MURRIETA (CBS) — The wife of an immigration agent — killed after he allegedly shot his supervisor half a dozen times — believes her late husband was acting in self-defense.

Balbina Garcia spoke with CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Amanda Burden Saturday to, as she said, “clear my husband’s memory.”

It was her first interview following the office rampage Thursday evening. Officials said Ezequiel Garcia tried to kill his supervisor Kevin Kozak after Kozak gave Garcia a bad job review.

Perry Woo, another agent in the office, reportedly got into an intense struggle for the weapon and wrestled with Garcia for his firearm before fatally shooting him. Kozak, meanwhile, continues to recover in the hospital.

Mrs. Garcia thinks news reports and witness accounts are all wrong.

Of her husband, she says “he was a good man, a good husband. He was a good father. He never missed coming home.”

On the day of the shooting, she said the day was as routine as any other. “I talked to him around 4:30,” she recalls, “‘hey, how are you”‘ And he said he was just working. I told him we’re going to have barbecue ribs tonight and he said, ‘Alright.’ And that was it.”

A close friend of the Garcia’s also believes the self-defense theory. Says Albert Galindo, “Ziek was an excellent shot. If he wanted to kill Mr. Kozak, Mr. Kozak would not be here right now [or] in the hospital.”

He adds, “He must have felt his life was in danger. He did not want to kill Mr. Kozak. He shot him in non-vital organs. He just wanted to stop him from doing whatever was going to happen in that office.”

Burden asked Mrs. Garcia is her husband ever showed any signs of anger. She gave an emphatic “No…no.”

Mrs. Garcia acknowledges her husband wanted a transfer closer to Murrieta and away from the Long Beach office. But she doubts having his request denied would have caused him to turn violent.

She said, “He was a hard worker. He was working for immigration for 24 years.”

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  1. GoHome says:

    So, in other words: Kozak was going to shoot Garcia for being a bad worker?? And Woo was in on the conspiracy???

    Wow. I feel bad for Garcia’s wife and friends, but to make that kind of charge against two federal agents is so ridiculous and unjust.

    But I guess when you’re not held accountable for your words, you can say whatever you want with impunity.

    Oh, and if he really was such a good husband, why were they getting a divorce?

    1. Thomas Agee says:

      The person above should check out and they will find that Kevin Kozak was a real dirtbag supervisor and they were not at all surprised at what happened, and the agency has been plagued with scandle for years. Also to the above please note that Kevin Kozak is also divorced, although I wonder if his ex wife even bothered to visit him in the hospital. Since when are you so silly to believe two Federal Agents? Do you really think the Government doesn’t lie, and are they really held accountable? Sure it is probably true that the agent who was killed probably fired the gun, but that is about all that is true. Sounds like this Kozak guy is another Power Hungry Government Bully, and capable of making any normal person snap. When the Government Officials lie so much people have a tendency to lie right back at them. Certainly the US Government is pretty much corrupt these days like over in the Philipines.

      1. Ngoc Lam says:

        Well said!!!

      2. George Kingfish Stevens says:

        Or was Garcia just another “crazy Mexican” with anger issues (which they all seem to have)? See, idiota. Two can play your childish game.

    2. pinklipsRN says:

      Great points! BTW if he was such a great husband, why was he having an affair and lived with another married girl for several years? Don’t tell me their kids didn’t tell their mother when they stayed with the girl and the girl’s kids as one big Brady Bunch of a family for years? Good husband ei? Stupid stupid woman. Zeke told us that he is divorced when my cousin introduced him to us. And he was an FBI. hahaha. Zeke is out of control overweight bully who thought he was bad ass (tried so hard to look like an FBI with that long coat.

      1. juztees says:

        wow….all men are pigs at one point or another…Trust no man in long coats,and hat . Pig’s…still, it’s sad that it came to death.

  2. Robert S. says:

    And I beleive in the “Tooth fairey”! He was being alledgely talked to about job performance when he asked again for a “transfer”, and “Lost it” when he was told NO! So with poor “Impulse control, he got the RA’S and pulled his semi-auto and did what “Enraged” people do! He shot his boss, and “Payed for it “!

  3. matt says:

    The longer the ICE does not explain what happened…then you have to think something else was going on…..its real strange incident…

    1. Bill says:

      Did you just come out of a coma, Matt? It was explained after it happened.

      1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

        Believe that if you want…but there is definately a lot missing from the story….

  4. DR says:

    Somone above used the term “Federal Officers” as if they’re somehow more trustworthy then anyone else. These guys become more and more corrupt with every passing year…they truly believe they’re above the law and above everyone else. I would trust an average citizen before I would trust the word of someone in “law enforcement”.

    1. Bob says:

      But it isn’t just Federal Officers that feel that way.

      It is all officers.

      And my favorite part is when the police get to help write the laws as in Los Angeles.

    2. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:


    3. juztees says:

      true….also politicians and certain Activist can’t be trusted. Too many lies and double lifes…bad men.

  5. noshowbro says:

    kozak? garcia? sounds like a hate crime to me.

  6. Stella says:

    I don’t understand why news agencies report opinions from the family and neighbors as though it had news value. The fact is Kozak wasn’t armed and it was Garcia’s gun, along with many other pieces of actual evidence.. News reporting should be about facts, not the completely expected defense of the murderer by family. It’s bad reporting and gossipy and it isn’t news.

  7. Andy Brooks says:

    Shame on you CBS. Why bring a “Family Opinion” into the situation? How about reporting just the real facts? Naturally the family is going to say he didn’t do it or wasn’t at fault. Once again here is an example of CBS “creating drama” to create a story out of something that isn’t……Stop watching CBS and send them a message to report facts, not opinion!

    1. Anita Mohler says:

      Hey Andy B.,family matters and how do know that the facts are correct,”the real facts” as u put it; remember that every s”story” has two sides, especially when it comes to law enforcement in any domain.It’s for sure that ,unless u were in that room,which u were not ,then every news station is entitled to report the news .

  8. AG says:

    If Agent Kozak believed that Zeke was performing poorly, why not allow him to transfer out and be rid of him?????

    Zeke was the most HONEST and INCORRUPTIBLE man I have ever known, always insuring he followed the law to the fullest and insuring his actions even OFF duty could not be mistakenly misinterpreted.

    For those of you that believe that Zekes intentions were to kill Agent Kozak, all you need to do is research his past dept. qualifying scores, just this week shooting and scoring 249 out of a possible 250 and you would realize that Zeke would not miss if his intentions were to fatally injure Mr. Kozak.

    Zeke was a well trained agent and had mentioned to me in the past in one of our many conversations throughout our friendship, that if you wish to stop/disarm an assailant without taking their life was to aim and shoot the limbs and/or NON-VITAL areas of the body, exactly where Mr. Kozak was shot, a coincidence I don’t think so.

    I pray that a full and HONEST investigation of what lead to this very devastating incident for all involved be conducted and Zeke’s memory be cleared.

    1. Bill says:

      That was some “story”, AG. Now…go watch another episode of NCIS.

    2. carl says:

      ok lets look at what you just said and what the widow says that it was SELF DEFENCE i do not see that as possible
      1) if it is self defence to shoot someone then that implys they were in someway trying to kill you. NO LIKELY since kozak from what i have heard WAS UN ARMED
      2) if Kozak was armed and your friend shot him in the legs and arms then your friend was not to bright!! why would you shot someone in the arms or legs or less then lethal places if they are indeed trying to kill you??
      3) you say your friend told you may times that he was trained to shoot people if the legs to stop them?? i have 8 diffrent family members in various law enforcement jobs from city police on up to one in a fed dept and NON were EVER told to shoot someone in the legs they ALL were trained to shot to kill. that you do not point your weapon at or fire of something that you do not intend to DESTROY.
      so maybe your friend was nice to you and all that but CLEARLY he was not so nice on the job and clearly not as good a shot on a live target as he was on a paper one

      1. AGS says:

        Bill, your an idiot!! For lack of a better word. AG did not watch an episode of NCIS! He spoke the facts, of whom Zeke was.

        Zeke was a fair and levelheaded agent and would never do what ICE and the media claims he did. Only God and Kozak know what trully happened in That office. Unfortunately Zeke can not tell his side of the story to clear his name.

        For all the people posting messages, please remember that there are two young boys that lost thier dad and are mourning his death. Be conscious of your words when referring to thier father Zeke. Unless you were there and witnessed what happened, you have no right to judge.

        AG thank you for your comment and True FACTS of Zeke’s character. You have known him for over 20 yrs and know who Zeke really was, and not what ICE and the media depict him to be.


      2. AGS says:

        Unless you were there and witnessed the incident shut the F@&$ up.


    3. George Kingfish Stevens says:

      Send your problem to someone else??? Typical American PC attitude. When you carry a gun behind ME, you idiot, you’d better be able to “cut it” or get the hell out.
      Obviously YOU have never been in the military or law enforcement. Just another Paint Ball Commando, running his mouth.

    4. MR says:

      AG, thank you for defending Zeke! I’m an old friend of his, and I agree with you. He was very honest, an excellent marksman, and was never violent. I never knew anything about Kozak, but when I heard about what happened, I thought he must be a real jerk. At the same time, how could Kozak have posed such a physical threat to Zeke that he would respond by shooting him? I have so many questions, and I might never know the real answers.

    5. Sig says:

      regardless of how anyone shoots on a qual, Kozak was most likely siting down during their meeting, as most meetings are, I’m also willing to bet that that your friend Zeke didn’t take the time to draw and put both hands on the weapon or take a shooting stance, as anyone who shoots regularly knows your stance is a lot of your accuracy. Just stating the facts of shooting and not trying to start an internet war.

  9. Brian says:


  10. Raymond says:

    We continue to need more Officers such as these hero’s.Thankyou

  11. Al Smith says:

    if he was white, black, Japanese, English, Russian, would you say the same thing

    1. Darth Varder says:

      Al…why bring RACE into this ??? This simply was “An Agent that went OUT OF CONTROL” Why is it that people like you have to reach out and throw in the “RACE CARD” ??? Oh…I forgot…this is called IGNORANCE ( Lack of common SENSE & KNOWLEDGE) !

  12. philipe says:

    kozak looks like a heart-less supervisor. What comes around goes around. RIP Ezequiel Garcia.

  13. steve says:

    typical mexican way of thinking , the unarmed guy made me shoot him because he said I couldn’t have my way , CBS should try interviewing Americans instead of trying to win the majority viewer in Los Angeles (illegal aliens )

  14. Doug says:

    To Al Smith

    No because only Hispanics are hot headed and macho. I do agree with Steve 100 %. Now where is Gloria Allred ?

  15. Hunnie Gunnie says:

    And WHITNEY Houston was NOT a drug addict but such a ANGEL !!! Amazed how we can make ourself believe the TRUTH is not true…The man did the Im 40 – 50 thing … FALLING DOWN…No one ever sees it coming…JUST BOOM !!! All officers involved are trained for years to not hit the BIG RED barn but it happens when nerves pop in …hang in KOZ

    1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      Man what????

  16. Anon says:

    Did the Garcias re-marry? The Riverside court records (these are available to the public) say their marriage was terminated as to status in March 2010. In other words, they’re divorced.

  17. Las Ice says:

    Since when is the special agent in charge not armed with his service weapon? How come nobody is asking where his weapon was at the time of the shooting? Did he leave atl home? If so, why? Did he leave it in his car? If so, why? Did he have it in his desk drawer in front of him? If so, then he wasn’t “unarmed.”

    If Zeke wanted to kill an unarmed man, you don’t shoot him 6 times in the manner that has been reported. You shoot six times when the other guy has a gun too.

    So where was Kozak’s gun?

    1. AG says:

      Thank you Las Ice.

      All agents are always armed while ON duty and every person I know in law enforcement both in local and federal agencies are for the most part armed off duty as well.

      Please note that I also have numerous relatives and friends in law enforcement federal and local.

      1. carl says:

        not always AG the SAIC is an admin job not always a field job he would be equal the the chief of police who in my exp on the job SELDOM leaves the office and thus 99% of the time has his weapon in a desk drawer.

  18. GROWAPAIR \\// says:

    the feds are corrupt. the ATF gun sting : Fast and Furious operation is a great example of this.this story is real sketchy

    1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      Doesnt mean they are all corrupt mikey……

  19. Karen says:

    I have never shot a supervisor over a bad review. There is simply no justification for shooting a supervisor. I feel sorry for his wife. She didn’t do a thing and her husband is dead. Unfortunately Mrs. Garcia, your husband shot his supervisor numerous times. He was shot in return. I am simply speechless over your and your husband’s friend’s comments. The friend’s comments are simply outrageous. If Garcia wanted Kozak dead, he’d be dead. Where is that mentality coming from? This is not the barrio or the projects. This is the United States of America and we don’t shoot people if we don’t like what they say – unless we plan on dying or going to jail.

    1. Christine says:

      Garica’s ex-wife & his friends comments are “Uneducated and Totally Ridiculous !” This is what you call…GHETTO MENTALITY !!!

      Great job Karen for pointing this out ! Lucky we had Agent Perry Woo that risked his life to save his Boss that was close to death…

  20. Peanut says:


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