HERMOSA BEACH — A South Bay family has their stolen puppy back thanks in part to some hard working girl scouts.

A Bruised ‘Harmony’ Now Recovering, KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner Reports

The special needs pet named Harmony was stolen just after Christmas from her new family.

The 12 and 13-year-old cadets from Troop 6685 out of Torrance were working toward earning their silver award so they canvased the South Bay area, hanging up fliers made by the animal rescue group, the LoveJoy Foundation.

“We went door-to-door asking if they’ve heard about Harmony or seen her and we went basically in every block,” Girl Scout Dani Lindeman told CBS2’s Melissa Maynarich.

After seeing one of the fliers, a family in Lennox called to say they found the 4-month-old pup that’s deaf. She was picked up immediately – bruises, burns and bite marks all over her body.

The rescue group believes the dog was used as bait in a fighting ring.

“They’ll take a smaller dog and they will put the dog in the pen and let the dogs maul it. The other dogs, almost to go, some of them go to death,” said Erin LoveJoy of the LoveJoy Foundation.

But Harmony is healing remarkably well. Her family… overjoyed.

“We were just jumping up and down in the kitchen. I even threw my cell phone up in the air. We were just so happy to find her,” Sheyla Thomasson, Harmony’s owner, said.

Now they’re grateful for the girl scouts who helped save her and the scouts are just happy that Harmony is okay.

“It makes me feel good that we found her and she has a good, loving home and that she is safe,” Girl Scout Kayla Massei said.

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