INGLEWOOD (CBS) — First Lady Michelle Obama is pushing for fresh, healthy food in one of Southern California’s most impoverished neighborhoods. She spoke at the future site of a Northgate Gonzales Market in Inglewood Wednesday morning.

The California FreshWorks Fund, a public-private financing fund that has raised $264 million to invest, has committed $20 million in financing to Northgate for its first three projects.  The fund is part of a nationwide commitment announced July 20 involving retailers, foundations and small businesses.

“This is what it’s all about,” Obama said. “It’s a story about bringing fresh, healthy, affordable food into communities that need it most. It’s a story about creating jobs, about revitalizing neighborhoods.”

She said the effort isn’t just about stores selling healthy food, but “they also promote healthy lifestyles by helping their customers make the decisions that are right for their families… And that’s more than just owning a store. That’s being a responsible member of the community,” she said. “That’s like being family.”

Obama is scheduled to conclude her visit by speaking at a Women for Obama luncheon at a home in Hancock Park benefiting the Obama Victory Fund. Tickets begin at $1,000, and about 300 people are expected to attend, a campaign official said.

Obama brought food from the White House kitchen garden to an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Tuesday, encouraging him to eat an apple “because I heard you haven’t had an apple in a decade.” She suggested Leno
dip the apple in some “White House honey” because “it will help it go down just a little easier.”

Leno jokingly replied, “White House honey? That sounds bad,” drawing laughs. “With a different president, that could mean a whole different thing.”

Obama later attended a Beverly Hills fundraising reception benefiting her husband’s re-election campaign.

Comments (19)
  1. Rosa parks says:

    M. Obama 2016!

    I love my president, Barack Obama, esq., first lady Michelle Obama, esq, and the two first girls. Beautiful family and with culture too.

    1. Whiskey Tango 44 says:

      Chicken George spends the first three years of his term destroying America. Now he wants to help home owners and the unemployed. And Mrs. Butterworth is out acting like she gives a rip. Enjoy it now, this IS your last ten months at the White House.

  2. rita walters says:

    Do have any doubt that most black men would prefer a woman that looked like britney spears over mrs obama!

    1. uhoh says:

      Mrs Obama is hot. Go look in the mirror, can you say that you’re hot? I doubt. I’m sure you’re a big fat internet troll. LOLOL

  3. Rick says:

    Give me a break!! You want us to worry about the impoverished while you serve up $5,000 per plate for your hubby’s campaign!

    You want to impress us? Give every penny raised from your fundraiser to the cause you and our toothy mayor are trying to sugarcoat your true intentions. Getting hubby back in office!

    1. uhoh says:

      YAWN. Obama doesn’t need any help getting a second term. The Reps are doing a good job tearing their party apart.

  4. Total Ignorance^ says:

    Oh my god.

    Northgate Gonzales Market is not a HEALTHY food store.

    You’re a FO_OL to think that Northgate Gonzales Market is out to make the area and the community it going to serve as a “healthy fresh food” mecca of some kind, its laughable. LAUGHABLE.

    I WAS a regular at the Pico Union area Northgate Gonzales Market and let me tell you it has horrendous foods for sale. 95% of everything they sell is corn syrup based, fatty foods, junk… JUNK.

    Oh and the deli’s, oh-man, sodium saturated foods, high in fat and they have a TACO stand outside built into the supermarket where they sell MORE sodium high fat foods… and don’t get me started on their carbo breads and pastry area… you think that market is healthy, THINK AGAIN.

    Northgate Gonzales Market is also Mexican owned and operated, Mexicans, the beacons of healthy food. Look at all the illicit light bulbed taco stands popping up everywhere in those communitites serving up fat and red meat based foods.

    And wait a minute! WHY aren’t African Americans opening up their own markets?!

    Michelle is either ignorant to this or just looking the other way. NO WAY that community is going to get healthy with this super market.

    1. Karen says:

      ALL supermarkets sell pastries, even Whole Foods. Northgate, like other markets, also sells fruits and vegetables, something currently unavailable in that part of town. Northgate has 36 stores and was founded in 1980 by a 44 year old Mexican immigrant, who now employs thousands of people. You have your nerve. Open your own market if you don’t like it.

  5. montoya says:

    Sadly negroes and mexicans have much higher rates of diabetes than whites or asians!

    1. Karen says:

      Southern whites have diabetes rates as high as minorities.

  6. D Thomas says:

    Northgate Gonzalez is as healthy a food store as you want to make it. They carry all the favorite foods along with tasty healthier alternatives! No one forces you to buy the UNhealthy versions… It is your choice. Businesses stay strong by selling what people want to buy. The in-store cocina has Mexican specialties made of healthy ingredients and they tag all of their items with any health benefits. Shame on you for tearing down a successful Mexican owned business just because they can’t sell 100% healthier food when they are at least making the effort to move the customers to healthier choices at GREAT prices.

    1. null says:

      In store “cocina”? Really? “HEALTHY” ingredients. Please, its a deli and they deep fry, in LARD, their foods, add tons of sodium, etc. etc.

      Of course, you can go into ANY grocery store and make healthy choices, but Northgate, is mostly all bad food. Walk around, take a close look.

      Oh yeah, they tag corn syrup kid marketed sweet drinks as “healthy choice” tags, little signs… please… PLEASE! Don’t make me laugh.

      I’m giving it to you straight. Next time use the REPLY button, but I’m talking reality. YOu even admit it – can’t sell 100% healthier.

      Great prices on SODA and pastries and fat milk… and fat meats tinted in red dye… please.

      What irritates me is that Northgate is being presented as some healthy market, no different than Numero Uno, a backas_swards market chain, Northgate is NOT a great market.

      African American teen interviewed on the latest news, saying that its good they have this market coming in because it will counter all the fastfood restaurants around. Guess what – they sell fastfood like junk and worse.

      You D Thomas are a facilitator and an excuse maker.

      How about African Americans starting a market chain in their community. They continually give up their traditionally African American communities to those that are actually marginalizing them and pushing them out.

      I mean, c’mon! And I’m a Latino.

      1. Karen says:

        There is no proof of that. But if that’s what you believe, then don’t buy beef. Problem solved.

    2. Karen says:

      Exactly. Nobody is forced to buy baked goods or anything from the deli. They sell fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, legumes, nuts, etc. Learn how to cook!

      1. Null says:

        I know how to cook lady. Did I mention how they dye their beefs red?

  7. aaroncutler says:

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  8. Hardmoney says:

    How much heathy food did she have to eat to get her butt sooo big?

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