Mom Crusades To Get Bald Cancer Barbie From Mattel

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LANCASTER (CBS) — A Lancaster mother is on a crusade to convince toy maker Mattel to create a cancer Barbie to honor sick children.

Beckie Sypin’s 12-year-old daughter Kinley Inich was diagnosed less than one year ago with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Within days of learning she had cancer, Kinley had lost more than 20 pounds.

“She was just so sick she couldn’t even stay awake,” says a tearful Sypin. “She couldn’t even have a conversation with you.”

To help Kinley and other children battling cancer, Sypin and a family friend reached out to Mattel, the maker of Barbie to request the company manufacture a bald version of the iconic doll.

Mattel has made a bald Barbie before, but has never mass produced one.

Sypin set up a Facebook page to garner support for a potential ‘Beautiful and Bald’ Barbie. The page received more than 83,000 likes in less than a month.

“We wrote Mattel a letter,” says Sypin. “And they came back saying they don’t accept unsolicited, outside suggestions.”

Kinley believes having her own bald Barbie would make her feel like less of a standout in public.

“It’s so important to me because I get to take her anywhere,” says Kinley. “And if there’s someone staring, I can be ‘look, there’s someone like me too.’”

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