LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Several family members who had loved ones wounded or killed at the SCE building in Irwindale tell CBS2 and KCAL9 that the company and police kept them in the dark for as many as nine hours.

Shrikane and Vibha Baradkar, uncle and aunt of Abhay Pimpale of Montebello, said they heard he had been shot by watching KCAL9.

Pimpale returned home Saturday evening about 9:20 p.m. The extent of his injuries is unknown but yesterday he was described in critical condition.

Ann Sterling, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to his family.

Shrikane told her, “He’s very lucky to be alive. Real lucky.”

Pimpale — father of a 3-year-old son and a newborn baby — did not want to appear on camera telling Sterling he only wanted to “spend time with my family.”

Neighbors of Andre Turner, accused as the gunman, said his wife Jean — fearing that she hadn’t heard from her husband all day — worried that he might be among the victims.

The Turners’ Norco neighbor Deidre Corbin says she spoke to Jean earlier in the day.

“I had asked her if she received a call, a text, or anything from him,” says Corbin. “She said that she hadn’t heard anything.”

It was not until hours later that Jean learned it was Andre himself who pulled the trigger.

Jay Jackson, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to several of Turner’s neighbors. Some wanted to appear on camera, some did not. But all agreed their quiet, soft-spoken and religious neighbor did not seem like the sort to go on a shooting rampage.

Robert Young said, “He was just this…nice guy. A nice guy. It’s hard for me to believe this has happened.”

Another neighbor who did not want his face shown repeatedly expressed his disbelief. “It’s quite shocking,” he said, “they’re a nice, lovely couple.”

Sterling reports that SCE apologized to families for the long delay in getting the word out. They said that police were conducting a thorough investigation and that their hands were tied.

Long-time SCE employees Robert Scott Lindsay and Henry Serrano were fatally shot.Lindsay, 53, hailed from Chino Hills. He was with SCE for 29 years. Serrano, 56, of Walnut, worked for SCE for 26 years.

KCAL9 and CBS2 reporter Suraya Fadel was with Lindsay’s parents in Costa Mesa when they learned their son was a victim in the attack. They received a call from his wife about 10:30 p.m., about nine hours after the rampage. She told them a police officer had just confirmed her husband, their son, was one of the dead. Fadel said they were “angry,” to say the least.

SCE has set up a fund for the victims. The company contributed $100,000 and urged their employees to also donate.

Comments (16)
  1. Jacques says:

    I don’t believe the company is racist but I know someone who works for the company and they told me how badly middle management and some supervisors treat employees.

  2. ChannelingTed says:

    Yawn. Was the shooter even competent enough to work there? I mean, it’s not the post office.

  3. NIKKI says:


  4. Phoebe says:

    How many people killed & hurt? And ” The company contributed $100,000″???
    A company that size ? $1000.000?? The urged their employees to contriibute?? Although SCE may not be directly responsible for what happened, it would seem that it would make for a better gesture if the did better than $100,000. Especially in a climate where big business is not though too well of. Hey, how long were their customers without power a few weeks ago?

    1. rich says:

      Phoebe THEY DO NOT OWE ANY ONE ANYTHING to me 100,000 is to much they did not cause this at all i am VERY SURE the workers have some form of life insurance and if they did not then that is their stupidity. you CAN NOT hold an employer responsibe for the mental breakdown of a worker
      as for SCE keeping people in the dark ARE YOU KIDDING ME when did it become their job to call you and say BY THE WAY YOUR LOVED ONE IS HURT OR DEAD that is the duty of the police and or hospitals that the loved ones went to. and the police ARE NOT going to stop in the middle of the scene to call you get a clue people

      1. Colleen says:

        It may not be SCE’s job to call the families and inform them of what happened, but it sure would have been nice for my Aunt and cousins to find out that something bad had happened to their husband and father in a phone call from SCE, rather than seeing a news report on TV! Have some respect.

    2. jj says:

      I believe is directly responsible for this tragedy. It’s a monopoly that retaliates against their employees and allows management to get away with illegal activity.

    3. James says:

      What would you like the company to do Phoebe? Increase ratepayer rates or charge the stockholders of this Investor Owned Utility. Let me guess. You probably believe in re-distribution in wealth, occupy Wall Street, and your beloved Obama as well. Good for you and Merry Christmas!

    4. April says:

      Phoebe why is it that you think SCE owes anyone anything. The donation is a nice gesture but it should not be forced. Andre Turner killed those people, he is dead and what more do you want.?

  5. Hammich says:

    I’m impressed by how some of you all have managed to work the windstorm, racism, blaming SCE for the cops not notifying them sooner of death/injury, and God into these comments. Maybe we should, I don’t know, feel sorry for the victims and their families instead of immediately blaming SCE for one man’s actions.

  6. Bob says:

    If this post is typical of your daily English usage, your race probably wasn’t the problem.

  7. CoWorker says:

    I worked with the 2 victims who died and they were both friendly and personable. Although I can’t speak to their relationship with the murderer, nothing they could have done can condone this monstrous behavior. My heart goes out to their grieving families.

  8. Common says:

    To bob, this is an english class but an avenue for one to express his or her feelings. Its fake and angry people like you who pushes others to this limit. I bet you are a child predator.

  9. Please says:

    Sounds like the family is just tring to file a lawfuit for money. They left us in the dark for hours so you owe us 100 million dollars.

    1. Colleen says:

      “Please” Who said anything about suing? My Uncle happened to be one of the people that passed away. My family has not said ANYTHING about suing Edison, and as far as I know, neither have any of the other families. I’m not saying anything is OWED to my Aunt and cousins, but $25,000 each really isn’t that much money considering the major loss that ALL of the families are now being forced to deal with. Check your manners before you go on a verbal rampage about the families that have already lost so much.

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