Boys’ And Girls’ Locker Room? Calif. Bill Would Blur School ‘Gender Identity’ Rules

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Days after a landmark law went into effect requiring California schools to teach about gay historical figures, a new piece of proposed legislation is likely to spark even more controversy.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), AB 266 would require schools to allow students to play on sports teams according to their “gender identity” and not their biological sex.

The bill — which is currently before the Assembly Education Committee — was initially aimed at resolving conflicts among local governments “and other interests” through the creation of a state sports commission.

However, revised language in the proposed bill would mandate that students “shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records”.

Under the proposal, a boy who claims a female “gender identity”, for example, would have the right to try out for a girls sports team.

In addition, the bill would also require opposite-sex access to “sex-segregated facilities” that could possible include locker rooms.

Ammiano claims to be the first San Francisco public school teacher “to make his sexual orientation a matter of public knowledge”.

In 1977, he worked with prominent gay activist Harvey Milk to defeat an effort that would have prohibited gay teachers from working in California.

Assemblyman Don Wagner (R-Irvine) is among those on the Assembly Education Committee set for a hearing on the bill on Wednesday.

  • joe

    It is about time. Times are changing and so we should adapt. I commend the man behind this bill and I am in favor of it.

    • Scott

      thank god i do not live in CA, I would pull my daughter from school beofre I let her share a locker room with biys, ANyone that thinks this is a good idea is sick themeselves, or a Pedophile,

    • Suzie McKay

      A bill whose time has come. Kudos!

      • Love Freedom - but Sick 'O Corrupts

        DUMB & DUMBER….By the minute….LEAVE CALIFORNIA – Or WAKE UP & Change it back to COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scott

      This man that propose this bill should be impeached and run out of office, sharing locker rooms in school, sick, sick. Only in a liberal and sick, state like CA would they come up with something like that. Maybe one day a earth Quake will hit and Ca will slide into the ocean,

      • xrk9854

        I suggest you educate yourself about transgender/transsexual people. It is a congenital birth condition.

      • Canof Sand

        “I suggest you educate yourself about transgender/transsexual people. It is a congenital birth condition.”

        I suggest you educate yourself about delusion. Believe you are something you are not not only doesn’t MAKE you that thing, it makes you delusional. A boy who think he’s a girl isn’t a girl any more than a boy who think’s he’s a horse is a horse. Anyone who argues otherwise is a fool.

    • LJ

      It’s not a matter of times changing, it’s a matter of biology. I’m in no way speaking out against various gender identities. I’m all for it; however, just because a male looks and acts like a male, the fact remains that the person is still a male. It’s like getting into a fight with a transgendered man. He will still hit you like a man. And that goes for sports as well. Males are bigger, stronger, and faster than females. Not in all cases, but in the overall majority. You may think that’s a sexist statement, but it’s a statement of biological fact.

      • ser

        The believers of tje liberal Religion of Equality want nothing to do with any science proving it otherwise any more than strict literal Biblical interpreters want to do with any science opposing their view

      • LJ

        I mean if a male looks and acts like a female, the fact remains that he’s still male

      • xrk9854

        You are uninformed about transsexualism; it is a scientifically proven congenital birth condition. A person can be born with a brain-body mismatch. Transsexual people transition (aka “sex change”) to correct that mismatch. Sex and gender are much more complex than you believe.

      • Canof Sand

        “scientifically proven congenital birth condition”

        Your statement lies somewhere between “oversimplification” and “outright lie.”

        Even if it was something you’re born with, that’d make it a genetic mental disorder. Shall we next create special accomodations for people who think they’re dogs? Maybe people who are sexually attracted to children – perhaps they were “born that way”? It’s delusion and/or perversion, nothing else.

    • cindy

      I don’t think boys, even if they think of themselves as girls, should be allowed to compete against girls on a track field. It’s patently unfair to the girls. Generally speaking, boys are stronger and faster than girls.

      As for sharing locker rooms, in my opinion it would be better to have a separate locker room or area for those who gender identify as the opposite sex. It certainly can’t be good for a transsexual to be in the boys’ locker room, and it’d probably be very awkward for them to be in a girls’ locker room.

      • Letitia Jacobsen-Sparrow

        We can get around your first objection by not declaring winners or losers but giving everyone participation trophies

    • Sarcastic1

      I wish they would have passed this rule when I was in high school. I would have been more than happy to put on a wig and some eye shadow in order to sit in the girl’s locker room and watch them all showering.
      Point is, how will they know this isn’t the case? Isn’t this way too open to abuse? There is absolutely NO WAY to confirm how someone actually feels about their gender identity.
      And what about those who would be offended at being ‘exposed’ to someone of the opposite sex? What about their feelings?
      Not only that, but if there truly is no line between gender, if you let in a male who perceives himself to be female, but you DON’T let in a male who perceives himself to be male, then you are guilty of discrimination in the other direction.
      The only “logical” way out of this trap is to only have unisex locker rooms for everyone. Right? Is this what we want?
      I think this legislator is an idiot.

      • Love Freedom - but Sick 'O Corrupts

        PLEASE BRING BACK COMMON SENSE TO AMERICA – Kick out CORRUPTION, Fire Lazy & sick Union Thugs & BAD Teachers…Get it through their heads that the society – OUR society, which was built on RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS, irrespective of choice, so – instead, we get a bunch of far-left-wing nut jobs & pedophiles who will NEVER FIGURE IT OUT – THEY are the cause of the DECAY – RAMPANT DECAY. Help us Lord Jesus! Bring the judgement upon even more people if we continue to IGNORE all that is good…..EVIL IS HERE TO STAY IF GOOD PEOPLE DO NOT FIGHT & SPEAK UP NOW!!!

    • jIM


    • Gayle Conant

      you would be ok with boys in the locker room with your daughter?? This bill is stupid.

    • Love Freedom

      That is the DUMBEST IDEA EVER – It serves NO purpose. It will NEVER pass if the AMERICAN PEOPLE get their way. There are just some things that should “remain the same” NOT every single thing in life has to evolve, just for the sake of evolving…WAKE UP before it is too late!!!! CALIFORNIA here we LEAVE….in droves.

    • Love Freedom - but Sick 'O Corrupts

      SICK & SICKER is this society. STOP WITH THE NONSENSE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PT

    No wonder parents are home schooling their kids these days. I would no more allow my daughter to share a locker room with a boy just because he THINKS he’s a girl, than I would let her share one with a boy who KNOWS he’s a boy! How freaking ridiculous!!!!

    • xrk9854

      Instead of freaking out like a phobic idiot I would suggest you educate yourself. You can read more about gender identity and transsexualism here:

      Transsexual people don’t “think” they are, they KNOW the same way you do. Transsexualism is a scientifically proven congenital birth condition.

      • D-Money

        Sure, keep telling yourself that. The only thing you’ve proven is that when people lie to themselves long enough, they’ll start to believe it.

        You can link all of the “scientific” articles you want, but that doesn’t do anything to disprove the fact that you’re one sick puppy.

      • rob

        These are kids and frankly I cannot believe that any of them are completely sure about anything. They are still trying to figure out who they are. And XRK9854 how do you call this “congenital birth condition?” That just opens pandora’s box doesn’t it? If it is a birth defect, shouldn’t society strive to “cure” it? Isn’t that the crux of this problem? If it is a choice we discriminate against choice all day long (ie smokers) but if is a flawed gene don’t we have a moral obligation to try to find a cure?

      • Gayle Conant

        I don’t think girls would feel too comfortable with a boy in the locker room regardless of what he thinks he is. To them, he isn’t. I know i would feel totally uncomfortable with a boy in the locker room. there is so much about this bill this is plain ridiculous.

  • Greg

    Wow. This is insane. Imagine the future headlines popping up on an average basis… “3 male high school students rape female student in locker room”

    • xrk9854

      Totally misinformed. A transsexual woman is a woman and she has no desire to use those parts you like so much, that’s why she is transitioning in the first place. As part of this process she takes hormones and testosterone blockers that also make destroy a normal male sexual response. A rape isn’t going to happen, that’s just a wild transphobic fantasy of yours.

      • D-Money

        You don’t need to have that particular bit of anatomy to force yourself onto a person…Look how many people get arrested for using a “foreign object” to do the deed.

    • roger

      or, “three FEMALE students rape MALE student in locker room”.

  • mike

    I thing vouchers would end all this madness.

    • Alan Di

      Voters will when they tell Jerry NO on his tax plan.



  • T

    As far as Im concerned – they can interact on the filed all they want, but to mix teenage boys and/or girls in the lockeroom in any setting for any reason is inappropriate and endangerment, unsafe for all invovlved – Remember kids arent adults – and they dont act like adults…..

    • xrk9854

      You are misinformed. Transsexual women are NOT men. They may have been born into male bodies, but their brains have always been female. That’s what transsexualism is, being born with a brain-body mismatch. Transsexual people transition (aka “sex change”) to correct that mismatch AND assume a gender appropriate role in society. The people who’s safety is more of a concern is the trans people., they have been subject to rampant harassment and hate crimes. Because of this trans people are usually much better behaved than their peers.

      • Canof Sand

        A boy who think he’s a girl isn’t a girl any more than a boy who think’s he’s a horse is a horse. Anyone who argues otherwise is a fool.

      • eddy james

        Just like my dog was better behaved once “Changed” never the same after that happened,but it didn’t even come close to making him a female.

      • Rose

        My thing is not the people who are transsexual, but the people who aren’t who are going to take advantage of this, say they are and go in there and assault or rape somebody or anything else that could happen. Most people are not as misinformed as you are accusing, there are concerns with this situation that have nothing to do with the transsexual people themselves.

      • D-Money

        They’re just sick in the head, just like those nut-jobs that chop off their own limbs…

      • CuriousG

        We get it! We get it! Everyone is misinformed, everyone needs to get educated. You are the only one who knows it all.

  • T

    sorry thats on the field – not filed

  • John

    Private schools will love this. They can promote properly separated locker rooms as a selling point.


    I totally concur . And we wonder why California is the laughingstock of America, indeed the world….now we know!

    • Jan

      au contraire… many civilized western countries already allow this. If CA is being laughed at, it is because they are still living in the dark ages.

  • bpsqwerty

    at this rate if they think I’m planning to educate my future offspring in their bass ackwards classrooms they’re nuts. I’ll gladly take my tax dollars elsewhere, where there is some sanity in the teaching environment and curriculum.


    • xrk9854

      Translation: I want the government to bankroll my prejudice!

      Oh grow up and educate yourself.

      • rob

        Little Tip the government doesn’t bankroll anything. WE DO! IT IS OUR TAX DOLLARS! We should have the right to use the dollars that we send to the government for our children’s education in any way we see fit. Figure out how much you spend per student then let me take that off my taxes when I send my child to private school.

      • Loreal

        Educate yourself. Not everyone agrees with your version of the human condition.

      • Eric

        So it is prejudiced for me to not want to have my kids sharing locker rooms with members of the opposite sex? Well then I AM A PREJUDICED PERSON 100%. And am proud of that in fact.

  • Paul

    As a one-time teacher myself.. I find it TRULY sad that people HONESTLY believe that a voucher system will “save the day”.

    It’s a shame that it will take HINDSIGHT for people to realize just how SHORT-SIGHTED such moves turn out to be. I.e. the only ones who TRULY “win” with these systems are the “mega buck” oriented “administrators” of such “schools”.

    • rob

      We should have the right to use the dollars that we send to the government for our children’s education in any way we see fit. Figure out how much you spend per student then let me take that off my taxes when I send my child to private school.

    • Rob

      What is the solution then Paul?

  • gvw

    I wonder how many guys will discover their feminine side, just to shower with the girls. Hey, I’m just thinking like a 16 year old.

  • Stephanie Mauser

    if a kid wants to participate in a sport and they actually have some talent, they shouldn’t be barred from competing just because their school only has a team that is boys OR girls. we’ve seen a few girls end up wrestling on boys’ teams over the years, for instance, because their school didn’t have a girls team. but the locker rooms? no. i doubt it will come to letting ppl with boy plumbing into the girls locker room anyway, or vice versa. i don’t care if a child “identifies” as a girl or a boy, but the fact is, unless or until one has surgery, boy bits are boy bits and girl bits are girl bits, and all of our bits are no ones to look at period. if some kids are uncomfortable in the locker room that matches the bits they were born with, give them a room to themselves. it’s hypocritical that we tell our kids that it’s not o.k. for strangers to see them in their nudies and then they are forced to be in a state of undress in the locker room anyway. let ’em change and shower up at home.

  • Danny

    Who’s to say how I identify myself one day to the next. Allowing either sex to participate in gender specific sports teams will keep a lot of girls off the team. I played JV on the boys basketball team, and got third place throwinng the shot and discus in track. I think I could join the girls team and be a superstar and the showering would be an added bonus!

  • Jacqueline Anne Thompson

    So disgusting, why arent they thinking about how the boys or girls in these locker rooms are going to respond to a person of the opposite sex peering at them. What about their rights. What if your bi- what do they do then , do you get full access to both lockers rooms. Ridiculous. People who suggest these laws shouldn’t get a forum, they should get a psych eval.

  • DRC

    So if you are a 6’5″ male who thinks he is a female you can go out for the girls Softball team? Enough already. Just keep them separate.

  • Kimberly

    All these comments exhibit very simplistic and reactionistic thinking, and do not reflect the very real difficulties that exist with the extraordinary situation of children whose biological makeup is profoundly divergent from the norm. I have to say that the knee-jerk reaction of the haters and homeschoolers is more distasteful than a poor child whose biology is broken and needs help and understanding. Keep your ugly attitudes at home and away from society. And your mystical beliefs that transgendered people are somehow evil or they choose this need to be silenced by science and the rational thinkers in our society. Deal with the fact that there are millions of ways for the creation of a baby to go wrong and not produce a “boy” or a “girl” exactly as your limited minds demand. “God” help these poor children to find the love and acceptance they deserve and escape the evil that the religious and the rest proffer.

    • Mob

      Kimberly, Bigot like you have no right expressing your opinion. Science is NOT on your side. Get an education before you make such ill-informed comments.

    • Cagirl

      Why is it that people who disagree with someone else’s opinion is a “hater”? I understand the confusion these kids are under but separating everything to death makes no sense to me. Playing sports according to what you think you are is kinda dumb. Maybe they should stop making “girls” and “boys” teams and just let them play together. But the locker room thing, no way!

  • 45AUTO

    You can’t make this stuff up. I just sit and shake my head at what is happening to our country.
    And it is invariably proposed by some politician with a “D” after his or her name.

  • joe

    Who are the sick minds who are constantly pushing that there is a third gender kind? There are only two genders–Male & Female.

    These perverted people keeps on introducing sinful things to children.

    • Henry Alexander

      What about hermaphrodites who are biologically born with with both sex organs?…

      • Scott

        can they do them
        selves =)

      • joe

        The inner anatomical structure of a hermaphrodites will distinguish them if they are a male or female. Are they capable of bearing children? If so then they are female. if they do not have the reproductive organ capable of bearing children but is capable of producing sperm then they are males. You must have just seen hermaphrodites in some sizzy men’s magazine. Go to the medical library…You might find the truth about hermaphrodites….They are NOT both male and female…There are no hermaphrodite that can both bear a child and produce sperm that could impregnate a female.

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  • Rose

    I agree with much that has been posted below. I am completely okay with them allowing to play with whichever team they identify with, In fact I believe that shouldn’t be an issue even for people who identify with their own sex; for example, if a girl wants to play football and she’s good, she should be allowed to play, who cares if she’s a girl. Anyways, I do not agree with mixing the locker rooms ESPECIALLY because I feel some of these kids are going to somehow take advantage of this so guys can go shower with girls etc etc, before you know this school is going to be facing cases of rape and sexual assault. If the student who identifies with the opposite sex and is uncomfortable being in the locker room with this biological sex, then accommodations should be made otherwise. (For example a handicap unisex bathroom for changing.)

  • Morning pride 1/12 | The Reading Room

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  • crabman

    and the country continues to go down the toilet

  • ThinkOnIt

    This is idiotic. People look at these bills and think “that’s fair” because they don’t think ramifications and they assume that all of these rules will be used the “right” way. A boy could use this just to get access to the girls locker room. Sound ridiculous? Take a look at your newspaper. there are a lot of disturbed people in this world.
    Even if the rule is used “correctly” there is a reason you separate girls and boys in sports. No matter how gender agnostic you want to be at heart biology is biology. Boys and girls are not built the same. If your daughter is playing the low post against a boy there is a safety issue… period. I don’t care what your state of mind is. Get real. To those cheering for this… get your head out of the sand!

  • KSB

    You guys need to stop saying “Educate Yourselves”. Just because we don’t want our kids in the locker room with kids of the OPPOSITE sex, that consider themselves the SAME sex, doesn’t mean we are not educated. We are well aware of what is going on in this twisted word, but that doesn’t mean we like it or accept it. And if thats that life you live, or agree with…FINE!.. But leave the rest of us out of it. Live your lives how you want to, but stop trying to force it on the rest of us, especially our kids. But our views and beliefs have absolutely NOTHING to do with being EDUCATED! Come up with another defense please and thank you!

    • Rose

      Agreed! Thank you! People don’t need to tell me to educate myself, I know what’s going on, that doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns

    • digitus

      I am sick of hearing that one too.

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