Verizon Scraps Plan To Charge Some Customers $2 ‘Convenience Fee’

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Verizon announced Friday that it is scrapping a plan to charge customers a $2 fee for paying bills over the phone or online with a credit card.

A “convenience fee,” which was scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 15, would not have applied to electronic check payments or automatic credit card payments.

Experts say Verizon, the country’s largest cell phone provider, was trying to push customers to sign up for its free automatic payment program.

A spokesperson for Verizon says it changed the plan because of customer feedback.

  • Dael

    that’s ridiculous. there aren’t any more charges associated with billing to a credit card by the month than there are automatically. Glad I didn’t switch to them. I hope they have a Netflix moment…

  • games they play

    they persuade you to go paperless and then turn around and charge you…?

  • alg

    What all Verizon customers should do if they want to cancel their contract is consult with a LAW FIRM that has a record of success against telephone companies in the past. Further, a class action suit against Verizon and their OUTRAGEOUS $2 fee to pay their bill(I’m assuming it’s their verizon bill) is so outrageous it is CRIMINAL.
    I knew there was a reason I didn’t want verizon as a company that had so many complaints against it, far more than AT&T for example, although AT&T is also somewhat outrageous. They do try to please the customer however.
    I have decided to lower my cell phone bill, a small company in Oregon called
    CONSUMER CELLULAR has a very good record of service, and is cheap.
    check it out.

  • redneckwriter

    And I thought about switching to Verizon. Not going to happen now.

  • Doug

    Only the people can stop this corporate greed. This is the second example so keep up the good work.

    • alg

      right on.!!!!
      The voice of the people is very strong. I could see protests a mile long at every VERIZON office. breaking of windows, etc. I do not advocate this of course., but as an ALL SEEER, I can imagine what would happen.

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