STUDIO CITY (CBS) — A rash of car burglaries has residents on alert as thieves are not only taking their personal belongings but are also making off with garage door openers, allowing them to return.

“I guess no matter where you park even if it is a garage or whatever, I guess you’re never too safe,” victim Brian Shorr told CBS2’s Amanda Burden.

Shorr is one of five victims at a Sherman Oaks complex. The thieves made off with his sunglasses, car registration, insurance and work receipts.

“In my glove box, they basically just took everything and wiped it clean,” he said.

Sandra Shippy, Shorr’s neighbor, was another.

“You feel like somebody violated you,” Shippy said. “And I felt very safe here because the gate would lock and everything and you needed a remote.”

But in both cases, the thieves also stole the remote control that opens the garage gate below their building.

“They go ahead and either sneak in when the gate is just closing. Once they gain entry, then they break into a vehicle and in particular, if they are fortunate enough to find a remote control or a device now they have the ability to return,” says Van Nuys police Officer Ronald Carter.

Police are cautioning residents, who park in gated garage structures, to stop briefly after driving in and look around to make sure no one is gaining access. If you do see an intruder, call police.

Comments (26)
  1. cory says:

    Why does this news outlet regularly not give descriptions of wanted suspects based on ethnicity for identification purposes whereas other news sources always provide this data if available. Must political correctness get in the way of helping law enforcment apprehend criminals!

    1. duh says:

      probably bcuz no 1 saw the criminals…

  2. steve says:

    They are either Black or Hispanic. Ther eis NO DOUBT about that…

  3. Ohmaar says:

    I was young, stupid and WHITE when I pulled off crimes like this. Don’t be racist. Stupidity is color-blind.

    1. Huuf Arted says:

      Your name doesnt sound very “white” ohmaar… You are certainly NOT of European origins even if you have a light toned skin color so to me youre just another n*gg*r ok dude?

  4. Dustin says:

    Gathering personal information to make ID’s is what I did as a young white kid. Really?

    1. Steve says:

      Maybe he was born a poor black child.

  5. steve says:

    ITS NOT RACIST. Im sick of that label. WE ALL KNOW who is committing the crimes. Quit being a weak pacifist and call it like it is. These racial groups are out of control. It may not be due to their race specifically, but it is the culture of violence and wrongdoing those 2 racial groups enbrace, or are plaged with. Like I said, we all know these perps are either BLACK or HISPANIC.You know it, I know it…

    1. steve says:

      Before you liberals freak out…Let me correct my spelling errors now: Embrace and Plagued… I know how you “Progressives” like to correct grammer every chance you get, because you cannot win with your ideas!


        Welcome to our

      2. dude234 says:

        grammar…it’s spelled grammar

    2. garage doors las vegas says:

      nice says…

  6. Mac says:

    I don’t know about shared gate controls, but virtually all residential garage door openers can be easily reset in a matter of seconds, rendering any remote totally useless.

    I can’t decide if it’s more sad that the news article didn’t mention this, or if residents are so clueless about the basics of the things they own that they don’t know it. This is not rocket science. RTFM.

  7. Diego Roswell says:

    Call police sand you they will arrive just in time to find your still warm corpse in your own house as the murdering thieves will be miles away and you and your family will be dead. Buy a gun and learn how to use it. Get a dog and drill with your family on where everyone goes in the event of home invasion. Violent crimes are rising in California and the criminals know that the state, city and town police budgets are razor thin. Criminals also know that decades of liberal democrat gun control laws have made it so they are less likely to come across armed citizens in California than anywhere else but Hawaii. Die a victim or defend yourself in your own home, you make the choice.

    1. Gerry says:

      I live in Virginia. We are South of the nanny states of Maryland and DC, so Virginia is relatively free of gun control and the criminals tend to stay NORTH, where they belong. Thank God for S&W, H&K, Sig, Mossberg, Remington, and Ruger, some of my best friends!

      1. OBAMA FAILED it says:

        No wonder is in VA.

  8. Boots says:

    Excellant point, Mac.

    I recommend CCL for all Americans. My carry piece is a Kimber compact aluminum, with Crimson Trace laser grips.

    1. spudboy999 says:

      Good choice, I also have a CHL and carry a Kimber Ultra Compact II with Crimson Trace grips. My other carry weapons are H&K USP Compact in .45ACP and a full sized Kimber Desert Warrior.

    2. ronmer says:

      My choice exactly! 4-inch barrel!

  9. walter12 says:

    The days left for LA are becoming very limited. It is a city on the verge of complete chaos and anarchy. The black and Mexican criminals control the streets. It will not be long now for the end to come to LA. However, we are ready in Montana.

  10. JayDubya says:

    The good people have to leave all of the areas with nice weather and surroundings to get away from crime allowed by liberal do-gooders. Just plain sad.

  11. Garage Door Las Vegas says:

    You should use the reliable and genuine garage door opener, if you park your car in garage its safety is totally on garage door.

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