Dollar Stores Appealing To More Holiday Shoppers

LOS ANGELES (KNX 1070) — From toys to wrapping paper and wreaths, discount stores are appealing to more holiday shoppers on a budget.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks states that dollar stores are reporting increased sales of more than four percent as compared to a few months ago.

“For a bargain… you can get for the kitchen – that type of thing, utensils, that type of stuff — why pay more,” said one shopper at the 99¢ Only store in Glendale.

In addition, family dollar stores this year have boosted the number of $5 and $10 selections to bring shoppers more low-cost options, including electronics and wrapping paper.

  • Leonard

    Only poor uneducated minorities on foodstamps shop at those stores. You can keep all your expired food and trinkets!

    • ri067953

      Your crazy…it’s obvious you haven’t shopped in a 99 cent store. There are people from all walks of life, rich and poor, shopping for bargains. There are many useful things that can be purchased at one of these stores..

  • Wake Up!

    Dollar Tree rocks! I saved a ton this year by shopping there for paper, bows, cookie tins and stocking stuffers. I’m neither illegal or poor.

  • Joshua

    A bag of bean = $1, a bag of burrito wrap =$1. They spend $2 to make 10 burritos and treat their slump and overcrowded neighborhood, That how they got their praise on the good food. Amen.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    i love to going 1$ store. I have many many cheap thing buy there. Good quality on the things. smart of me buy all kitchen dish and spoon in 1$ tree store. My cousins says mariposa. we all mexicans make many many good friends in 1$ trees store. american should open 50 cent store for us and give us some coupons.

  • jdw

    no matter what you think or say……Its a booming business

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