LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A baby recently born at County USC Medical Center is giving a whole new meaning to “little bundle of joy.”

Melinda Star Guido was born weighing barely half a pound, making her the world’s third smallest infant ever recorded born.

She was born 14 weeks early, on Aug. 31. Her actual due date was Dec. 15.

smallest baby3 Oh, Baby! Half Pound Infant Weighs In At 3rd Smallest In World

The baby’s parents, Haydee Ibarra and Yovani Guido, say they know their daughter is a fighter.

“She was always fighting, and all the nurses were saying that she was really feisty,” Ibarra said. “She was always fighting for her life.”

Photos from immediately after her birth show Melinda’s parents putting a hand alongside her to indicate she was barely the size of a palm.

Dr. Rangasamy Ramanathan, chief of the hospital’s neonatology department said he had his doubts whether Melinda was going to survive.

“The first three or four days, I was worried if this baby was going to make it,” said “So every day, more than once we spoke to the family and said we take it minute by minute.”

Comments (5)
  1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    That’s funny; when I hear the name “Guido,” I picture a huge Italian guy.

  2. Jay says:

    how can this be? at nearly a half pound, and three months early? My son was born 2 months early, and he had not yet fully developed. His lungs were not complete yet, as he was 2lb 7 oz. How can this child survive with such organs have not yet developed, resp and brain? A little hard to believe or was the weight miscalculated?

  3. mOm2PrEeMiE says:

    My daughter was born at 28 weeks and was just under 2 lbs. Her lungs were not completly developed, she had no cartilage in her ears, you could almost see through her skin, it was opaque. I think they said this baby was born at 24 weeks though right? If so then it is possible she was that small. My daughter is dealing with many issues related to prematurity and at 2, was diagnosed with cancer. She is fine now but we will not know the extent of brain damage if any until she is older, as she is only 2.5 YO.

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