PARAMOUNT (CBS) — Authorities say a man in his early 20s was fatally shot by a deputy in Paramount Tuesday morning.

The deputy-involved shooting happened at about 12:30 a.m. in the 16400 block of Paramount Boulevard, just north of Long Beach.

When deputies encountered the man in the street, he was waving his hands in the air, talking to himself, walking in circles, sitting down and standing. The deputies contacted him, thinking his erratic behavior might be caused by narcotics use, Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said.

As the deputies walked up to him, he sat down, but when the deputies were close enough, he jumped up, grabbed a deputy’s handgun and they struggled over it, Corina said. During the struggle, the deputy shot twice, hitting the man.

The man was shot in the chest area, taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The man’s name was withheld pending notification of his next of kin.

The deputy involved in the shooting was not injured. His name was not released.

The fatal shooting is being investigated by the sheriff’s Homicide and Internal Affairs Bureaus, as well as the LA County District Attorney’s office and the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review.

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Comments (9)
  1. alg says:

    Here we go again. What the hell is wrong with the police, and their procedures????
    Where is the TASER. We must demand that anyone WITHOUT A WEAPON, and I mean guns or knives be targeted with out using lethal force.
    One more thing: I DON’T BELIEVE FOR ONE MINUTE the story the police gave out.
    It doesn’t seem right.

    1. wakeup says:

      alg, you probably have algae growing in our brain. When a person makes a decision to suddenly grab a law enforcement officer’s gun they are subject themselves to serious injury or death because it is reasonable to believe that if they gain control of that weapon they will kii someone including, but not limited to, the officer himself. That being said, everytime a person acts erratic does not warrant the deployment of a taser or other non lethal force. Were you there? Did you see what happened/ Is it possible the person appeared to be calm and comliant one second then in suddenly grab an officers gun the next? Continue to live in a naive bubble and spray theories customized to your liberal agenda.

      1. alg says:

        So you are a cop right? Or you work in the conservative republican party. right?
        I am defenitely not liberal. I am so far on the right it would make you look liberal.
        I’m smart enough to know that we have technology that can impair someone acting erratically. I’m not talking tasers. It’s too bad the police forces don’t use them .
        By the way, when the story really comes out, you’ll find it much different than you thought. You are the one with limited vision. Too bad.
        After re-readingyour comment I realized that you wouldn’t give anyone acting strange a chance. Just shoot them immediately. I got it. I’m not that extreme.
        Every human life has value.
        When President Reagan closed all the mental instittutions, he let out many disturbed individuals. We need to reverse that foolish move. One of the few things Reagan did I didn’t like.

  2. juztees says:

    Your right. Their liars.

    1. School Teacher says:

      I’d like to laugh at your sarcasm but grammatical errors on TWO of your FOUR words? Come on, dude…

      1. alg says:

        school teacher – you didn’t fulfill your duty as a teacher.

        You should have grade, and CORRECTED his comment. Now that would have been nice.

        I do think he had a definite point of view however.

  3. Arthur Kinney says:

    Each and every time the first statements released by police departments in these situations are lies. In a couple of days the story will change to conform with the evidence and the investigation.

    1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      I heard that.

  4. mexicali says:

    it seems that LA cops are so trigger-happy these days! Use your tasers for mentally unstable people and use your guns for thiefs, crooks and gang members!

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