IRVINE (CBS) — A fast food worker is behind bars Thursday on charges of stealing from a mentally disabled customer.

Luis Ballinas, 42, of Tustin, is accused of pocketing the victim’s money at the counter of a Burger King restaurant in Irvine.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports detectives began patronizing the store after receiving a tip from the customer’s parents.

“The woman would come in and purchase her lunch and eat it, and they were able to isolate a suspect,” said Irvine Police Lt. Julia Engen.

Over the course of several weeks, Ballinas allegedly failed to give the customer change after taking the cash for himself, according to police.

“On two of those occasions, they found that the same person served her, and those were the two occasion when the woman went home without her change,” Engen said.

He was arrested Wednesday afternoon and booked into the Orange County Jail on charges of committing theft against a dependent adult.

The case is headed to the Orange County district attorney’s office for prosecution.

Comments (17)
  1. Bee Sting says:

    By deciding to have it your way, you have now made the mentally challenged person you. I would beat you senseless, except as a 42 year old man working at Burger King, you have some special needs as well. You want a fountain drink?

  2. Sean Patrick says:

    Joe, a criminal is a criminal. Yes he’s pathetic, but I’m tired of bigots assuming every Latino is a Mexican. I’m of Irish descent, but not an Irish national.. you’re making yourself look like an idiot. Get your facts straight before you call someone a ‘stupid Mexican.. there are many other Central, and South American countries. I’ll bet you that you couldn’t last an hour doing some of the work these people do. Please get an education, and some compassion.

    1. joe says:

      You are right Sean, I would not last an hour doing what these people do as I have an education and would not stoop to doing a job like that for peanuts! My compassion for these criminal immigrants is ZERO!

    2. Alimiel says:

      Well said Sean Patrick!!! As for the other idiots…Joe, all I can say about you is that you are not one bit smarter than the Burger King worker….you claim to have an education…what do you do with that so called “education”??? what are you a Doctor, Lawyer???? Bee Sting you are next….what makes you any better??? David V I do believe you meant to say “Honestly,,,,not honesty….learn to write and verbally express yourself before you open you mouth!!! Comments like yours are the reason why we live in such a terrible world…all hate!!! And NO I am NOT defending the criminal!!!!

  3. David V says:

    Great… another mexican who thinks that he is entitled. Stealing from a kid? Honesty, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  4. Peter Griffin says:

    I work at Burger King making flame broiled whoppers and wear a paper hat
    would you like an apple pie with that.. would you like an apple pie with that..

  5. Robert S. says:

    Perfect place for this “creep” would be 2 years in jail, and a 10,000 dollar fine. This might find him back where he came from, and broke.

  6. Alan Di says:

    What is a 42 year old man doing as a counter person in a Burger Kink. This loser should be dragged back to wherever he came from.

    1. halteeznutz says:

      Joe and alan………losers still living at home no job…..suckn on mamas tittie still.
      get a phaqn clue u phugn mororns

  7. Joe is Mexican says:

    I just found out that Joe is Mexican. With illegal children.

    1. Joe is Mexican says:

      And didn’t even graduate Junior High, but I guess that counts as being educated.

  8. True Native says:

    What you call Illegals and Anchor Babies are descendents of Natives to this land. Their blood, sweat, and tears were shed to protect this land from YOUR ancestors. We are the True Natives.

    You don’t like it? Get the hell out! The door is that way.

    1. suck it says:

      Yeah this crazy little event called the Spanish American war happened. YOUR ancestors lost this land so sorry you get out! Besides if CA was still part of Mexico it would be a worthless wasteland like the rest of that miserable country. It also wouldn’t be as populated. Without our welfare and handouts illegals wouldn’t know what to do. Don’t act so proud to be a multi generational loser True Native.

      1. suck it says:

        *** Sorry MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR****

      2. True Native says:

        What’s your point? Does that make us less ancestors of Natives? NO!
        My point is that we will ALWAYS be here. This is the brown mans land.

        Welfare for illegals? Are you really that ignorant? You cannot get welfare if you’re illegal. You cannot get health care if you’re illegal. Those are always thrown out there by morons like you. You need a legal SSN for an ID and any type of handout in this state.

        You’re envious of our culture seeing that you are a cultureless class. Well, you have McDonald’s, Emo’s, Child molestations, rapes, kidnappings, serial killings, etc. so I can understand why you wouldn’t be proud of it.

  9. Rodriguez says:

    Oh no, our mexican fella is caught committing crime again. Disgrace to our mexican peopel

  10. Britt says:

    Mexican is caught stealing money while working in the kitchen. I always that was the lowest job. I guess it is not low enough yet. Pathetic stereotype!

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