BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — Whitney Houston’s daughter Sunday was rushed to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center for an undisclosed medical emergency.

Officials with the the Beverly Hills Fire Department confirmed to CBS2 that about 10:20 a.m. they responded to the Beverly Hilton Hotel on a medical call involving Bobbi Kristina Brown.

CBS2/KCAL9 was on scene and captured video of paramedics loading the teen into an ambulance.

The teen has since been released from the hospital, according to the Associated Press.

At the time, Brown was with three young men who were clearly distraught, CBS2’s Joy Benedict reported. The men rushed to their car to follow the ambulance.

Police told Benedict that that the teen is expected to be OK.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is Houston’s daughter by ex-husband Bobby Brown.

CNN reported Sunday that Bobby Brown was canceling an appearance with his group New Edition in Nashville and flying to Los Angeles to be with his daughter.

Comments (17)
  1. BoPop says:

    Another drama queen.

    1. Paula Hodge says:

      Her MOTHER died BoPop!!!!

      1. Chris says:

        So her daughter will be next!!??? and it’s all about the drugs they take! They inspire us then they take from us with the drugs they take! B…S…..!!!

  2. Pauline Belleville says:

    And then five hours later her mother’s body is found in her hotel room? What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. Paula Hodge says:

      Pauline, that picture was taken in 2011 not 2012. God bless them all.

  3. Aries Post says:

    I think Bobby Brown has to pay for being her enabler

    Good articles on

  4. can says:

    Why didn’t Bobby Brown immediately leave to be with his daughter rather than be in the concert last night? At least he’s on his way to be with her now.


    Did she died from drowning? Rumors circulated she died from drowning in the bathtub. Murder?

    Her boyfriend RayJay giving her some Michael Jackson drugs??

  6. Steve says:

    To be honest, I will not waste a prayer on Whitney Houston. She grew up with opportunity that many of us would have loved to possess. She had spiritual guidance, a loving daughter, and millions of dollars that guaranteed security for life. She had priviledge more than anything else. But what does she do; she throws it all away for drugs. I wish I would have had her talent, I certainly would not have smoked, snorked and abuse toxic waste to fuel an addiction. Her drug problem was more important than her daughter, her mother and her longevity on this earth. She is solely responsible for her demise and I will not enable her. I do feel sorry and send my prayers to her family who she repeatedly embarressed. She embarressed the industry and truly show her true colors. I always thought that she was a strong-minded woman, but her death has showed me otherwise. I have made mistakes in my life, but I would never repeatedly put drugs in my system over and over again which she did. I have read many comments from folks who are saddened by her death, but the real saddnest eludes everyone. People should feel saddened by the fact that WH didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything, but her drugs.

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