LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Unified School District officials are mulling over cutting funds to their adult education program. It’s a move that could put the entire curriculum in jeopardy, affecting thousands of SoCal residents who depend on the program for education and career training.

Hundreds of people held a protest against the proposed budget cuts outside Evans Community Adult School in Chinatown Tuesday.

“We are here, doing our best, to save this school,” student Noeli Sosso said.

They marched in solidarity, toting signs in different languages all carrying one message – don’t strip funds from adult education.

adult education protest Hundred Protest Proposed Cuts To LAUSDs Adult Education Program

“I spent two years looking for a job and I realized I needed more training and I realized I needed more education,” said Ruben Dennis, citing his reasons for utilizing the adult education program.

The protest follows an announcement Tuesday by LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy to impose budget cuts to the curriculum. He announced that the district is facing a $543 million shortfall for the 2012-2013 school year and they need to make cuts to maintain class sizes in grades K-12.

“I, and the Los Angeles Board of Education, are left with no choice but to seriously consider massive reductions in critical areas including arts programs for elementary school students, adult education and early childhood education,” Deasy said in the statement.

Ortilia Castalera came to L.A. from Mexico not knowing how to speak English. She enrolled in an English course through the adult education curriculum at Wilson-Lincoln Community Adult School. She said the program has given her confidence.

The principal at Wilson-Lincoln said eliminating education for the 300,000 adults benefiting from the program could hurt the city’s future.

Principal Vince Carbino said, “If we want to improve our economy, if we want to get our families jobs, if we want to lower the amount of public assistance we need to do that by investing in and providing an education to the adults.”

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  1. Kevin Haffner says:

    Indeed, workers lacking high school diplomas saw their unemployment rate jump 6.6 percentage points in June vs. a 2.3 point increase for college grads who has their degree from one of the High Speed Universities

    1. Robert Torrence says:

      Every one is not cut out for college. If someone has to repair your car are you going to ask them for a college degree? If your pipe burst in the middle of the night are you going to ask the plumber if he has a college degree? No in both situations. All you care about if they are certified and able to perform the work. There are a lot of people who are making a great living without a college degree (Bill Gates) and there are people mopping floors with a so called college degree. Yes in some professions they are needed but in others they are not. The only ones making money now from college are the colleges themselves. Look how many people are in debt to a college and can’t get a job in their field of study.

  2. John McMahan says:

    It would be nice to see our politicians get enough of a brain to tell that an educated populace creates a stronger country. Look at it this way, the more educated we become the less we will have to depend on China. Sorry I forgot the USA is now the United States of China.

  3. Robert Torrence says:

    This is the biggest snow job I have ever seen! Just look into the real numbers and I will send you the proposed budget if you want, From Matt Hill directly it takes 5% of the budget to Run Central office (LAUSD Headquarters) and we found out it only takes 2% of the total budget to service all of Adult Education (330,000 people at $135,900,000.00). They have a fund of $160,000,000.00 for travel or as they call it discretionary spending where the cuts could be made. They have been planning this for about 3 years that’s why they rolled the Adult funds into K-12 so they would not loose them when they closed them. Please ask Ms. Garcia about the check she has from KB Homes for $85,000.00

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