SAN FERNANDO (CBS) — The mayor of San Fernando still had a job on Tuesday after a city council effort to remove him failed to pass in the wake of a recent sex scandal.

A vote to unseat Mayor Mario Hernandez held late Monday night ended in a tie despite dozens of angry residents packing the City Council chambers and calling for the mayor to step down.

Hernandez publicly admitted to an affair with council member Maribel De La Torre at a meeting in November. He also faces allegations of a cover-up over an investigation that a San Fernando police officer was having an affair with another councilwoman.

Several residents who attended the meeting Monday were very vocal about their opposition to the mayor keeping his job.

“I’m going to tell you something, Hernandez….get your stuff and resign!” said one man.

“You know the trouble with you people? You have got no shame,” said another resident.

Councilwoman Sylvia Ballin had initially proposed the motion to censure Mayor Hernandez and call for his resignation. Hernandez subsequently introduced a motion for the council to censure Ballin.

Comments (5)
  1. william wallace says:

    Those that having turned their hate malice upon MARIO as
    upon other council members / should get on their knees an
    pray for the Almighty’s forgivness / as write unto MARIO as
    others they having offended /// and again ask for forgivness.

    The personal relationships of individuals is not for the public
    to approve // unless such be of an criminal nature // in such
    present dispute // no crime was committed but that being of
    ill minded people / in not minding their own business having
    turned their malice / hate / upon others whom did no wrong.

  2. ryan says:

    shutup william wallace. if mario was doing a good job people would have forgiven him about boning his fellow councilwoman. its not totaly about that he is simply incompetant. you need to get off your knees .. and back away from mario

    1. william wallace says:

      RYAN / that’s a most unfair comment unto me
      as unto MARIO / as to other council members
      whom having committed no wrong / however…
      your within your rights in an freedom of opinion.

  3. Max Panyagua says:

    Ryan, I was at a super bowl game on Sunday with people who actually know these two and they were a topic of discussion. there is a lot of sympathy for what they are enduring. I guess many people knew that Mario had separated from his wife months before he started dating his colleague. They were both single and consenting adults in a private relationship. they have not broken any laws legal or moral. the media and its advertisers just loves to twist society up with sex because it sells. the media should report the facts not fiction

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