RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A police pursuit in Riverside ended Thursday night with a driver in custody and a passenger in critical condition after being shot by a Riverside Police officer.

Around 8:20 p.m., officers reportedly attempted to make a routine traffic stop. The female driver of a white sedan led police on a short pursuit that ended near the intersection of 10th Street and Ottawa Avenue.

The female driver was taken into custody, but her male passenger took off on foot. An officer chased after him and at some point opened fire.

The man was transferred to Riverside Community Hospital in critical condition.

Police recovered a gun nearby. An investigation is underway.

Comments (13)
  1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    I am very alarmed by the recent string of suspects ending up in the Hospital in critical condition after an Officer involved shooting. KILL THESE AZZ HOLES! Save the Tax payer some money.

    1. pat says:

      Obliviously you know nothing about shooting a gun except what you see on TV. Have you ever tried to shoot a gun accurately while running..Try it sometimes and you might be surprised of your own stupid comment..

      1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

        Pat U R A Moron! You never shoot a gun while you are running, stop then shoot. By the way I’m retired military, 24 consecutive years expert rifleman, and sharp shooter pistol.

    2. John Jason Chun says:

      I 100% agree…… call the coroner not the Paramedics….

  2. lorena says:

    lately to many shooting….. why shoot the passenger .. it was the women driving, maybe he didn’t wanted to get in more trouble by been with the women in the car after she done the stupid thing she did… so he took off why shoot at him.. very sad… wow hope that gets resolve by putting the wright criminal in bars who ever did the wrong thing and if you have not done wrong don’t run from the police were ever you partner did explain to the police you were just there if you run then your going to be guilty stay calm and get the ticket don’t argued be safe then sorry.

  3. Adams says:

    Maybe the passenger ran because he was holding, but why shoot him? Come on cops, tackle the guy or taser him. Does the cop get a trophy for shooting him was he’s running? Stuff him and put him your den.

    1. John Jason Chun says:

      Gun vs. Gun! Like DUH!!!

  4. fidel says:

    Bad Shooting, this is example of cop shootings on the rise, shot ask questions later

  5. Joshua says:

    Use female (girlfriend) to drive a stolen vehicle while the male (boyfriend) holding a gun in the passenger seat is what hispanic gang banger or criminal usually do. When thing gone bad, the male (boyfriend) likely run off abandoning the female (girlfriend) at the scene. What’s also likely happen later is police would find the suspect near the border. It’s a routine pattern of hispanic crime story. Nothing good about.

  6. Beautifulpoet says:

    What i dont understand is why you people have such bad things abou7t some one you dont know. The riverside police department is trying to cover it up and keep the officer as he was in the right i understand he has a job to do but officers are suppose to be trained. There are man ways to stop a person on foot. Another thing there tryin to justify the shooting saying he had a gun and or used it against the officer. the statement that was released stated the officers didnt know if he had a gun, now there saying it was found near by in the area to it was next to after the face. Peolple need to stop abusing the power and the family will not rest untill there is justice.

  7. Frank Barnes says:

    The literary quality of some of these comments leads me to wonder just how many people in Riverside can actually read this story….

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