LAWNDALE (CBS) — A dog-napper lured two Rottweiler puppies away from a business in Lawndale as the manager worked just a few feet away.

“If you are an animal person you know what I’m feeling – it’s part of your family, you love them,” said Sam Sinai, who owns Capital Electric in Lawndale.

He said he was shocked to watch the entire theft on surveillance video.

puppies stolen Caught On Camera: Man Nabs Puppies From Lawndale Business

(credit: CBS)

Cameras caught a light-colored Toyota pulling up to the back lot of the store, the driver getting out and luring the puppies to the sidewalk and, then, walking them to his car.

“Guy knew what he was doing – dirt bag!” Sinai said.

Arnold Bouche manages the store and can’t believe this happened while he was working inside.

“Everybody knows we have them so this guy has a lot of guts to come right up to the front and coax them out,” Bouche said.

Sinai’s champion Rottweilers, “Buddy” and “Diva”, serve as watchdogs for Capitol Electric in Lawndale. Diva gave birth to a litter of eight about three months ago. Sinai found homes for six of the dogs – the last two were promised to an employee and for the owner’s 2-year-old son, Ashton. Sinai planned to take the puppy his son named “Cookie” home this week.

“This whole thing is really upsetting that people would do that,” Sinai said.

The puppies usually spend the day in a pen inside the store but the store manager placed them in the back lot while the pen was being cleaned. That’s when they were lured away and taken.

“Obviously, the person who did this did it for money ‘cause they’re worth $1,000 each.”

Anyone with information about the theft was asked to contact the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office.

“I’m just hoping the guy brings them back to me,” said Sinai, who’s offering a $500 reward for the puppies’ safe return.

Comments (7)
  1. Legal American says:

    I do see mexican people been selling mysterious puppies on many streets all the time. So…

    1. Freddy says:

      Do you REALLY have to specify the race??? I see ALL TYPE of people selling ALL TYPES of stolen goods!!! JUST SAYING mr “legal”

    2. Freddy says:

      FYI, your sentence made NO SENSE… before you start racially profiling people, learn how to speak YOUR language, ENGLISH… You can’t be a “legal american” like you say and write the way you do!!!! What does, “I do see mexican people BEEN SELLING” mean???

  2. doc says:

    You’ll probably see the pups for sale on Craig’s list or Ebay Classified.

  3. Troy says:

    no one is going to want to buy those puppies because everybody knows about this now, those puppies are hot and that guy has no where to run

  4. Freddy says:

    THERES A REWARD $$$$$ for anyone that helps us bring our puppies back safe…. I am “the employee” they mention on the video that was going to take one of the puppies home… I am going to be checking the comments CONSTANTLY so if you have any info that leads us to our puppies, please comment it here… THANKS

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