of the New World Order. What is happening now is completely against true American values and the Globalist love it. It is in there own writings that they must bring down the US of A by causing a total financial collapse, stripping our rights, and shredding our Constitution. They control our Media, Pentagon, Health, and the White House. Please wake up out of your comma and prepare for this is the final year we have before total collapse. Get out of the Stock Market as you will lose everything as the dollar will be devalued at minimum by 40% and hyper inflation is right around the corner…..

  202. shes an aaahole says:

    Nail polish stinks. If she tried that next to me shed get it all over her head. F#$k her.

  203. Martha says:

    Qwibqwib, I didn’t say I was disappointed that Daniels wasn’t slammed to the ground and hogtied. I said she is lucky it didn’t happen. Big difference.

    This story has had a few details added since it was first posted yesterday, but one glaring omission is any fellow passenger speaking up on her behalf. All that being said, there’s enough blame to go around here. The passenger in question was immature and uncooperative, and the flight attendant seems to have over-reacted.

  204. Sara says:

    So TSA are now flight attendants? JFC, nanny/police state much??????????? Boycott South West.

  205. bob says:

    Perhaps it is time to stop flying with this airline. They can use all thier new spare time learning how to properly deal with passenger issues.

  206. hunter says:

    I did fly only once American owned airline to Europe because of the price, but never again. Those old cow stewards are rude, fat, ugly and nasty. The whole atmosphere tense and suck. I rather pay more for German or France airlines with nice looking stewards and good comfort. After all no way I would put my feet even for free on any American airline.

  207. Aerojack7 says:

    We need to go back to the 60’s and 70’s in the way flight attendants are hired. I prefer youthful, energetic types compared to the dour and just plain annoying flight attendants of today. Flight attendants in the USA are the equivalant of Aeroflot during the cold war. Uncaring and treating passengers as cargo, not human beings.

    Having a lifelong career as a flight attendant is like having a career at McDonald’s flipping hamburgers. It is a stepping stone job, not a career.Get the annoying hags off the planes. Please!!

  208. Ted Rutherford says:

    “Hey, SouthWest, no more for me unless she’s apologized to”.

  209. stopthemorons says:

    The Southwest folks are as dumb as the dumb arses at the TSA.

  210. Don says:

    Withj the TSA violating my Constitutional rights by wanting to sexually grope me (now classified as rape by the FBI), and them wanting to irradiate me in their noin-safe radiation machines, or taking naked pictures of me, to flight attendants acting like these two did — are all reasons why I refuse to fly now.

    And for all the commenters who stated that this passenger got what she deserved — your ignorance of both the Coinstitution and your rights — are why I do not associate with anyone as ignorant as you have self-professed to be.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest for freedom–go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” — Samuel Adams

  211. xibil says:

    Many americans are lunatic.

  212. p says:

    Like the VERY GAY flight attendant who told me I was not SITTING IN MY SEAT right…..

    DOUCHBAGGERY pure and simple…..

  213. RM says:

    So it is in America that in most all areas of service we can expect – like many a police officers, or are they, LAW ENFORCEMENT[?] – about an average IQ of 98 and a complete willful ignorance of the Constitution. RM

  214. Michelle says:

    These sleazy idiot sky cafeteria workers (not even key waitresses anymore, because waitresses usually are nice for tips) like to bully actors and soldiers, Who the hell is some girl?

    Try Jet Blue, they have tv’s and you can ignore everything. The staff has never been anything but wonderful and they route I took was at the end of their 12 hour day and they were always the same pros.

  215. jennifer says:

    My family and I flew Southwest with a bunch of friends from BWI to St Louis Missouri this past weekend. I will NEVER fly that airline ever again. One of my friends got kicked off because he had one of our little friends sing sammy the seal song and after she was done we all clapped and cheered yeeeaa and the flight attendant came to him and said get your bag and come with me and later he was told he was kicked off for being disruptive. What a crock! I wanted to slap that woman!

  216. Miranda says:

    I will never use this airlines guys !!!!

  217. Goliath says:

    These flight attendants are glorified waitresses and waiters. They have LOW self-esteem so now they are “security officials”, with the same “Obey Me, I am God” routine.

  218. Bixch says:

    Aren’t you glad airlines and their attendants are forever vigilant against the scourge of society and have taken to accosting nail polishing vixens who insist on traumatizing us with their intentions of making their nails dainty? Keeping America safe and deprived off their civil liberties and civility will always ensure a mesmerizing flight….’


  219. hmmm says:

    First off, she was detained for her belligerant behavior, not painting her nails. Again wrong title for an article. Second, how did nail polish (a liquid) get through TSA? Third, nail polish is a STRONG smell, it isn’t just something that the people sitting right next to you will smell–it’s strong in a confined space.

  220. KCinMS says:

    Why didn’t she also brush her teeth, file her crusty heels and apply a little vinegar to the fish. Somethings should be done at home.

    That said, Americans, in particular, American women, have become way too enamored with themselves and the thought that they have achieved a little power for a few minutes.

    Show me someone that can go for two weeks without ingesting or excreting, and I will show you real power.

  221. stupid reporter says:

    Flight attentend is nothing more than a bartender or waitress in a plane. What do you expect from them? Most of them are ugly

  222. Archie1954 says:

    Southwest doesn’t have a clue how to run a smooth operation if a passenger can be treated like a terrorist for painting her nails. That is one airlines I won’t be flying.

  223. Roger Grey says:

    I am in the minority here, commenting as I will, but I will say this: in a crowded, environment with very little ventilation the thought of painting one’s nails is an indication that that person thinks she’s the center of the universe. She has an obligation to do as told on board an aircraft–she is not the boss. If she doesn’t like it that way, then she should drive her own car. The stewardess’ job is to protect the interests of the majority of people who do NOT want to smell acetylmethalene in the confines of an aircraft cabin. If any of you meatballs can’t wrap your brains around that then get in your silly Prius and drive there.

    I have flown all over the world for 50 years and I have never had any trouble with any stewardess whatsoever. I find them to be sweet, nice, helpful and very busy. It’s true, KAL, Asiana and Singapore AIrlines have beautiful stewardesses, but so do American and European airlines.

    Years ago my wife had an medical emergency on board a small American Airlines regional jet and the stewardess’ kindness and help above and beyond the call of duty was humbling to see. I wish I could remember her name–she was wonderful. God bless that woman.

    So let’s not let this story give people the wrong idea about stewardesses. Just be nice and they’ll be nice right back to you.

    1. Archie1954 says:

      Well and good but today people fly in fear having been sexually abused in the airport. They are now being abused on board also. Enough is enough! If the cabin attendant wants to throw her weight around let her work for the TSA.

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