WESTWOOD (CBS) — SWAT officers arrested a suspect who ran onto the roof of a Westwood home after a short vehicle pursuit Thursday.

Police said they received a call shortly after 7:50 a.m. about a possible stolen Toyota Camry.

After running the license plate, police attempted to pull over the driver. He then led officers on a short pursuit that ended along the 800 block of Malcolm Avenue in Westwood about one block east of UCLA.

Police surrounded the house and tried to coax the man down, but he refused, bouncing along the rooftop and even occasionally jumping from home-to-

A SWAT team and crisis negotiators responded to the scene, but the man remained on the roof. LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh said the man threatened officers.

Shortly after 1 p.m., police fired a volley of bean-bag projectiles at the suspect, and he immediately raised his hands and scrambled toward a ramp that the SWAT team had extended to the roof. He dropped face-down on the roof and was quickly swarmed by officers who searched him for weapons and handcuffed him.

The man’s name was not immediately released.

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Comments (17)
  1. Danone says:

    Has the auto thief in Westwood been captured. What does “the chase ended ” mean? One of these is our daughter’s home!

    1. heather says:

      Danone- as of 9:42 KTLA is still showing him on the roof of the homes. Jumping back and forth between two houses.

    2. Chuck Moshontz says:

      One car thief on a rooftop is enough to trigger multiple helicopters hovering overhead for hours, disrupting the lives of thousands and thousands of citizens? Your helicopters have become the problem, not some schmuck who is contained and whose arrest is inevitable.

    3. Alpha Delta says:

      Where are the snipers at when you need them.

  2. The New Cholo says:

    Just wanted to point out that the way this thug is dressed, thats the new gang member look. Somewhere between thug hip hop, rocker skater and mixed in with cholo.

    So, if you ever see anyone in the same sort of look, be weary and keep a distance, they are trouble, its for your own good. Or keep a close eye on what they are doing out in society.

    Let the police deal with them.

    1. Sar Castic says:

      yes please BEWARE of anyone wearing typical hoodies and shorts, with SHOES. This person is giving you sound advice, take it or you will all be taken hostage in rooftops!

      1. Manda says:

        Seriously! Lmao at this, oh noooo! He has clothes on! Hes in a gang! Ahhhh!

  3. Buford Justice says:

    A water cannon would work well about now; give him a bath, then put him up in the Concrete Hotel.

  4. BieberBopper says:

    Looks like an Occupy Rooftop fool.

    1. icecream says:

      Now he is an Occupy Jail fool !

  5. El Crudo says:

    Oh… no wonder they’re letting him get down peacefully.. HE’S WHITE!

    1. bounce says:

      You must have missed this part:

      “Shortly after 1 p.m., police fired a volley of bean-bag projectiles at the suspect, and he immediately raised his hands”

      1. Me says:

        Thank you, this isnt a race issue, way to try and make it one, El Crudo.

  6. Jeff says:

    Light the house on fire and he will come down. Not to mention he will also get a hot foot.

  7. GR0APAIR says:

    Well people, another post from the limp d!ck aS$breath I mentioned. Anyone ever understand what the puS$y dumbf** k d!cklicker posts? At least the sh!t -for-brains lists some of the screen names it uses to let everyone know it’s the puS$y dumbf**k.

  8. 1stman says:


    Your a white rapist anchor baby!!!

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