LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Lynwood woman is facing federal terrorism charges after she made a false bomb threat to delay her husband’s flight out of Los Angeles International Airport.

According to court documents, Johnna Woolfolk called in a bomb threat to AirTran on Nov. 27. Woolfolk told a representative that her husband was planning to blow up an Atlanta-bound flight, FBI officials said.

Airline officials pulled Woolfolk’s husband off the flight. He denied the charges and told officials that he and his wife were having marital problems and that they recently had a fight.

FBI agents later interviewed Woolfolk at her Lynwood home who admitted to the call.

She was charged with providing false and misleading information. Woolfolk is expected to enter a plea next week in federal court.

Comments (47)
  1. Rog Meritt says:

    Ah, entitled liberal loonies strike again, good thing this now revokes her right to vote while she does prison time.

    1. jEFF says:

      The dems are trying to change that so inmates can vote. Being CA, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it done.

    2. K Altman says:

      Seriously? You bring party politics into this? How sad are you?

      1. JP says:

        These johnny one notes bring politics into everything. It is really sad that so many folks have nothing positive in their petty little lives.

      2. Ron Francis says:

        Why yes we are, going to bring in politics. why not liberals would, YOU are the Reason this great country is going into the $hitter. Hell Ca. is already there.

      3. Nica says:

        Iknowbetterthanthat on September 11, 2011 @iPhoneSmiles97O yeah? Everytime you have a wank your wasting mlonilis of lives.And if a girl is pregnant, but cant take care of the kid, then why no abortion? Or this, when a girl is raped, and pregnant because of that, would you still say no to abortion?

      4. Alejo says:

        convictiongamer on October 20, 2011 I think Saving Private Ryan should be a video game and it would be like world at but much much tteber. It would be a great first person shooter and it would have more weapons

  2. JOe Dutra says:

    And the magic color is?

  3. USArmyCombatMedic says:

    This was likely a major disturbance to others. Innocent people were just trying to get on a plane and see family/friends, and she pulls this crazy, selfish stunt. I hope they throw the book at her. I want to see prison time, then parole, plus a massive fine.

  4. TonyTonyTony says:

    Women can do what ever they want. That’s what the “View” says. Thank;s Joy. Thank;s so much.

  5. donnieboy says:

    if the hubby tried this on her, he would get serious jail time and be behind bars as we speak. lets see how miss princess is treated.

    1. John says:

      What planet are you replying from? Here on earth, the woman will get to fire the fatal round during his execution and a free trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid.

  6. donnieboy says:

    one more comment. think about the lie she spit out and then try to convince me that women don’t lie all the time about every subject that includes getting a man put on the chopping block. divorce court? nah, she wouldn’t lie. bs.

    1. John says:

      Donnieboy, women are never prosecuted or punished for anything because it’s always a mans fault. It looks like they found the man responsible for her actions and are now waiting for her to decide how he should be punished.

      1. Ed says:

        “women are never prosecuted or punished for anything”

        In the US, one out of every 89 women are either behind bars, on probation or on parole.

        How old are you, 10?

  7. Steven Goodwin says:


  8. Aaron says:

    Oh man, that was a great laugh. Not the fact you’re a fail troll, but I’m entertaining the idea that you genuine believe that is what the Tea Party is all about. I once said “I don’t feel safe walking downtown.” and was immediately called an ignorant racist. I made no reference to race at all. The fact is, downtown here has the highest concentration of crime in the city. Not sure what racist thoughts my accuser thought.

    I say I’m against foreign citizens entering this country illegally, but I have no problem if they come over legally as the law dictates. And guess what, I’m called a racist. The world is a funny place.

    1. babydriver says:

      That’s right, and folks keep telling me our troops are fighting for my freedom. I don’t see how. Must be failing big time as my freedoms just keep disappearing

      1. hyvision says:

        Unfortunately your comment contains more elements of truth than I would like to admit. When I served, I considered it my patriotic duty–following the footsteps of my father and grandfather. Today I look at the citiziens (and increasingly, non-citizens) the military are protecting and I sadly conclude that I would not be willing to sacifice my life for the majority of them. Lazy, fat, entitled, lacking sense of responsibility, no initiative, and “let the government take care of me” mentality. Unfortunately, these folks are not aware enough to realize their basic freedoms are constantly being eroded and their lives are being dictated by our “elite” political class. This story will not have a happy ending.

      2. Raluca says:

        December 6, 2011 so this sondus absolutely miserable!! wet, cold, and no victory. you’re a trooper for staying there!Sam recently posted..

  9. Midge Martin says:

    “Woman was God’s second mistake.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche


  10. youralyingsack says:

    Your not Tea Party member… you are a poser trying to give them a bad name. Tea party members are all about fiscal responsibility, not bigotry. Go back into the hole you climbed out of.

    1. Aaron says:


      I’m afraid the term “fiscal responsibility” is essentially a foreign word (read: gibberish) to the majority of Americans 😦 While I don’t want to remove each person’s individual responsibility to their own lives, these past generations have basically been raised to live off credit and thus fall in to debt.

      Having said that, they only know only what they are told to know. People simply have forgotten how to think. At least, that’s my >opinion<

  11. Don says:


  12. Buzz Sinkerizzi says:

    Murder/suicide would have been easier

  13. Mike Alright says:

    She should be set free. After all she is just a poor, weak, defenseless US woman after all.

  14. Wayne Wonder says:

    so lets get this straight…a muslim army major kills 11, wounds 30 and isnt called a terrorist … a woman calls in a false bomb threat and is a terrorist??? whats wrong with the obama admin?

    1. Viviane says:

      Jan Petters (Mom) December 6, 2011 Unfortunately the squirrel post has been taken off by the NFL. So I smsied seeing it boo! This reminds me when years ago I and friends were at the Indy 500 (Memorial Day weekend when it should have been fairly warm). It was soooo cold that the race car tires were havng trouble. What should have been a couple hours turned into hours and hours. We weren’t prepared for the cold and had only lightweight clothes guess we didn’t look at the forecast! Miserable day!!!

  15. Nicola says:

    You know the US has gone to the dogs when you can’t even call in one lousy bomb threat anymore. *sigh*

  16. Bill Fisher says:

    “See Something Say Something” right?

    So why would anyone risk calling in a legitimate tip if they risk being prosecuted?

    DHS & TSA need to make up their mind.

    1. Kratch says:

      Perhaps because, if it is a LEGITIMATE tip, they won’t be prosecuted. You are aware that this woman’s “tip wasn’t legitimate, it was a malicious attempt to punish her husband?

      This is the problem with the west today, even when it’s proven a woman has lied, she is assumed to be telling the truth (IE, legitimate tips)

  17. CommonCents says:

    ProudAryan, you are what is known as an agent provocateur (i.e. a democrat).

    1. Manish says:

      nomoreprettyfaces on September 25, 2011 omg the sauve thing was so corny lol but hey its 2 free docpurts so ill do it. i love your channel and facebook and site so great! im kat elliott on facebook it really would be great to have a forum and your site would be perfect for that

  18. AverageAmerican says:

    Most of these comments terrify me…what’s happening to us as a nation? So much anger and no where to put it…yikes!

    1. Nicola says:

      I think it’s because most people are insulated from one another and therefore don’t feel the need to respect each other. I could be wrong.

      Happy holidays to you and please don’t call in anymore bomb threats, okay? Thank you. 😉

  19. Leonard Henderson says:

    Obviously, this woman just doesn’t understand the proper way to utterly destroy a man. If she accused him of being violent or of CHILD ABUSE, he would have been a goner. Because THOSE allegations go to Family Court, where truth and evidence don’t matter. Not even being caught in a bald-faced LIE is a problem.

    See the Ruggiero case-

    1. Nurlisa says:

      eciordandvwdtaria1 on August 24, 2011 @OhDarlingjalinn bit*.ly/*p8faXifree stuff follow the link above! take out the two stars first

    2. Giap says:

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  20. Maveth says:

    A divorce is in order. Leave the loony female ASAP.

  21. Paul Battis says:

    Divorce time obviously. Why would anyone in their right mind want to stay with such a bitter, out of control wench. Run my good man far away.

    1. Kratch says:

      Two possible reasons: 1: Same reason women stay with their abusers. 2: If they have kids, he will lose them (because if she is a mother, there is no chance she will see jail time, and this isn’t good enough reason to deny a mother custody of her children in family court. And if you don’t think a woman who will call in a bomb threat to spite her husband would deny him visitation with his children, you are mad)

      1. Laureano says:

        is there any way go have email ntfiticaoion go back to the person who left a comment if I reply to his comment. ????

      2. Kratch says:

        @Laureano I have no idea if you can force a notification on someone else, but if the response is to me, know I have notification turned on

      3. nlvsnmhtyyi says:

        BtQB9d lthqbdpnyxfh

      4. Kratch says:


        Broken Link

  22. muchosechel says:

    Just returned from vietnam. can’t understand why any sane male American would marry an American woman raised on TV, feminism, delusions of entitlement and political correctness. They are all nuts

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