LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two suspects were taken into custody Monday night after allegedly leading police on a chase that began in the Diamond Bar area and ended in South Los Angeles.

CHP Officer Spencer Badal said the chase started on the Pomona (60) Freeway at about 6:16 p.m. when a California Highway Patrol officer tried to stop the compact sedan because it appeared to have only one occupant in a carpool lane.

“The pursuit continued eastbound through four different areas from the Sante Fe Springs Area to the Baldwin Park Area into the East LA area then here to the central Los Angeles area at speeds reaching about 80 mph on the freeway,” CHP

Sargent Mike Alvarez told CBS2’s Serene Branson.

Two people emerged from the vehicle in South Los Angeles about 45 minutes later and ran. The vehicle reportedly had tinted windows.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Karen Rayner said a perimeter was set up near Adams Boulevard and Central Avenue to find the suspects.

The driver and his passenger appeared to be young men.

The suspect exited the Hollywood (101) Freeway in Echo Park and the driving suddenly became erratic.

There were several near collisions as the driver kept going at high speeds on city streets, driving through red lights and alleys, nearly colliding with other vehicles and going the wrong way.

The CHP attempted a PIT maneuver on the car, but it was unsuccessful.

Comments (8)
  1. dk says:

    got the text and saw this chase haha he drove like he was playing sum GTA4!!! i knew he was gona get away as soon as he hit that creepy kut xP stupid chip trying to pull him over for being in the HOV lane.. but there was 2 people in the car HAHAHA fail!!! lapd. chp fail all bad.

  2. David Kaplan says:

    I like to make a comment on a car chase from El Monte. 2 suspects should go to jail for grand theft auto and fleeing from California Highway Patrol. That IS A NO NO. FROM DAVID KAPLAN OF LOS ANGELES

  3. Kenneth Huntley says:

    That guy can really drive. i watched it till CBS turned off the feed.

  4. Alan Di says:

    CHP doesn’t really care about public safety. Anybody who chases another car on the freeway is a bigger fool than the person they are chasing.

  5. D-mona Kay says:

    I made a short video about it and put it on YouTube it’s called …ALHAMBRA CAR CHASE….. go to my channel and check it out darmonak4ms lol 🙂

  6. geeM says:

    It’s reassuring to read all the comments from law abiding citizens, who obviously respect law enforcement. Makes you want to drive the roads around LA.

  7. Kenneth Huntley says:

    i was hopeing that they got away. but maybe they can escape from jail. ya!!! go bad guys

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