SANTA ANA (CBS) — Officials are trying to identify a 70-something Spanish-speaking woman located today in Santa Ana.

The woman, known only as Lupe, was found in the 2100 block of Myrtle Street, according to the Santa Ana Police Department. She appears to be lost or possibly suffering from dementia.

The disoriented woman was wearing a gray shirt over an orange and black long-sleeve shirt and pink polka dot pants.

She has been taken to a local hospital and is awaiting contact with Adult Protective Services.

Authorities urged anyone with information regarding the woman to contact the Santa Ana Police Department at (714) 245-8701.

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Comments (9)
  1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    Maybe she speaks English and is trying to tell the authorities, “Lou, pay.” If I were the police, I’d look for someone named Lou who owes her money.

  2. Bob Henning says:

    I have no earthly idea who the woman is but she must be from a very nice neighborhood, A very discerning Shopper with an eye for fashion. From the Description of her Clothing she must live near a Macys or Nordstrom.

  3. answer_man says:

    Just so the national taxpayer can feed billions more to Californica’s welfare apparatus? Fvck that. Send the b!tch back to mejico, cuba, DR, anywhere but here.

  4. Michael says:

    seems simple to me if she does not match a missing persons report, has no ID, can’t or won’t tell you who she is other then LUPE that reads NOT HERE LEGALLY so put her on a bus back to mexico

    1. dave says:

      agreed if she was sufering from demntia odds on she would be in the care of SOMEONE who would have reported her missing. so if there is not missing persons report matching this person then i say send her to mexico she has to be playing some game. my grandmother had dementia before she died and you could get more out of her then her name. she thought it was the 1930-40s and that she was some young chick with all the guys after her lol so im fairly sure this woman is not DEMENTED or she would have some DEMENTED thoughts. not telling the police anything but LUPE means she does not want them to know who she really is

  5. dave says:

    and if you want help to ID the women it might not be a bad idea to post her photo lol simply saying she is in her 70s and has bad taste in cloths really is not of much help

  6. Alimiel says:

    I can not believe the heartless, cruel, nasty, cold, disgusting and sickening comments I just finished reading…..Alpha Kenny Juan,
    Bob Henning, answer_man, Michael and Dave….you people disgust me…how would you like it if you or one of your family members were lost in Mejico, Cuba or DR and they put your ass on a bus and drop you off in San Diego and your family is frantically looking for you and can’t find you???? Think about it…Rub those 2 evil brain cells and think how you would feel !!! KARMA will come back to take a big bite out of your ASS,

    1. dave says:

      can you not read?? the story clearly say they are seeking the publics help to ID the woman which means very clearly THERE IS NO FAMILY FRANTICLY LOOKING FOR HER or they would have made a missing persons report and if i was lost in mexico and they droped me off back in san diego. I WOULD THANK THEM FOR THE FREE RIDE HOME. this woman is not LOST she knows very well where she is and the idea of DEMENTIA is bull becuase a demented person would be spouting lots of strange talk and would likely say WAY more then my name is LUPE. plus she clearly is not an american because there is no way you can hit your 70s here and NOT HAVE YOUR FINGER PRINTS on file so to me its very clear SHES AN ILLEGAL

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