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LAUSD Will Consider 2 Plans That Could Increase State Funding

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified School District is considering two proposals that could boost education funding from the state.

On Jan. 17, the school board will vote on two plans that could increase enrollment and prevent students from leaving the district to attend charter schools, which unlike private schools, don’t charge tuition and typically boast higher scores and grades.

One proposal would require LAUSD superintendent John Deasy to put an enrollment expansion plan into effect, in part by promoting magnet and gifted and talented education programs. It would aim to increase enrollment by five percent over the next three years.

The other option, a school choice plan, would do away with school boundaries and allow students to attend any school within the district.

“That has a great deal of work to be put into it, so for example, no one, I would suspect, would be displaced if it’s their neighborhood school and they’re already there,” Deasy told CBS2. “And the other one would be, what happens when you have an oversubscription to a school? Many, many people more want to go to a school than is able to go there. The administration will respond to all of that on the 17th.”

While that plan would require an exceptional amount of coordination and could gut underperforming schools, Deasy says he’s interested in giving parents more options.

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