UPDATE (As of Dec. 24): Police report that the man has been found.

ONTARIO (CBS) — Ontario police are asking for the public’s help locating a missing man who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Ruben Alvarez left home for a short walk Friday and never returned. His family says Alzheimer’s leaves the 74-year-old man easily confused and disoriented.

Alvarez, who speaks Spanish and a limited amount of English, usually walks to Wendy’s or Jack in the Box on Vineyard Avenue, between G Street and Holt Boulevard.

He was last seen wearing a black cap, black leather jacket, black jeans, and brown slip-on shoes.

Alvarez has only lived in Ontario for two weeks. Police believe he could be headed toward his old neighborhood in the Lynwood area.

Anyone who has seen Alvarez is asked to contact the Ontario Police Department at (909) 986-6711.

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  1. Joan says:

    Thank you, CBS, for posting this story. When my father went missing a few months ago in Los Angeles, it was impossible to get the news to cover his story for over a week. The media could be heroes if they help find missing people. It means so much to the families. I believe it was CBS that finally aired our story. I hope they find this man alive and well.

  2. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    Oh my god” what is going on people are going missing this is heart breaking my prayers that they can find him soon and safe….. to all the beautiful people out there help this family find their father I would help search if i had a car so I am asking if someone have seen this man or have a car to help search if they leave also closed or post need help on finding this man to bring him home to his family ……. thank you and god bless to everyone that is trying to help and has done so and have a wonderful christmas and let us make them have one too…. god be, by the way I am not a church person but I believe in helping everyone wen we can to all may god give you abundance in life and may this year bring you the best there is to us all

  3. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    pleased help this family find their father…. to everyone post it on all the internet and if you are out there were he was last seen help find him and bring this father home safe for the holly days… thank you to all listeners god bless too

  4. I love asian booty says:

    The missing man is easily confused and disoriented, then why on earth would you allow him to go for a short walk alone? Something about this story seems fishy or the family is really stupid.

    1. Angela V says:

      I’m sure you’ve never cared for someone with this disease, but I have. It can be like caring for a small child without the benefits of a crib, etc. My Grandfather used to “wander” and go for walks after everyone was asleep. My Aunt thought of hiding his shoes each night before going to bed because if he couldn’t find his shoes he wouldn’t leave the house. Blaming this family isn’t necessarily fair. It’s a challenging job and the fact that they’ve taken it on says a lot about their level of concern for him. I hope he’s found safely and maybe my Aunt’s solution will help them in the future! It worked for my Grandpa. No shoes, no wandering.

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