TSA Collected Over $19,000 In Pocket Change At LAX; $409K Nationwide

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Airline passengers are losing more than their patience at LAX — they’re also being nickel-and-dimed by airport security personnel.

The Transportation Security Administration reported a total collection of $409,085 in loose change at the nation’s airports in 2010, with over $19,000 coming from the pockets of passengers at LAX.

But it was their counterparts back east that saw the biggest losses: travelers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York lost a total of $46,918.06 in 2010.

After LAX and Hartsfield Atlanta International, San Francisco International collected $15,844.83 in both domestic and foreign currency.

San Diego passengers were more careful with their coinage, losing just over $5,000 in pocket change.

  • Rick

    Coinage is nothing compared to those that lost their virginity due to over zealous TSA Agents.

    • mike

      oh give me a break i fly on an avg of 3 times per month so i see TSA alot and the checks are not that invasive all they do is pat you down if you can not handle that take the bus

      • Rick

        Your body odor keeps them at bay in your case. It is a joke $CHMUCK!

    • cindy

      then you might want to buy a joke book or two because your not funny rick. what TSA does is not a fun thing i agree, but it is needed. if they check you they are feelin you up if they don’t and something gets blown up then they were sleepin on the job so basicly they can not win for losing with people like you

      • Rick

        Yeah, squeezing a woman’s colostomy bag until it leaks is needed. Feeling up a 8 year old is needed.
        One thing you need for sure? Spelling lessons!

    • dave

      First of all Rick, if they felt the bag on what ever are of her body and she DID NOT tell them right off what it was then she asked for it. second searching the 8 year old. i took a flight from LAX to England and they caught a man his wife and a 9 year old boy with drugs the drugs were not in the luggage it was not on the adults IT WAS TAPED TO THE BOYS BODY because they assumed no one would search a child SO YES IT IS NEEDED when bad people stop using their kids as tools in crime maybe there will no longer be a need but as of now there is a need. and back to the colostomy the traveler should have told the ticket counter about it at which point they would have marked their ticket as to avoid the whole issue

  • Ginger

    They cutting checks to all the passengers or just pocketing it?

  • Erin

    People can whine about TSA until they are blue in the face. That fact is if don’t want to follow TSA policies you wont fly. Simple as that. And if you give TSA agents a hard time you’ll be surrounded, detained and interviewed by airport police WITHIN SECONDS. Don’t like TSA? Complain to the people who created the department not the blue collar workers who don’t care what you think of them.

  • treecat

    TSA tactics keeps no one safe.

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