LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department teamed with military special operation forces Wednesday evening to conduct multi-agency tactical exercises in the skies above downtown LA.

Many questioned what was going on Wednesday night as a Black Hawk helicopter and four OH-6 choppers – or “Little Birds” – flew over the city, at one point hovering just above the US Bank building downtown and later flying low over the Staples Center as the Lakers played inside.

Someone could be seen sitting inside an open chopper with his legs hanging off the side.

Sky9 spotted the Black Hawk in the dark, making what appeared to be a drop off at a park before quickly ascending back into the air.

Throughout the exercise, the five rotorcrafts were staged at Dodgers Stadium.

The LAPD said the purpose of the training was in part to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments.

Chief Warrant Officer David Duran was a U.S. Army aviator for 12 years. He now flies Blackhawk helicopters for the National Guard in California. Duran says what KCAL9 saw Wednesday night could be a dry run for a future mission.

“They do a lot of mockup training,” said Duran. “But it’s always best to get the closest terrain layout to what the objective is.”

Duran said the military chooses training environments based on what they might be facing in the near future.

“If it’s a mountainous terrain, they go to the mountains; if it’s a desert terrain, they use the desert; if they’re in a coastal terrain, they use the coast,” said Duran. “If it’s an urban terrain, you know, whatever’s needed.”

In a release Monday, the LAPD said training exercises would take place at various sites around the greater Los Angeles area through Thursday. The exercises were coordinated with local authorities and owners of the training sites, according to the release.

Many wondered Thursday night about the safety of such drastic maneuvers being conducted over an urban area.

The LAPD said safety precautions were taken to prevent risk to the general public, as well as the military personnel involved.

Similar exercises have been seen in Miami and Boston.

  • Mike Lillly

    They are probably coming for you Sia, you obviously know way too much. I’ve heard stories about these guys that they will swoop out of the darkness and abduct civilians to use for sick military experiments. There is no escaping them.

    • Dan

      I used to be a numbskull like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee

    • Bob

      They are coming for all of you… watch this video 13 minutes in they show the Internment Camps in New York. LAX Internment Camp location and photos are at around 19 minutes into the video. Don’t wanna believe watch the video and then drive down there and check it out for yourself. Take photos, shoot some video.

    • Callous Disregard

      Hi, My name is Bob. I have bee struck repeatedly in the head with no medical attention. I want you to listen to me as I babble like a fool and remember it’s not my fault that I’m a spit dribbling moron it ‘s because of government mind control brain waves. The only way to stop the brain waves is to beat your head against a wall, over and over.

    • juggalo

      This is an act of war. Sho()t ’em down. Scramble all frequencies. Laser-tag anyone ?

    • me_not_u

      @Dan – Gotta love that one… Skyrim rocks.

  • Legalize Freedom

    From the article:

    “Duran said the military chooses training environments based on what they might be facing in the near future.

    “If it’s a mountainous terrain, they go to the mountains; if it’s a desert terrain, they use the desert; if they’re in a coastal terrain, they use the coast,” said Duran. “If it’s an urban terrain, you know, whatever’s needed.””

    …….and if the future environment is Los Angeles itself with the passage of the NDAA, they go to Los Angeles.

    • drawlr

      You’re absolutly correct. This all started with the deployment of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division under NorthCom back in 2008. Then FEMA camps, now local law enforcment training with the military. Our government is getting ready for martial law. The net is being closed and the people don’t even know it. One of these days, the gate will slam closed and it’ll be too late.

      • Ken

        It is already too late for you…simpleton

      • Manman

        yep, we’re a society about to be imprisoned. so what else is new? It’s a matter of how many rounds I get off before I’m wasted…

      • Lisa Hoffmann

        They did this same type of exercise in Little Rock, Arkansas several months ago. It scared the people in the neighborhood to death.

      • CT

        I was in the USMC and trained a lot in Urban Warfare. The U.S. has entire Towns with Gas Stations, Schools, houses, appts, with cars up and down the streets. No one lives there. They were built for the purpose of Urban Warfare exercises. It isn’t just some plywood mockups, either. The buildings/houses/gas stations/etc are built better than whoever built my house. It has road infrastructure, traffic signals, etc…only difference is no people unless you need a bunch of boots to be the terrorists.

    • brian

      Wish everyone realized that you speak the truth

  • The Big Logic

    Libloonery is denying all, that on its face would strongly suggest to a reasonable individual, that what their eyes tell them is real, is paranoia or racism.

    • Caligal

      I agree, completely.

  • truther

    i swear there are laws being broken here. this is just practice for using the military ON US CITIZENS

    • bombtech2

      Really…what laws…please be specific…cite the statute number. People like you disappointment. You demand the best from the military but cannot fathom that they may need to use realistic training senarios

      • Ratt

        Here ya go Bomb Dude.

        Posse Comitatus, the Act does not prohibit members of the Army from exercising state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order”; it simply requires that any orders to do so must originate with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress.

      • jack nichols

        What a War monger wacko. The military doing maneuvers on an American city was a violation of the Posse Commutates act. That is until that act was repealed a few years back, now with this new law just passed by the senate and signed into law by the idiot in chief the entire homeland (USA) is now a war zone. I really hope you are the first to pay with your life for your stupidity. At least be shipped off to an undisclosed location for an undetermined length of time as an enemy combatant without trial. When Hitler’s name is mentioned do you touch yourself with pleasure?

      • nick

        your compatmentalized and a traitor to the people of the US and you don’t even know it bombtech2!

      • Atomic

        “Statute numbers” are not required when you can simply “interpret” the existing laws differently than they were intended. The 2nd amendment…for example.

      • Zen

        “Cite the statute number?” You must be kidding me. It’s called our Constitution and the statutes actually enumerate the exceptions, not the rules, governing the domestic use of military force.

      • Jamie

        Posse Comitatus Act

    • Tank

      This is like the uproar from the conspiracy types in the mid 1990s when they were just positive we were training Russian troops on US soil because someone saw sign in Cyrillic writing around Camp Shelby Mississippi. Never mind that many, many people explained they were set up as part of train-up for Bosnia deployments, nope the Alex Jones faithful just knew the Spetnatz was training in Mississippi….

    • Jack Mort

      Judging from what I’ve seen in Detroit, Chicago, and LA – they’re already war zones with a violent aboriginal population.

  • john Iverson

    Military exercises over an American city. Posse Comitatus rights infringement, in line with the growth of repression of citizens under a democratic government? The hollowing of anyone’s promise to honor the big C?. Nah, just the military industrial state’s need for free expression of toys.

    • Will

      Posse Comitatus refers to the use of US troops enforcing laws against US citizens on US soil. I used to to counter drug work while i was in the Army. Depending on what was being done, either federal or state troops would be called in. PC only applies to federal troops. State troops can do as the state government wishes. I did many an op where we walked right across peoples properties and set up, where JTF 6 couldn’t go anywhere near where we were. So is this training a violations of PC? Nope!

      • TruthSquad

        Obviously your efforts were an absolute failure, since anyone can buy drugs anywhere and any time they want. Even in prison! The drug was is just a jobs progarm for nitwits like you.

      • artemis133

        @Hoser It’s martial law, not Marshall Law. You’re welcome.

      • Peter Timmins

        That is why when I was working out of the FEMA Region X offices while in the Regular Army, we would NEVER request the National Guard be federalized under Title 10. We ALWAYS wanted them under Title 32, which left them under the control of the Governor. It then meant Posse Comitatus did not apply to them and they were then allowed to perform law enforcement duties for the State, and under State control. A good example of this was Katrina. The Regular Army units could do nothing but stand there and watch when they saw looting taking place, but the Louisiana National Guard units could go in and arrest the people looting. While I have a healthy skepticism for the motives that are behind many things our government does, I do know that the majority of our people in uniform take their oath to support and defend the Constitution serious and would refuse to carry out orders that were blatantly illegal and in contradiction to their oath.

      • Hoser

        So if the elections don’t go a certain way and Marshall Law is imposed, Americans get fired upon by US troops, you gonna be there to blindly help the government out?

        I’m going to be honest with you,if your answer is yes then at that point, I’m going to have a serious problem with you walking across my lawn.

      • hassan

        hoser he will only be walking on those lawns where the area has been cleared. that’s what the drones are for. and yes, there is a contingency of servicemen that would have no problem taking out a civilians, iraqi or american makes no difference to them. but, many would have a problem with it, you can be sure if a situation were to ever arise, there would definitely be a split among the ranks. something to what you are refering to may work on an initial outset, but by no means would be full proof in the long run.
        more than likely various groups, or certain segments of the population would be targeted, and then proceed from there.

    • Craig Brockman

      This has nothing to do with Posse Comitatus.

      • Ratt

        This has everything to do with Posse Comitatus.

        Posse Comitatus; the Act does not prohibit members of the Army from exercising state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order”; it simply requires that any orders to do so must originate with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress.

      • invasion usa

        Right, it has to do with the “committed pvssies” of the pigs and the drones. Ding ’em, homeys.

      • me

        You are correct. The NDAA did away with Posse Comitatus or would have EVERYTHING to do with violating Posse Comintatus.

        Wake up. The military AND police are working together, so this is all meant to be executed ON American soil.

    • 1776

      Thou hast well stated. Falls in line with the (so-called) “Patriot” & Military Commission Acts…meant to establish an Orwellian, dystopic police state whilst the Republic is tore down.

  • Mfabriz

    Let the occupation begin!!!

  • marine43

    Soros put the call out to Obamas army “occupy” To get violent. He warned of violence, that HE is funding. It will escalate in the spring and carry on as long as we have a compliant D.O.J.

    • 1776

      Of course Soros funds them and wants them to become violent. That way the (Globalist controlled) D.C. pawns can declare martial law & 86 the Constitution. Globalists like Soros despise our Republic and it’s (fleeting) freedoms.

      • Alice Ramirez

        Sadly, I suspect that you are right about this. Soros is evil.

    • Jay Martin

      Sad times indeed. Get ready, things are going to get hairy.

  • Eagle Eye

    they are either training for the riot’s, when The O loses, or for the revolution if he win’s

  • ouldbollix

    If stuff like this was happening during the term of any other president (especially Bush) there would be hell to pay from the msm,aclu,naacp you name it.

    • Bryan Apperson

      The ACLU has been outspoken, it’s just the sheeple of america are not awake to hear it.

  • steve mcfadden

    Escape from New York (the movie) picture of Los Angelos’s future.

    • FidelityBraveryIntegrity


  • Miguel Saavadera

    Remember the Left saying, “The loony tunes are now going to start talking about the ‘Black’ helo’s in dark of night.” Hmm, we just got a little sample of those helos on ‘approach’ ~ to L.A. (a U.S. city) who is paranoid now?

    Anyone trust the Government any more?

    • Craig Brockman

      Yawn – the ignorance continues, and the conspiracy theorists reign. You guys come off leaving no question why our literacy rate is the lowest in the free world.

      • Jay Hertzfeld

        Craig, don’t hate. “Conspiracy Theorists”, as you and many others like to label them, are quite often very literate. In fact, every “Conspiracy Theorist” is knowledgeable enough to understand the meaning of conspiracy theory, and probably knows a great deal more about history than you do.

        You’ve heard it repeated over and over again, “History repeats itself, and those who don’t understand the past are doomed to repeat it”. Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. In Germany, at least, because he made it legal. If you assume we’re living in a free world, notice the pattern of laws that are oddly falling into place, giving the military and other government agencies control over civilians and the internet. The free world you hear your reporters and politicians speak of has far been gone, they just read the script because the writers know it will ease your nerves.

      • 1776

        Spoken like a true sheeplized lemming, buying (hook, line & sinker) the propaganda & fluff spoonfed by the (controlled) “mainstream” media.

      • StoGiE

        Craig, you are a shill or an idiot or probably both….

      • Michael Burns

        Why? Our education system teaches tolerance, sex ed, and globalism, and not reading writing and arithmetic? Yeah, thought so.

      • doug

        Slow day at the NSA, KneeDeep. Have another cup of coffee, and pick up the monitoring of US citizens.

      • Ari

        Over the years the main stream media’s negative use of the word conspiracy and theory has done its job of making you redefine the actual words to now mean something totally different in your mind. Bottom Line: Conspiracy: Two or more plotting to cause harm.
        So if that is the case, then of course 911 was a conspiracy, as is many crimes.
        Now its just a matter of what theory do you believe. 19 guys with box cutters or that there was a more detailed planned operation that include demolition that took down WTC 7, which was not hit by an airplane. There is enough evidence that turns some of the theories into facts. Either way more than one person conspired to cause harm.

    • KneeDeep

      When you take a live frog and put it into a pot of cool water on the stove, then slowly start the heat to a boil, you will have no problem with the frog making a fuss. He will be cooked in no time and without so much as a leap of faith! But, when you put quite a few in together, you may have some trying to “stir it up”. So you eliminate them quickly from the population… err, pot. Frogs can tell you a lot about your world of “freedom”. lol

  • Gibbs Bentley

    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” – Josef Mengele


  • Spastic Jack

    Any body that still thinks that the government wont use the military to their own designs has not taken the time to look back in our recent history..And if you are foolish enough to believe that those same troops will not shoot you ,or carry you off to a detention camp,then perhaps you are one of the reasons they will.

    • FidelityBraveryIntegrity


  • Kathleen3

    Ever hear of Martial Law? Do you realize the rights taken from citizens and the power given to government as a result of declaring Martial Law?

  • HT

    Why not, there are many countries that we would consider a threat to American Democracy that are Urbanized. The military has done this in the past countless times, this is nothing new….only something for the news to talk about and create hype.

    • RedWulf


      No, we live in a communist country.

      Just because its labeled something else doesn’t change what it is.
      A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    • Jeff

      Correction, we live in a Republic NOT a Democracy..

    • Jeremy

      Schill post.

      There needs to be some seriously transparency with the people get away with posting like they are some ordinary joe and not part of the establishment

    • Ron Watson

      No they have not. this is in fact a violation of the law known as posse comitatus (sorry bad spelling) which forbids the US military to act in concert or train with american civillian law enforcement. this is in fact a very bad sign of things to come.

    • Brian

      Ozlanthos, Thank you for seeing through the haze today. I was hoping someone would clear this up. And it’s not Obama that will be the one setting this in motion as it has been in motion for years. While most of us have been concentrating on things that should be a no brainer (Black/White issue) They have been working on controlling all of us for their profit. Do you forensics and you will see their finger all over it! Your worried about black people and their worried we might unite and fight for our country!

    • Granny

      They are making a MOVIE numbskulls. It’s over LA.

    • me

      Then why are they coordinating and working with the LAPD? Your hypothesis would be valid IF the LAPD was NOT involved.

    • Ozlanthos

      Actually there are few places like LA. There just aren’t that many places with the population density and layout. Which leads me to believe this was more likely preparation for a civil incursion within Los Angeles. Seeing as they just past the NDAA and HR 3166, all they need now is an event to justify the capture, military detention, and eventual stripping of citizenship of United States citizens…. Keep your eyes open. They do not process legislation they do not intend to use!!!


  • Carlos

    You Americans are so lax and lazy you don’t even see that your liberty and freedoms you once so boldly spoke of, is being taken away. Good riddance to you.

    • StaticKlingon

      Carlos, you speak the truth, and it will likely fall on deaf ears, but thanks anyway.
      The “riddance’ you hope for won’t happen in your lifetime, so I wouldn’t break out the accordians, tubas and champagne just yet.

    • Mat

      Go back to MX Carlos…

    • eat my shorts carly!

      and also to you carly!

    • me

      We still have a chance to reclaim America, which is TONS more than what all the other countries who are already sold down the river for the coming international fascist regime.

  • Yaspar

    A helocopter is a flying dump truck, real easy to shoot full of holes. With rounds coming from all directions, the jackbooted thugs will retreat with their tails between their cowardly legs.

    • bombtech2

      So…you are advocating firing on Americans…very patriotic! The soldiers that you are advocating firing on are Americans…The diference is, they are patriotic…they heard the call. Your closest experience was during paintball games at your monthly militia meeting…right?

      • George N. Weezie

        Yep, the spec-ops heard the call of the feds much as numerous Delta Team members were sent into Waco to ensure no living creature would make it out alive, though a few did only to be arrested and incarcerated.

      • nathan

        I “heard the call” too…however I woke up a couple of years in. Read a book…Patriotism is for the weak. Nationalism has killed more people than any other ideology…
        There should be only two things to acknowledge: Faith and Family.

      • WarPony

        George N. Weezie is right. They tried the same in Montana and failed because the real-deal Militia showed (some 60K+ “tourists”). The media-militia (Govt.-sponsored) bowed out soon afterward! Now THEY’RE back! They use to play the same Urban Invasion exercises even after Montana – a “put-fear-in-the-People” game – all over the Country, but were far more successful with manchurian candidates doing school and church shootings. At least, until it was shown that these shooters were phsyco ops of the Govt. It’s all about taking our guns.

  • Jack

    Perhaps the plan is to finally rid East LA of the drugs and crime lords. That would be a good thing.

  • StaticKlingon

    When government employees start referring to the taxpayers who pay their salaries as “units,” you know it’s time to get off that arse and start doing some footwork.

  • Matt

    OK…Training for an Urban area. Which urban area would that be? The only areas like LA is NewYork, C-Town, or Atlanta..

  • Matt

    OK…Training for an Urban area. Which urban area would that be? The only areas like LA is NewYork, C-Town, or Atlanta..

    OR LA!!

  • Matt

    Or say Deerborn MI? Detroit?

  • BigBoa

    Nothing to be concerned about. This is just preparation for the next stage of O’Bozo’s dictatorship; the confiscation of all firearms.

    The mighty Boa warned you that it is coming. Over your “dead body”? O’Bozo is fully prepared to accomodate you. Assassination of a US citizen without due process? NDAA? You better read the writing on the wall……

  • Dave Shaffer

    How many years have they (military/police coordinated “training exercise”) been doing this? Huh? HOW? MANY? YEARS? God a’mighty, and you idiots are going to vote in four more years of the same. And I don’t (necessarily) mean Obama. You deserve the boot of a tyrant on your throat. Wake up out of your stupor.

  • Matt

    I say we have terrorist cells in our cities they can not find until they surface.

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