Gas Prices On The Rise, Expected To Top $4 A Gallon

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The average price for a gallon of self-serve gasoline in Los Angeles County rose Monday for the 18th consecutive day.

At $3.73 a gallon, the price is nearly 11 cents higher than it was a month ago, and 39 cents higher than it was one year ago. The average price in Orange County is also up to $3.72.

Before this increase, prices had actually fallen for 42 straight days.

Analysts blame the hike on the economy, as well as violence in the Middle East.

Prices are expected to peak above $4 a gallon in 2012.

AAA says California has the highest gas prices in the nation.

  • Mad Monk

    Who are these oil speculators, and who gave them carte-blanch!

    • Fernando

      I guess this is the way the oil companies can justify a war against Iran. Maybe we should get our children ready to fight another war for them. I wonder if the oil company’s executives have their children join the armed forces to fight their wars?

    • Xen

      They work for the oil companies. It’s the oil companies way to artificially inflate prices using the stupidest excuses.

  • Phoebe

    The highest prices in the nation. Who is surprised to read that? And Brown wants to raise taxes? For what? To continue to fund “entitlement” programs for those that arent really entitled?? Education? That’s a joke too. Two words for that. . .”Dream Act”. Time for hard working Californians to look at moving out.

  • George Nash

    So much for Obamas big recovery.


    Gas is cheap in Mexico. Felipe Calderon 2012!

    • que pex

      Yeah I am going to drive to mexico to fill up every 3 days, stupidddddd.

  • Robert S.

    This is only the start with oil companies taking advantage of a weak administration., and the American public. Big oil has no thought of what it is doing to a country that has a “fragile economey”! People are “loosing everything over fuel, and high taxes. We are letting “them” destroy us big time! Does not sound very “American” to sell fuel overseas, while the oil companies are making record profits! This is not “taking care of your own people. “Profits over people” Should not happen. You could say that the oilcompanies have “Sold out America!”

  • Greg Edgar

    Robert S., are you new to this country or did you just come out from under a rock?
    This has been happening many decades.

    Gas isn’t cheap in Mexico, it’s about the same price.

    Phoebe, Just go. Talk is cheap, Action’s speak louder.. ah just get out.

    George Nash, weren’t you the one Praising Bush for 8 years when our gas prices were over $5 a gallon?

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