Lawyer For Man Suspected Of Shooting Soldier Speaks Out

SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — A lawyer representing the man who police say shot a soldier is alleging that his client was under attack when shots were fired, the Associated Press reported.

Michael J. Holmes is representing 19-year-old Ruben Ray Jurado, who was charged Tuesday with the attempted murder of Army Spec. Christopher Sullivan.

“It appears that he was being attacked and he was on the ground and was being kicked in the back, stomach, the head, and that is consistent with the injuries that I observed,” Holmes said, according to AP. “It is alleged at that point that Mr. Sullivan was shot.”

Sullivan, who was on a two-week leave, was shot at a homecoming party at a friend’s house last Friday night.

Jurado turned himself in at the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department in Chino Hills on Monday afternoon.

The suspect and Sullivan, 22, both attended San Bernardino High School.

A witness told CBS2 that it was at that welcome home party when Sullivan’s younger brother was hit while trying to break up an argument and Sullivan was shot in the neck while trying to come to his brother’s aid.

Doctors reportedly told family members that Sullivan, who is on life support, has been paralyzed.

Jurado is expected to be arraigned this week, according to AP.

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  • lezeet amarata

    i think sullivan was a cholo no matter if came from war the point he comes from a latina mother that she don’t care about her own family.if the suspect was attacked first what he was expecting from him cry or what was self defense. but i don’t think the d a see like that d s’s only are looking prosecute people is the wal they can get higher positions the whole system of the law is broken in 1,000,000,000 pieces we don’t have the law working right .the law system sucks california.

    • Astonished

      And I think you’ve lost whatever sense you may have had in the first place. Did you even go to school because your post makes zero sense.

      Besides, Considering that Jurado brought a gun to the party AND used it, is pretty self-explainitory as to who was the thug here. And looking at his booking photo, I sure don’t see any wounds or bruises, do you?

  • Mike

    I call BS on this. He probably got his bumps and bruises from the family kicking his cowardly ass into the police station. And why do you bring a gun to a party? If you thought you needed it, DON’T GO TO THE PARTY!
    My only sympathy goes to the family of the victim, who should be praised not only for his defense of our country, but for stepping up to protect his brother.

    • Len

      I agree. Why bring a gun to a party. One report said he wasn’t invited to the party in the first place. Go fiigure.

      • Aljareh

        Randy, I am cuurois why you are so transfixed with the salaries of these people. They are not elected officials nor are they paid with tax dollars. It is private enterprise so if they want to overpay their executives, let them. That is the beauty of capitalism. The ones who should be concerned are the ones to whom they owe money, they have that right to vent.

  • Astonished

    Sorry, I’m not buying his defense. It makes no sense. Jurado is not the victim here, no matter what his “lawyer” says. He had no business bringing a loaded weapon to that party. My guess is he got drunk and ignorant and after getting into a totally stupid arguement, over a football game for crying out loud, he pulls the gun and fires, hitting Sullivan.

    How much do you want to bet if Jurado does indeed have any injuries, it’s because people at the party were trying to restrain him after he shot Sullivan.

  • Astonished

    This is forlezeet amarata. Maybe you’ll understand it better.

    Jurado es un invertebrado de residuos poco golfillo de la respiración que no tiene defensa. Suena como si estuviera en busca de problemas y la encontró. Desafortunadamente, una persona inocente tuvo que pagar el precio de su “Ser un cholo muy, muy malos”.

    • Christopher

      Super su mi nove ojcipe za blog, ali što god da isprobam ništa mi ne uspije, uvijek mi izbaci ovu poruku "Predložak nije moguće analizirati jer nije dobro oblikovan. Provjerite jesu li svi XML elementi dobro zatvoreni. Poruka o pogrešci s XML-om: The value of attribute "alt" associated with an element type "null" must not contain the '<' character.Error 500"Molim savjet i pomoć!

  • Will Campbell

    This defense lawyer needs to learn two words “No comment,” and save his arguments for the judge and jury. Pleading his client’s case to the media is an amateurish waste.

  • Astonished

    So, do you know something the rest of us don’t? How do you know that Sullivan is a gangster? Or are you drawing from personal experience?

  • Woods

    lolololololollol mexican. And only mexican.

  • know both victim and ''suspect''

    I know first hand the press has to speculate on some of the information it prints, and I also know some of what they say is dead on. So here goes: that is an old booking photo. Jurado was an invited guest to the party. Both men are important, kind, and sensible. Both men were at the right place and right time, for the wrong situation. This incident has reached national attention due to the victims veterans status and the DA is railroading the ”suspect” because he is a poster child for a prison inmate. This isnt the first time I have read wrong details that I can personally confirm from printed and electronic press.

  • know both victim and ''suspect''

    I know facts in this case. I know a lot of you posting your ridiculous comments, will kick yourselves later (if you were raised to be moral, ethical, and non-prideful). Those of you posting ”racially” charged comments should realize no crime is contained by ethnicity. That people raised in SB, coming from gang infested communities, can and do make something of themselves. It is harder for males to break free of social pressures and when they do try they are supressed by ignorance. Understandable everyone has their opinions, but facts trump opinion.

  • know both victim and ''suspect''

    By the way, I was not saying nor implying Sullivan being a ganster. I was making a statement to the fact that press may and has been wrong. Also, just because the press labels someone the suspect, accused, sought out person, etc. doesn’t mean they are automatically guilty.

  • Sahil

    O’Sullivans is a joke now. There is no one perosn worth what they are paying their executives. Must be nice to run a company in the ground and then to have the guts to ask for a pay raise! The problem with a lot of companies these days is the fact the CEO’s really have no idea what the company they are running does, they just know that no one is worth as much money as they are. Management is pretty much a country club affair. You have to yuck yuck with the brass and believe things that arent true just to advance!

  • fnvtodffdg

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