City Council Approves Mandatory Condom Law For Adult Film Stars

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles City Council approved a new law Tuesday that will require adult film stars to use condoms.

The council tentatively approved the ordinance, which will require all performers in adult videos to use condoms, last week.

Ordinance supporters say the measure is needed to prevent the spread of HIV, but the adult video industry’s trade association, the Free Speech Coalition, says condoms are not necessary.

Los Angeles is the first city in the nation to approve a law requiring actors to use protection during sexual intercourse.

  • swim

    What a great way to drive a multimillion dollar industry out of the area. Brilliant work!

    • perico

      Too bad Obama’s father didn’t wear one—–we’d be in better shape

      • RimShot

        That’s what your mom said….

      • Alex

        Or that his Mother wasn’t raised properly.

      • 53Percent

        Amen, Perico !
        Darn shame !

      • anthony mck

        same goes to u

    • Alex

      LOL! They aren’t an “industry” – I’m sick and tired of people trying to use that term to make the useless fluff of society sound more important and divert attention away from the alarming lack of any real industry left in this nation.

      VP of Operations
      Commenting Industry

      • Joe

        Alex, you’re an idiot. look up industry and then come back and make a comment. Industries don’t have to have smoke stacks attached to them. Jesus. Go hang out with the rest of the occupy criminal hippies.

      • Tidmore

        Not an industry? Why do they call it an “erection?”

      • ROBBOB

        Porn is bigger than ALL other entertainment business revenue COMBINED. What is realy funny is that very few pornos are made in LA and it is such a mobile industry, that those that are made in LA can easily move. And boy youare clueless about hard (no pun intended) industry in the US. Toyota has a dozen or so plants in the US. Subaru, Hyundia, and Mercedes all build tons of cars here. Airbus is thinking about moving the production of several models to the US.

    • tonytee

      i agree but california lawmakers are just plain stupid

    • uhoh

      Do you even know where the majority of the movies are filmed? It’s not LA county. Get a clue..

      • Duh

        This ordinance is not for the majority movies where ever they are filmed. It’s an ordinance for porn movies that are filmed in Los Angeles. Unless your suggesting no porn movies are filmed in Los Angeles.

      • free speech

        > How will the starlets/harlets get cvmshots? I guess they can always airbrush, but it’ll be a good reason to shop the next county.

      • Richard Henkle

        Do you know where the majority are filmed? Cause Northridge is #1 or #2, which is in LA county.

      • Yanni N Sarah

        Actually, YES they are. Most of the companies are located in Ventura Ave and Sunset. 95% of the films are produced within LA county limits. I used to work in this industry for over 10 years. YOU should get a clue, before making dumb guesses.

      • Yanni N Sarah

        Actually, YES they are. Most of the companies are located in Ventura Blvd, Van Nuys Blvd and Sunset Blvd. 95% of the films are produced within LA county limits. I used to work in this industry for over 10 years. YOU should get a clue, before making dumb guesses.

      • Jake

        Hate to break this to you, but the city of L.A. has no jurisdiction over the County of LA outside of city limits, so what’s your point?

      • Support This


        Please support the initiative to shut down CA’s nuclear power plants!

        Signatures needed by March 2012 ! Get involved!

        Because California is on the “Ring of Fire” where 90% of earthquakes occur.

        California is on a tsunami zone.

        Nuclear power plants release radiation into the surrounding water, air, food…

      • Steve

        The San Fernando Valley where most porn films are filmed (Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Reseda, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, etc.) are all part of Los Angeles City.

        It is my understanding that the ordinance applies to shoots outside a studio (i.e. location shoots) when permits are needed. I’ve read that the ordinance would apply to films made in expensive homes and McMansions.

        I expect the porn industry will not totally leave The Valley. Maybe they’ll move their location shoots to Ventura County.

      • jim

        Sorry, but the San Fernando Valley is the porn capital of the world. Most movies are made in Chatsworth, Northridge, Van Nuys, Encino, etc…all of which are located in the CITY of Los Angeles.

      • Bob

        And now they never will be

      • Free Willy

        Anybody want to set the over/under for how long until they realize they can do this in Vegas and have no state income tax to boot?

    • Deniserene Richards

      now the police will be forced to watch all the pornos to check condom lol

      • anthony mck

        i wonder what that dept. is going to be named and where do you go to college to get that type of training or Degree

    • Ron J

      It’s not about preventing AIDS, it’s about money for the city in the form of fines…Follow the Money

      • Alfred Hussein Neuman

        The AIDS activists are crazy. Forcing porn actors to wear condoms (where controls and testing already exist), while at the same time protecting the privacy of people who test positive (which I agree with). It just feels like the activists believe the anonymous infected person is more trusted to have “safe sex” an an industry that performs regular testing.

    • PAUL

      there going to make the black guys wear white condoms and the white guys wear black condoms LOL

    • Tommy Leamy

      They cannot prove in what county, city, state, etc a film was produced. Unless the city of Los Angeles is going to hire an inspector to be on set to check and make sure a condom is on at all times, this is going to be one big fail.

      Also, the majority of porn is NOT shot in the city of Los Angeles contrary to what people say. So I wouldn’t be too concerned. Brazil has these laws, and we still see a good amount of Brazilian content that does not have condoms in it.

  • Brian

    Who get’s the job to make sure there in compliance, and how much dose it pay?

    • Nick Scratch

      Pay, shmay. How do you get hired – no pun intended lol

  • charlie

    Glad to see our City Council doing some real serious work,

    • tax

      They need something to do in their spare time when they are not picking your pockets.

      • muneshadowe

        They prefer someone to play in their pockets.

  • Alan Di

    And now the lawsuits begin.The City knows it has no authority to regulate this type of behavior but will try anyway. They will spend millions of taxpayer dollars and loose. Perhaps these losses should be charged against their pensions. This makes them a little more involved.

    • jimonthebeach

      Not only will the City of Los Angeles mandate condoms in porn production, eventually the do gooders in the California legislature will do the same thing because condom use is politically correct. That will result in another industry leaving California or simply going underground. How many industries can California afford to lose? I think the state in nearly bankrupt and in danger of downgrading it’s credit rating.

  • Sage Advice

    So, will they next pass a law making EVERYONE in LA, whether in a film or not wear a condom? They are over-reaching their authority and they know it; it’s a feel good PR silly law where the local ordinance has no power over state pre-emption.

    In any case, if a film is being done in a bedroom, as most pornos are made of interior shots (no pun intended), how can you be sure they are in LA or in Pasadena? Or Arizona for that matter? Enforcement will NOT happen; do you seriously think police or investigators, or even CA State Labor Board investigators will take this seriously with all of the real and rampant fraud and labor infractions going on in California. And most of the time, porn productions aren’t even applying for film permits or getting insurance because they are filming in private locations – so there will be no way to track – and you expect them to follow this? What a joke. What a waste of taxpayer’s money at a crucial time where they MUST avoid waste like this.

    • Alfred Hussein Neuman

      The Council should have dropped this, but the PC pressure was too great. The AIDS activists are too powerful. “Ordinance supporters say the measure is needed to prevent the spread of HIV” . They are worried about a couple of thousand actors having unprotected sex in a controlled environment, while over 75,000 AIDS and HIV+ in LA can roam about doing as they please.

      I don’t to stigmatize AIDS and HIV+ people, but that’s where the real risk exists. Focus your energies there. The PORN business will leave, and the number of HIV cases will not decrease.

  • W.P. KOCH

    Not practical to enforce. Council needs to mind its own business.

  • Orgone

    This is about as effective a law as the ones that say smoking pot is illegal.
    What a waste of elected official’s time!~

    • tax

      or abortion clinics.

  • Midge Martin

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 22%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 4th year of the depression carries on … this is what you are given as news.

    • muneshadowe

      You had me going pretty good till I seen the link….

    • nheckt

      4 illegal wars huh? Last I saw, everything was authorized but the action against Lybia. Looks like you need to vote Republican next time.

      • Dr. Haag

        Looks as you know nothing about the world, history or the current seen and unseen wars.

        But hey, post away as the fricking low grade moron that your are and will continue to be.

      • Free Willy

        The Ron Paulites seem to forget that although their hero did vote against it, Congress did in fact vote to allow Pres Bush to use force against Iraq in 2002. Dr. Paul was also among those voting to authorize the use of force in Afghanistan. Now Lybia is a different story…but they will have to take that up with Pres Zero who acted without congressional approval.

    • uhoh

      Feel free to move.

      • xmXxm

        Feel free to go have carnal relations with yourself.

      • Evan

        That is what i am doing. I’m going to teach English overseas for a few years, while all this sorts out. There isn’t any money to be made these days it seems



    • 53Percent

      If one listens VERY carefully…one can almost hear the sounds of calls being

      made to the moving companies…LA to LV, boys…load up the vans !

  • bs detector

    Condoms are still legal???

  • charlietexas

    Are any of the LA council having sex with Porn actors? Do they think that porn actors engage with just anyone that will bend over? Is there an ordinance on the books that would make it mandatory for gay men to wear a condom? This is silly. No wonder so many people are moving away…..what will be left?

    • Aztexas

      Only the “left” will be left

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    I’ll bet you some of the politicians have investments in condom companies.

    • Crack Ho

      It’s the AIDS activists who pushed this.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    So when we get scr ewed by the politicians they have to wear a con dom as well?

  • LEL

    So this is a good thing in that new jobs will be created. Official State position of Porn Star Condon Inspector. I expect most eagar application for the position will come from San Francisco no doubt.

  • t-bone51

    Obviously the L.A. City Council watches too much s m u t and all at the taxpayer’s expense.

  • Mike

    Waste of time, they need to figure out the budget rather than waste time on condom laws. Will not affect porn movies one bit. They just won’t be filmed in L.A. These are the only type of idiotic laws they can pass because they can’t solve real problems.

  • City Council Approves Mandatory Condom Law For Adult Film Stars - Fight The Law

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  • anonymous

    damn, no more cream pie videos :(

  • Zeno546

    Why stop with porn actors? Be Big Brother

  • BL

    And yet another reason I dont live anywhere near LA or California. Thank God.

  • Dantes

    I guess there will be a new city which will become the centerpiece of the porn industry. I vote Phoenix or Las Vegas.

  • IGetItAlready

    For the love of all things disgusting already!
    You mean this was NOT a law prior to now?

  • Brian Edwards

    Nancy, you had better run and duck for cover. …we’re going after liberals and that includes you…
    For example, in 2004, about a dozen porn stars in your home state of california, industry died from AIDS because porn actors were not required to wear condoms…pelosi , boxer, feinstein gave the california porn industry a free pass and continued the no-condom policy despite protests from AIDS organizations, the state health department and Cal/OSHA
    The mandatory condum use for california porn actors initiative argues that the adult entertainment industry should have to comply with the same laws as any other private employer in California. Just as construction workers are required to wear hard hats on site, porn stars should have to wear rubbers on set. Cal/OSHA even mandates that porn bosses provide employees exposed to blood-borne pathogens (in seminal and vaginal fluids) with dental dams, gloves, and eye protection.
    Despite the deaths, despite the opposition from many state and private organizations, pelosi, boxer and feinstein voted thumbs down on condom use in the porn industry.
    Pelosi, boxer, and feinstein sided with the porn industry that make the following claims:
    “This all raises the question: if condoms are enough to drive viewers away, who’s going to pay money to watch people go at it while looking like CDC agents?”
    “AHF’s initiative could be the final coffin nail for a dying industry that can’t compete with bareback European porn and free content streamed on sites like PornHub, YouPorn, and Hamster. At the very least, the measure would chase Hollywood’s porn stars out of California. “Then the state loses a lot of tax money,” says Jeremy. “Our business pays a good share of taxes.”
    “Many people in the adult entertainment industry argued that mandatory condom use would destroy the fantasy associated with pornography.”
    “Nina Hartley, a former porn actress, argued at Tuesday’s meeting that condoms are uncomfortable and the industry already did a good job of regulating the potential spread of disease, according to the Los Angeles Times. And because porn actors are expected to have sex for 30- to 60-minute intervals, they could be susceptible to chafing and open wounds from condoms, which could, in turn, cause more problems in transmitting diseases, she said.”
    But Derrick Burts, a 25-year-old former porn star who contracted HIV and several other STDs within five months of joining the industry, argued for the new regulations.
    Nancy, we’re gonna throw mud at you and your friend ovomit that you cannot even imagine.
    Note: the california porn industry and hollywood are owned and controlled by jews…the very same religion as feinstein and boxer and possibly pelosi – not that I’m implying anything.
    Internet site: condom initiative by anti – aids group threatens porn industry
    internet site: L.A votes to enforce condom use in porn industry

    • Jole

      Hey Brian, did you know that there is a difference between religious and ethnic Jews? Did you know that it doesn’t matter what religious or ethnic group controls porn, because it is still awesome?

    • David

      I think construction workers should wear condoms and porn stars should wear hardhats.

    • Mark


      Nothing is off limits to government according to your thinking. It’s people like you that have destroyed this nation. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and you’re shoveling out the asphalt as fast as you can.

  • alex epperson

    Do they have to where it all the way through their happy ending? Or what?Can they have a happy ending without it?

  • bungmeister

    Creampie Cathy will now be in Orange County on her next worldwide tour. 4,000 money shots and still clean as a whistle ;)

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