LOS ANGELES (CBS) — District Attorney Steve Cooley warned consumers Tuesday of a new “robo-call scam” aimed at getting confidential banking information from unsuspecting victims.

Authorities said the “robo-calls” messages say there is a computer problem with the banking network. They ask the customer to confirm bank account information, including credit and debit card numbers with personal identification numbers (PINs).

“Consumers need to be extremely wary of telephone calls requesting sensitive information about banking or credit cards,” Cooley said. “Legitimate banks and financial institutions do not call their customers to request personal identifying information or discuss banking network problems.”

Cooley said consumers should call police if they believe they are victims of the fraud.

To learn more about “robo-call” scams, click here.

Comments (3)
  1. AM says:

    I called 3 weeks ago about this and they are just now releasing info???? Lazy Cooley…

  2. ginny says:

    Anyone dumb enough to provide information over the phone or via a e-mail link is crazy. I have recived both, ignored them and then called my bank directly to report the call/e-mail.

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