LOS ANGELES (CBS) — California Attorney General Kamala Harris says Sirhan Sirhan should not win his latest appeal for freedom.

Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of assassinating presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

Last year, Sirhan’s attorney appealed a judge’s decision to deny parole, claiming evidence had been switched in his trial and new forensic details could exonerate him.

However, Harris says Sirhan has not proved his innocence.

So far, all of his appeals have been denied.

Comments (9)
  1. Jim Gates says:

    this guy tried to kill the president of the united states he should rot in jail why should he ever see the outside world appeal should be denied.

    1. Wobbles says:

      Robert Kennedy was not the president of the United States. Might want to go spend some time with a history book.

      1. Frank says:

        The problem has always been allowing those foreigners into our country.

    2. joe mama says:

      @Frank, your country? white people came from England into some one else’s country like Mexico and the Indians, go back to skool.

      1. Wobbles says:

        Go back to “skool”? Looks like maybe you need to take your own advice…….

  2. Chuey says:

    Sirhan Bishara Sirhan is Jordanian, and would be welcomed as a hero today in his native country. He killed Bobby Kennedy as a protest against Israel, in what might have been THE first act of terroriwm in this once proud country. He was sentenced to die in the gas chamber…remember that.

  3. Corrections Officer says:

    Wobbles: It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that Jim trying to say that Sirhan Sirhan shot the man who probably would have been the next president. A polite correction would have been nicer. Not to say I’m surprised by your comment, because there aren’t too many nice people on these website comment pages. Note the comment below yours.

  4. CAB says:

    On one hand, this should not be even remotely considered. A life sentence is a life life sentence…..period.

    One the other hand, let the SOB walk. He won’t get 10 feet outside the wall…..save us taxpayers some money.

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