LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An online video is taking aim at Kim Kardashian as part of a campaign for a proposed November ballot initiative to raise taxes for California’s wealthiest residents.

The Courage Campaign video says Kardashian made $12 million in 2010, but paid just one percentage point more than someone making just $47,000 a year.

The video urges the reality television star to support the tax increase, saying “we all need to pay our fair share.”

Kardashian hasn’t commented about the video yet.

Comments (40)
  1. wobbles says:

    Let me get this straight. The more you make, the higher percent of it should get ripped off as “your fair share”? So why should anyone worrk hard at anything? Communism doesn’t work, or we’d all be speaking Russian by this point, wouldn’t we? I’m not rich, but I’m sick of working hard to have more and more of my earning ripped off i I work harder, and all to pay for deadbeats who contribute nothing to this state but always have their hand out for “their fair share” of hard working people’s money.

    This is supposedly a free country. You should be free to succeed in accordance to how hard you work, and free to starve if you are too lazy to work. Freedom doesn’t come with an insurance policy. You have to be responsible if you are going to be free.This country wan’t built with a safety net, and every one we add victimizes one part of the population to benefit another, and that is not freedom.

    1. Jeff says:

      Really great comments guys. I thought it would all be anti-Kim. Good to see this is all spin is recognized.

    2. Kathy says:

      they have to tax someone if not the rich than the middle class

      1. jerri says:

        “Kathy, so basically what you are saying is “as long as its not me what do i care” How about the California Legislature already gets more than enough money to do business. How about electing people who know how to use a budget and do not rip people off by taking fancy vacations and getting sweetheart deals for their friends. Why does the mayor have to go to China to promote business at yours and mine expense.

    3. Jeff Burdge says:

      Wobbkes, I could,nt of said it BETTER !!!! RIGHT ON BRO’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY, You WOULD BE SOCIALISTS……YOUR ASS IS GRASS AND WE ARE THE LAWN MOWERS,HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE SOCIALISM, MOVE TO SWEDEN, CUBA, VENEZUALA, ITALY, CALIFORNIA,England ETC. And expect a HUGE Drop in the size of income and quality of living. America is a CAPITALIST COUNTRY , and if You DON’T like it, QUIT trying to force to change it, and just simply MOVE to one of the Above BANKRUPT COUNTRIES !!!!!!!!!! Syanara .CHUMPS !!!!!!

      1. Bob says:

        We are not a 100% capitalist country either, or a CAPS LOCK on one, we are a hybrid of socialism and capitalism. 100% of either system doesn’t work, as we saw when this country fell into the great depression or Russia during its Soviet days.

    4. robertwb says:

      Ill second that!!!

  2. Dr.H says:

    I don’t know exactly what kind of tax plan we have in CA on total income, whether it is a percentage or a set number or whatever. But speaking as a reasonable human being…it should be a percentage, the SAME percentage for ALL people in the state. So if Kim Kardashian pays one percentage more for tax, i already thinks its unfair. Unfair to Kim Kardashian. Just because she worked hard (loosely speaking, of course) to make that 12 million, it does not mean that money should be taken away from her just because she’s filthy rich. That contradicts the motivation we all have to work hard. Why work so hard to earn more then pay more taxes? Cmon now.

  3. SM says:

    I find in ironic that liberals and those even farther to the left who complain so much about the rich paying their fair share neglect to idintify the wealthy and rich within their own ranks who make use of the very same programs, tax insentivis and loop holes. Based on the media coverage and the distain for the so called “rich” conservitaves it’s easy to over look the Hollywood elite and others who hide behind various causes and environmental issues.

  4. Don't Be Fooled says:

    This is the calculation for single rates in CA:

    Person making $47,000 pays 8% on anything above $38,004. Base Tax is $1312.62 plus the 8% is $719.68. Total tax $2032.30.

    Person making $12 Million pays 9.30% on anything above $48,029. Base Tax is $2114.62 plus the 9.30% is $1,111,533.30. Total Tax paid $1,113,647.92.

    Now, who is paying more in taxes?

  5. Bob says:

    This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of spin. According to 2011/2012 rates…
    1. $47,000 is just over the minimum for the bracket below Kim in California, which is the second to highest bracket.
    2. The $47,000 person will pay about $4,371 in California Tax (9.3%). Same rate for someone making $93,000.
    3. Kim will pay AT LEAST $1,236,000 in California Tax (if making minimum of $12 million at 10.3%.)
    4. The $47,000 person will pay about $11,750 in Federal Income tax (25%)
    5. Kim will pay AT LEAST $4,200,000 in Federal Income tax (35%).

    $47k person pays – $16,121
    Kim pays (MINIMUM) – $5,436,000

    According to tax-rates dot org

    1. Steve Dallas says:

      The article should more accurately read: Kardashian pays 105,000% MORE (or 105 times more) in taxes than a person earning $47,000!

  6. ken says:

    Don’t any of these idiots ask why someone in CA making $47,000 has a top state tax rate of nearly 10%? Maybe they should leave Kim alone and go after the state legislators to let the $47K person pay 3%. All she did wrong, for liberals, is be successful. This comment does not mean that I agree with any part of the CA tax code.

  7. Everyone Should Pay Taxes says:

    Why are only the wealthy called upon to pay their “fair share?” The 45% who don’t pay ANY Federal taxes use the same services as the rest of us — why shouldn’t they pitch in too? We’re in this together and everyone should contribute something.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Anyone living in California knows its ridiculously expensive and the 10% someone making $47k is going to pay versus what a millionaire like Kardashian will pay will hit a lot harder that the million or so she’ll have to pay. And the amount of money one earns isn’t always based on how hard they had to work..just look at how we pay our public school teachers.

  9. jacob says:

    *Sigh* Reading the comments, it’s obviously disappointing, as a liberal. Let me lay it all out for you: Lets suppose someone makes $40,000 a year. How much of that money do they use? They spend all of it, on their house, car, children, whatever. Plus, they pay taxes. At the end of the year, someone who only makes $40,000 has spent all of their useable income.

    Now, what about a millionaire, like Kim Kardashian? She doesn’t spend all of her income. At the end of the year, Kim Kardashian is probably left with 50% of her income. So, if she’s making 50 million a year, she’s paying like 5 million in taxes, spending 25 million on herself, and the rest? The rest of it just sits in a bank account, while people are starving and getting kicked out their house. Is that fair? Is that okay with you? It’s not okay with me. The reason why our economy is in the toilet is because the wealthy got tax cuts. Prior to the tax cuts, stagnant money would be taxed by the government, and put into society. Now? Now there are billions of dollars just sitting in bank accounts, where it’s no use to anyone.

    The rich want all of their cake, and they can’t even eat it all. They can eat probably half of the cake. But what about the other half? It just sits in their fridge, and a new half is put in there every year.

    So, there’s your explanation. It’s not fair that one person uses 95% of their income just to live a mediocre life, meanwhile, someone like Kim Kardashians uses 50% of her income to live a luxarious life. I have no problem with people being rich; but if they aren’t going to use that money, then it needs to be taken from them. When people start hoarding money, our economy goes down the toilet.

    1. Rod says:

      *Sigh* Reading Jacob’s comment is disappointing (not really… not even enlightening, just obvious). I first give you a pat on the back as identifying specifically the believe… ‘as a liberal’. Clearly, this is a matter of different beliefs. I totally see your belief (but do not agree).
      The only problem is defining ‘fair’ based on this belief. If you were to use that, one from the other (conservative) belief might say it’s not ‘fair’ that someone making $40k/yr should be able to: spend on cigarettes, booze, junk food, pets, extra children they cannot support, etc…
      It’s their choice to not pay down debt and spend wastefully… in those cases (not ALL cases, btw).
      Same for ‘rich’. Sometimes, it’s their choice to save for several years, possibly passing that money to relatives or a charity upon death.

    2. John says:

      Maybe this isn’t a fair comparison with Kim (though maybe it is). Are you saying if some of us are smarter and capable of higher test scores in school we should flunk a few tests so our less intelligent or less driven peers have the same chance of getting a job after graduation?

      The simple fact is that some people are intelligent, driven, and/or lucky enough to make more money than others. Say what you want about Kim, but if people (including a good number of $40k/year earners) weren’t interested in what she’s doing she wouldn’t be making that money.

    3. jason zeidler says:

      the problem with your theory is that you assume way to much. foirst off who are you to decide someone is ‘making too much money’? whats they cuttoff. if you make over 30 grang a yr congrats you are officially a member of the 1% according to the world stage. Not to mention all the supposed rich people who say they want to pay more in taxes ever do. Thoes people take advantage of EVERY deduction and loophole they can, AND they never automatically pay more which every tax paying American has the full option to do. that seems to be a trend among liberals who always ignore the fact that they can give their precious govt as much money as they want, but never do. Next rasing taxes does nothing to adress the govt waste or the expansion of govt. how much money does the govt get now in the form of taxes. not just income tax but all the little taxes that basically means 100% of our money is taxable 100% of the time? are you telling me that with all that money they cannot complete the simple task of basic infrastructure and defense? because thats all the govt is offically charged with. even with a SMALL safetynet st up ithwere would still be no need for large income tax. the problem is liberals want cradle to grave entitlements and to be paid for nothing. they want everything paid for and thast dosent work. we could tax rich people 100% and it still would NOT meet the entitlments liberals demand.

    4. bounce says:

      Ah, yes, redistribution of wealth and assets, the idiot’s solution to everything

    5. Ryan Martin says:

      News flash jacob and the rest of the liberals out there. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!! Some of us get lucky enough to be born with a pretty face and nice ass and some of us have to go out and work for a living. It is not your right or anyone elses to tell any one what to do with their money. period. she earned it, she gets to spend or save as she sees fit. If you really want to help the less fortunate, start a charity and raise money to help, quit trying take some else’s by force.

  10. CFO says:

    Here’s an example you all need to read. Assume that you are quite happy living off of $1 million per year. You have all of your material desire, and then some. However, let’s say you just made $12 million in 2011 and you would hate to see all that money go to the government. You decide to make (estimated) $8 million in charitable donations. Split it any way you choose. The end result is that you did something incredibly wonderful and yet paid the same tax RATE (%) as the guy making $47k.

    This needs to be perfectly clear….raising taxes on the wealthy will reduce charitable contributions. There are a lot a wealthy people out there with bigs hearts who will only have less to give.

    Yes, it’s a tax loophole, but it has a lot of worth. There are other ways to push your tax liability into future years and therefore reduce your current year tax %. This is not getting away with not paying taxes, it’s just smart accounting practices.

  11. Nick says:

    “I have no problem with people being rich…but if they aren’t going to use that money, then it needs to be taken from them.”

    Thanks, Che. Nice ethics.

    Using your car tonight? If not, I think I’ll pop by.

  12. Kevin Drysdale says:

    If they tax her she never going to provide jobs. Republican lets stick together.

  13. Jerri says:

    California get plenty enough money to run just fine.Why is it that the rich or the middle class need to pay more. California gets more than enough money through taxes upon taxes. How about a coalition to clean up Sacramento and cut all of the pork and fat. Why is it the state needs more and then it will need more and more. This will not change unless the politicians in Sacramento are voted out and replaced with people who know how to use a budget and do not ripp the people off. Its just like education we keep throwing more and more money at the problem but it never gets fixed.

  14. Angeleno says:

    Does anyone know why this girl is even in the news??? It’s sad, absurd, and pathetic that these types of people are even mentioned. They are pointless and irrelevant. SHAME ON THE MEDIA FOR MAKING ANY MENTION OF THEM!!!

  15. jason zeidler says:

    “fair share” is the rallying cry for commies and self entitled loosers looking for handouts. The FACTS ar ethat thoes ‘evil rich’ pay 70% of ALL taxes recieved by the govt, and the govt wastes countletss of billions of idiot earmarks and stupid programs which support corruption. how is it “couragous” to demand others pay for what you want? how is it couragous that half of americas (not the evil rich mind you) pay 0% taxes? you want fair then have a flat tax for EVERYONE to pay and cut govt spending to a bare minimum. cut entitlements to a minimum and demand strict accountability and keep it on state or private. ANd before anyone comments back wth the same marxist talking points which include words like ‘banksters’ remember the facts are NOT on your side andthe GOVT made the laws and the GOVT is a thousand times more corrupt than any business. you show me a business who broke the law ill back you. but most of OWS and people like them complaints are like selfish children, they just dont like these places and want to punish them NOT that they broke any laws. this is a law ran by spoiled children and the fact that its comming up in cali (a place known for nanny state marxist morons, where the govt is corrupt and business is leaving, and the place is full for criminals) is NO suprise. nanny state supporters are people who SHOULD be enslaved cause they are too stupid and inferior to support themselves

  16. John says:

    Note they said a PERCENTAGE POINT MORE. How can someone possibly say it’s unfair if low earners and high earners are paying taxes equal to the same percentage of their incomes?!! Makes no sense whatsoever!

    1. jason zeidler says:

      John, being against this makes PERFECT sense. what good would a 1% raise do? you can raise taxes 100% and it still does not cover the entitlements libs want. Next its a foot in the door. it makes it that much easier to force others to pay for what we want. its not courage to say ‘i want this YOU pay for it!” thats what a child in K-mart says, not a gwown adult who wants to be free. As i have stated in other osts, the simple facts that the rich pay more in taxes than anyone overall, next half of americans pay 0 taxes and thats not the rich, the govt wastes more money on corrupt entitlement programs, illegals, and other ear marks which could be eliminated all together or retooled to be better. Also the rich are taking advantage of legal loopholes and deductions the same as most Americans do(especially the liberal rich who are calling or more taxes, like barr, moore, simmons), you may not like it but its not illegal , and they are under no obligation to do otherwise. and last but not least Liberals can pay as much in taxes as they want and always have been able to do, but they never do

    2. Ryan Martin says:

      You keep saying fair, she pays way more than a percentage point when you include federal taxes. read some of the other comments that break it down. the truth is government needs to spend less and the Dems need to stop making promises they can’t keep.

  17. ranger says:

    Why blame Kim for being able to afford excellent tax attorneys so that she doesnt pay alot in taxes? Instead, blame the people who wrote the tax codes and loopholes so that the rich dont have to pay alot in taxes.

  18. Joe says:

    In California’s endless wisdom, Raise taxes on the wealthy ,…..BRILLIANT!!!!!! During a Recession, what IDIOTS!!!!!!This is why the State is BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……Calif. is HOSTILE indian territory so to speak !!!!! Businesses by the DROVES are LEAVING the State because of HIGH TAXATION, and guess what kids, THERE GO THE JOB AS WELL!As well as it’s more wealthy citizens for the same reason. Also the population for the FIRST Time is DROPPING !!!! Because it has become such an Unfriendly place to live in,intheconomic sense. I Lived there HALF My life and NO LONGER DO !!!!!! Brings to Mind the TRUTHFUL Cliche’ ” SOCIALISM 101 – Punish the Producers and Reward the Losers” And watch as the State of California MELTS down into ONE BIG WELFARE GHETTO, Populated ONLY by ILLEGAL Immigrants from South of the Border. And then Mexico can once again RECLAIM the LANDS they BELIEVE We stole from them………..

  19. Congrats to Kim on her $12M says:

    Well said everyone! Can’t believe this group would make such a rediculous analogy. It shows a lack of intelligence. These are the same people who are “occupying wall street.” They are trying to get something for nothing. It is actually a prime example of what is wrong with our country. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. If they don’t want to work hard, then they can continue paying their tax on their $47,000/year.

  20. Peter Morton says:

    Why pick on Kim K. when there are far more richer people in Pacific Palisades, Beverly hills, Newport Beach and other rich gathering places where the Hollywood Elite go. But the Hollywood elite make sure to wine and dine politicians to make sure that they write tax laws that benefit them. Remember Obama’s many trips to West LA.. Why don’t they tax the Russian Jewish mafia running all the Marijuana dispensaries. These guys are racking in billions or tax the pornography industry who are really destroying our society.

    1. jason zeidler says:

      its not the fact that there are other and more rich people. thee problem is that there is a segment of society who fully believe that they have moral justifications and a duty to take by force money others have earned and keep it and redistribute it to thoes they feel are deserving. “they can afford it” is the child like cry of ows and their supporters who have given up and never tried to take care of themselves, but still are so self entitled that when given the opportunties to make their own, furiously protest and cry opression at the very thought of the freedom to support yourself. These people take a failed and opressive system like marxism and socialism, which was created in a time and place when where you were born determined where you went and there was no choice or movement in class, and try to use it in a system where ‘rags to riches’ is quite prevelant and normal and use it to recieve things they dont want to pay for. the same people who say “tax the rich” are in many many cases themselves well off and or not starving. they think their money was always earned ‘correctly’ and others money was somehow not. this lets them set the rules up so that it never applies to them directly, but lets them pose as ‘one of the opressed’ and hide their own hypocricy. you see this very thing in rosanne barr, buffet, russle simmons, mike moore and the plethera of other celebs looking to ‘be the people’ and most dangerous you see this in the politicians and power mongers looking to use class warfare to solidify power not for ‘the people’ but themselves

  21. Dj Jazzy Jefferson Airplane says:

    How about the idea that those of us who pay more taxes, not percentage wise, but money wise, get more for our money? That’s fair, isn’t it? The writers for this website are horrible. There are misspellings in every article and their “news” reporting is garbage. This site hires a bunch of community college drop outs.

    1. jason zeidler says:

      first off…love the name its fantastic!. but the sad part is i bet most of the publishers of that site are rich kids from ivy league schools. indocrinated by their marxist professors into believing that the “1%” which they are firmly apart of needs to be taxed more,…but not them as they are better. The sad part is that these kids and people like them never want to start at the bottom and work. they never want the govt to fufill its designated goal and stop wasting our money which is the only thing govt is good at. they assume like the kids they are that all problems have the same solutions, more govt more money which has been proven time and again to not work.

  22. rankin1 says:

    there is no end to these black armenians,

  23. The King of Justice says:

    I need to feed my children…………………I wanna make a sex tape

  24. Perry Yoshida says:


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