Cashier Fired For Receipts Labeled ‘Ching’, ‘Chong’ At OC Chick-fil-A

IRVINE (CBS) โ€” A cashier at a fast food restaurant in Irvine has been fired after insulting two Asian customers.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports it all stems from two racially-charged names that were printed on a receipt.

The cashier reportedly typed the names “Ching” and “Chong” on the receipt of two customers who said they were regulars at the Chick-fil-A restaurant on Jamboree Road.

She was fired soon after the incident was reported, officials said.

A company spokesman called the incident “immature behavior, failed judgment, and human error”.

Chick-fil-A has recently come under fire from gay rights activists for its support of traditional marriage.

The chain’s political leanings, however, have yet to weaken demand for its food as evidenced in September when crowds flocked to the grand opening of its newest store in Hollywood.


One Comment

  1. dave says:

    too bad the cashier isn’t Rosie O’Donnell, who seems to think all asians speak ‘ching-chong’

    1. Keith K says:

      Is there any proof that those weren’t the names given to the cashier trying to get their 15 minutes?

      1. Ceilon Stuart Chen says:

        you are an idiot, Keith….
        unless you are the same type of person who would do that. a-hole

      2. LTCB says:

        Actually, dufus, Keith is correct. There should have been a bit more investigative work before terminating the employee. And, yes, I’m pretty sure they DIDN’T because MOST companies are so afraid of the PC police that they don’t bother to check this sort of allegation out at all. I could get ANYONE fired if it suited me but, I wouldn’t. That does not mean that these other folks DID NOT.

      3. David says:

        “You wan’ combination meeeaaal?”

        “You wan’ combination flied rice?”

        “You wan’ the cream of sum-yung-gai with combination meeeaaal?”

      4. Marach says:

        Keith K..
        Ceilon Stuart Chen is correct….if their names were Ching and Chong, why would they complain.

      5. BokChoy says:

        Ultimately, this all comes down to:

        Dog meat consumption in South Korea:

      6. MAP says:

        I think the RAGHEADS should not have been served. Enuf with PC!

    2. Lazybum says:

      but Dave, you forget: Rosie is a lib, therefore is immune to charges of racism. Chick-a-fil ownership refuses to sell out their religious beliefs, therefore they are evil.

      Pretty simple.

      1. Nate says:

        It’s only simple if you’re a simple minded person who reduces everything to a “good guys vs. bad guys” issue, and judging by your use of absurd generalizations, you almost certainly fit that bill.

      2. jstain says:


        but Dave, you forget: Rosie is a lib, therefore is immune to charges of racism. Chick-a-fil ownership refuses to sell out their religious beliefs, therefore they are evil.

        “… nailed that one square on the head.

    3. MondaleLuvr says:

      I heard they hired OJ as their spokesperson. Who else would know more about Chick-filet?

    4. ben says:

      However, isn’t Chong Hispanic? One of ’em was… As for Rosie; more like Rush and his bad mimicing.

      1. Eric Swinson says:

        Cheech was Hispanic. Chong was half Scottish half Chinese. If she wanted to be more accurate she could have said Li, Wang, Chang or Chen and probably got one of them right.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Chick Fil A is a Christian restaurant, and they abide by decency and respect. This sort of behavior is not typical.
    That being said, gays and hyper active liberals may want to dine elsewhere.

    1. PF says:

      Why would they need to dine elsewhere if they were treated with decency and respect?

      1. chingchong says:

        because being treated ike everyone else is never good enough for the Left – you have to be treated the same but differently in a manner that seperates you out as being exactly like me only not really – duh

      2. rjm2238 says:

        Because that is not enough for them. There are many who are rabble rousing, activist miscreants who like to jam their life styles and choices down the throats of others, simply because they sense those others might be offended by them.
        It is about time somebody showed them the door for a change.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      3. Jo says:

        Not need to, may want to. Pay attention lib.

      4. Nate says:

        Woa woa woa, who started a “Say the dumbest false stereotype that comes to minds about a liberal” contest and didn’t tell me!


      5. jonsie says:

        Because other diners may not want to eat with gays and hyperactive liberals.

  3. JohnB089057 says:

    Wonder if and African Americans looked at their receipts?

    1. Silly Goose says:

      It’s Irvine…there are no blacks there…….just sayin’

      1. Ceilon Stuart Chen says:

        there is Blacks in Irvine

      2. Silly Goose says:

        Ceilon Stuart Chen – No, there are very few blacks in Irvine. Only white folks and Asians that play tennis and/or the violin. I was just at the Chick Fil A at the Market Place on Jamboree last week while at a 2 day water polo tourney at Woodbridge High. Never saw one black persone the entire time we were there.

      3. HM Phobe says:

        “there is Blacks in Irvine”

        Way to go Chen – no stereotype from your grammar

    2. MrDee says:

      I have been looking all over the map. Exactly where is “Africa-America located?

      1. Zippy says:

        Somewhere near Detroit or Philly.

      2. Damon Smithwick says:

        Haha… yeah. I’m so sick of the politically correct. They’re ‘blacks’, people. Why is the term white OK but the term black is not? Politically correct stupidity, that’s why.

      3. shlomo glick says:

        wonderful. i’ve wanted to know that as well. along with american germany, american india, american france, etc….

      4. curious says:

        Ask National Association for Advancement of Colored People or
        the American Negro College Fund………..

      5. Phil Reese says:

        Try Chicongo, IL

      6. Capt Moroni says:

        That my friend is one of the best questions I’ve read all day.

      7. jstain says:

        Somewhere near Detroit or Philly.”
        Yep, you need a linguist to travel through there, and body armor…

  4. Dervrak says:

    At least it didn’t say Cheech and Chong. That would be insult to Marajuana smokers everywhere.

    1. Dave says:

      Dave’s not here

    2. dc says:

      Hahaha maybe that’s what she meant to write but can’t spell!!! Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore???

      1. Chooch says:

        License? itโ€™s on the bumper in the back.

  5. Minerva says:

    I won’t eat there – not because of their belief’s but because they use COFA chicken. COFA chicken is raised in extremely cruel situations and are force fed by products from cattle and pig slaughter houses

    1. Thomas says:

      In honor of you, I’m heading there today for lunch. I might even double-down with an extra box of nuggets, too.

      mmmmm COFA chicken is mighty tasty!

    2. Brian says:

      COFA chicken still tastes good!

    3. George Johnson says:

      Yep, I think I’ll eat there today and order an EXTRA sandwich just for you.

    4. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Minerva, why don’t you eat here?

    5. Bill Galluccio says:

      So it is acceptable for you to eat chicken, so as long it is treated well before it has its head chopped off?

    6. Mike says:

      As opposed to a more humane way of killing and slaughtering chickens????

    7. MrDee says:

      It’s been reported that Gays, Christians, and Atheists choose COFA chicken by a wide margin. I don’t think the chickens have such a discriminating diet. Especially that they are stupid birds that will eat rocks.

      1. TweedleDee says:

        Birds eat rocks to help their digestion, learn something new everyday right? How about adding substance instead of leaving stool.

    8. shlomo glick says:

      a dead chicken is a dead chicken is a dead chicken.

      get a life.

    9. Lazybum says:

      and they developed chickens that are born without bones too!

      Minerva-You should stop and get a big old mug of shut the f^ck up.

      1. Ashley Henderson says:

        I’ve heard of those boneless chickens! Yup! They’re called “Chicken Nuggets”

    10. Chris says:

      COFA puts the Chicken in Chicken-fried Steak. That’s what makes it so yummy

      1. kelly says:

        Chicken Fried Steak has no chicken in it. It’s beef that is fried like it was chicken the “Chicken Fried” steak.

    11. Silly Goose says:

      I think it’s actually CAFO…not COFA. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.

  6. ricardo maxwell says:

    much ado about nothing! It’sTime to stop political correctness

  7. Dana says:

    Minerva, you’re full of it.

  8. Jason Weishaupt says:

    Asians, no sense of humor. I am checking with Chinese wife now to see what she has to say about it.

    JJ The Fed

  9. steve says:

    What is wong with people these days?

    1. TheRealKingMax says:


  10. Justin Time says:

    Ya, if an Asian printed Smith on a receipt, we’d be totally offended and demand their immediate termination as well… oh wait, we would probably laugh with them.

    1. Peacetrain says:

      Not if Hitler, KKK, or Jew was printed on the receipt.

      1. Cap says:

        However, Ching and Chong are two very valid and common Chinese names..I doubt a caucasian would be offended in China if someone wrote Smith and Jones on their receipt..Just another example of the hyper-sensitive PC culture in which we now live…

      2. fgsg says:

        were they? No…. nice attempt at hyperbole their freakshow

      3. bubbles says:

        No be honest now. If you were in China, ordered some food, and you looked down and your receipt said Jew, that would not be hysterical to you?

  11. David says:

    Whoa… why does the article try to correlate this obvious incident of racism with the company’s support of traditional marriage, two completely unrelated issues.

    1. george says:

      Not unrelated if you’re out to smear the restaurant chain with everything in your arsenal. Behold the current state of objective journalism.

  12. Mr. Skippy says:

    Everybody knows that the only people you can make jokes about anymore are white heterosexual males. Everyone else is off limits.

    1. freecheese says:

      Correction, Skippy: Hollywood and the media can joke about “white heterosexual SOUTHERN males” always portrayed is toothless, dumb, bare-footed hillbilly hicks.
      All they know about Southern white males is derived from what Hollywood themselves tought them about said men: The Beverly Hillbillies and Dukes of Hazard !
      How sad. I have been laughed at by Northerners (and Kolliforinians) when I tell them I am from the MS Gulf Coast.

  13. me so pc says:

    Yeah. And what do those two Asian people call white people? And they’ll get laughs and applause for it. Eff off, liberals. You self-loathing idiots.

    1. Reaper says:

      What are you talking about round-eye?

      1. Timothy McGarry says:

        dog eye or cow eye

  14. Astonished says:

    I’ve eaten at Chick-Fil-A many times and have had nothing but excellent service. I can’t for the life of me understand where this employees’ mind was that day.

    As for the copany’s support of traditional marriage. Well, we do live in America and they have that right. And potential patrons have the equal right to eat or not at their restaurants.

    1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo says:

      He mind be at home

      Want to work at home restaurant.

      Rat-Fil-A Buffet.

      You wan flies with that?

  15. Jeez says:

    Gotta love when Drudge links to a story. Something magical happens: The only kind of racism in America is reverse racism, gays and “hyper active liberals” should not feel welcome in restaurants, animal cruelty is OK and those Asian customers should be blamed for complaining. And God bless that cashier. What a world.

    1. goshgollygee says:

      Oh and there’s that false dilemma that libtots are so fond of. An either/or that only exists in their little drug-addled minds. Lick it, Jeezie. We’re taking the trash out.

      1. Jeez says:

        Point proven. Keep up the hate!

    2. goshgollygee says:

      Uh huh. That sound bite gonna keep you warm when you’re out on your ass?

    3. Just Asking says:

      First of all, why do you assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with you must have found the story on Drudge? Has it occurred to you that yours isn’t the only opinion in the area? Second, how do you know it’s on Drudge unless you went there yourself? Third, what’s wrong with having a variety of views on the board? Or would you rather it was just people who agree with you?

    4. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Jeez, you need to wipe some of that jeez off your chin…

      Hate on that, little limp wrist.

      1. Jeez says:

        Right on, Baldy! You tell ’em.

        You rubes are too much fun. Keep it up! Hate! Hate! Hate!

    5. Mike says:

      I’m sure gays and liberals would feel completely welcome in their restaurant, as they should be since they have great customer service. If someone chooses not to go to Chick Fil A due to their stated support of traditional marriage, then that’s their choice to feel offended and not eat there. Not sure what your point is with that one.

      The very fact this made the news is because the customer service there is typically so good – this is the exception that proves the rule.

    6. JustSayNoNow says:

      Libs are funny. Stupid, but funny.

    7. Nate says:

      I’ve noticed this many many times as well. It’s not to say I don’t find the same comments without Drudge linking to a story, but it’s almost a given that when I see a story like this that I’ve been linked to by Drudge, I’m going to find the oh-so-cliched “Liberals are horrible” comments and the many many variations on that theme. It’s as predictable as the sunrise, as is the lack of original thoughts and comments.

      I do always find amusing the assumptions, generalizations, and outright fabrications, and sometimes you’ll find someone that has worded them in a humorous way. Mostly though, the comments on this particular article are of the if-you’ve-seen-them-once-you’ve-seen-them-all variety. People who smear liberals(and it’s never explained what a liberal actually is, so I’m left to assume it’s anyone who doesn’t agree with the poster) should really get some better material, or you know, stop going out of their way to look like a fool.

      1. pulloutthatbeam says:

        Funny how you know all about the posters you’re whining about (to the point where you even claim knowledge of where they came from) while at the same time claiming that no one can identify a liberal or that liberal is just a tag they put on someone who disagrees with them. Hypocrisy much?

      2. Silly Goose says:

        Yeah, because liberals never bash conservatives. To me it’s just the flip side of the coin. You will always find uneducated dolts throwing spears at each other from both sides of the spectrum. It is a talent that is not purely reserved for those who lean to the right.

      3. darnyoursocks says:

        Nate…Jeez..whatever the eff your name is – shut the hell up. You are the problem.

  16. Griefman says:

    David…. the answer is look at the location….. LA. Attacks on racism and traditional marraige go hand in hand in LA LA land

  17. The Clintidote says:

    Poopushers spread disease. Deadly disease.

  18. Steve says:

    It didn’t bother me. I would have laughed it off. Yes, immature and that’s all. Oh, yes, I am Oriental. A PC world would be too boring.

    1. busted says:

      No Asian would refer to him/herself as “Oriental” – that term is used for products like rugs, pottery, etc. – not people.

      1. Ronald C. Yochum says:

        Somebody please tell me what the problem is with “oriental”?

      2. Word Nazis says:

        From 2 different well known sources: While a small number of reference works used in the United States describe Oriental as pejorative, or antiquated but not necessarily offensive, the American Heritage Book of English Usage notes that:

        ” It is worth remembering, though, that Oriental is not an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. It is most objectionable in contemporary contexts and when used as a noun, as in the appointment of an Oriental to head the commission. But in certain historical contexts, or when its exotic connotations are integral to the topic, Oriental remains a useful term.[7]”

        Random House’s Guide to Sensitive Language states “Other words (e.g., Oriental, colored) are outdated or inaccurate.” This Guide to Sensitive Language suggests the use of “Asian or more specific designation such as Pacific Islander, Chinese American, [or] Korean”.[8] Merriam-Webster describes the term as “sometimes offensive.”[9]

        Or in other words, its mostly offensive to the same people that all the other ethnic names (or slurs as they call them) are offensive to. People with no lives to worry about. Or what I call word Nazi’s

    2. theyareweird says:

      NY Times Style Guide put it on the hate list back in the nineties. No reason, just changing the word again like they are wont to do. They told Asians that they should now be offended by the word “Orient” despite it simply being a name for a certain area of the globe. Somehow, that’s hateful.

  19. Expertskier says:

    What a stupid article … racism and gay marraige … only from the leftist CBS … why isn’t someone complaining about the “Chick” in Chick-fel-A …. isn’t “Chick” an offensive term to women and chickens ….

  20. Spider says:

    Daivd…You are talking about a left-wing, lying liberal California CBS media outlet. The story has nothing to do with marriage, yet they have to take a stab at a Values-Based Company that believes in God.

  21. Peter says:

    I’ve had to deal with rude and insulting behavior because of my skin color in fast food restaurants many times, usually immediately after the cashier was courteous and friendly to the previous customer who was of the same skin color as them. But I’ve never tried to get anyone fired.
    I guess that because I’m Caucasian, I just don’t let bigots get me too upset. It’s their problem, not mine.
    But there are a few local restaurants that I will not patronize for that reason.

    1. Irving J says:

      I’ve gone into kosher bakeries in Orthodox neighborhoods, and despite being Jewish, am treated like a non-entity because I do not look Orthodox. So I mumble a few phrases in Yiddish to the cashier and they look at me dumbfounded, but still with a nasty look.

  22. youranus says:

    Next time my wife and I go to Chick fil-a we will order separately. When they ask my name it will be Ching and when they ask her name it will be Chong. If they refuse to enter those names I am suing for name descrimination.

  23. Bill says:

    Harro Johnny. You want good time? Ten Dorrar.

    1. Chong says:

      HAHAHAHAHA. Funniest story evar! Wonder if the cashier was a brotha. I wonder if Ching and Chong got a little out of court Ka-Ching?

      1. David says:

        “I wonder if Ching and Chong”

        Brother, don’t you dare use those terms…

        For four hundred years… those words, have kept us down…

        Took a whole lot of tryin’ to get up that hill…

  24. craguilar says:

    Funny cashier! I’m Hispanic and I wouldn’t mind if she typed “JOSE” on the receipt. Americans have NO sense of humor about race.

    1. Sam says:

      I’ve got news for you craguilar. ‘Hispanic’ is not your race. You are Caucasian, who happens to be of Latin American descent. However, you are correct in your second statement, but Americans have No sense of humor about ANYTHING!

      1. Opinionated says:

        There is no country of Hispania. You’re (global) Mexican, Puerto-Rican, Columbian, Brazilian, Spanish, Chilean, Peruvian, etc… or you could be Chicano. Or Cholo. Or… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Marriedw3 says:

    They support traditional marriage?! OMG! That’s horrible! Horrible! Don’t they know we’re living in a world where there is a majority of LBGT people running the streets? Shouldn’t they at least throw some Boa’s and Condoms in each bag so they can support the free-for-all sex activity going on in the streets?

  26. Mike Myszka says:

    That Asian report is hot. My ching-chong just went “boing!”.

  27. J Lee says:

    Being a middle age Chinese Person,….I thnk terminating the person was a little extreme. The employee should be taken aside and made aware of the issue and if he/she continues than action taken. Racism exists in all races and you should hear some of the doozies us Asians use on White Folk.

    1. sfg says:

      gee I always thought Asians were white? Or are they YELLOW – oops I guess that would be offensive

  28. ken sogar says:

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional,
    illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream
    media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to
    pick up a turd by the clean end.”
    Texas A&M definition contest winner

    1. george says:

      . . . And that’s the GOOD side of political correctness.

      1. Uncle O'Remus says:

        It’s nothing but a communist created plot adopted wholeheartedly by minorities and the left to shut up opposition, to literally rob people of their free speech and nothing more. It starts with ‘this’ and goes to ‘that’ word, and then this other word, and that other word, and the next thing, we’re all HERE TODAY in this kabuki theater which not long ago used to be known as America!!!

        A time and place where you can’t even tell an ethnic joke without being handcuffed and slung over a freaking tree limb by the left wing word N A Z I ‘ S!!! Nutjobs.

        PC is literally destroying the nation and helping NO ONE. They practically ban the ‘n’ word when it’s mostly black rappers and their fans who use it more than they work for a living, it’s freaking obnoxiously ridiculous.

  29. CJ says:

    If you want to eat chicken on Sunday, however, you’re going to have to go across the street to ChingChong Gardens, because Chik-Fil-A is closed on Sundays.

  30. wirby says:

    that’s just gay.

  31. rjm2238 says:

    Some where World War II American battleship Admiral, Willis Augustus ‘Ching Chong China’ Lee, is turning over in his grave. He obtained the nick name serving on the old China stations in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
    He was one great commander and you know it’s funny, given his nick name, of which he was extremely proud, it offended no one. I really suspect that people were simply better then than they are now, far more comfortable with themselves and infinitely more self assured. What many have become is just a shame.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  32. Mark Carlton says:

    Firedfrom that $3.50-per-hour job? Well, now, THAT oughtta teach her a lesson!

  33. supakimchee says:

    I’m asian and I thought it was hilarious. People need to grow a sense of humor. Oh, where’s my “Frankie says Relax” t-shirt…

  34. TEBOW says:

    I will now double my Chick-Fila visits. Great food. Great company. ….All you spineless progressive liberal bleeding hearts, grow a pair and quit whining….The wussification of America continues.

  35. Wongway says:

    Wonder if the cashier is blond and used to study in a UCLA library!

  36. Crippled Creek says:

    Holy GEEZUS LOUISES!!!! PC PUSSIFIED NATION GONE MAD….. I’m an Italian descended American and I hear whop and dago and guido all the time and you know what? WHO CARES? WAHHHH WAHHH WAHHH WAHHH!!!

    I’m also crippled from MS now for 12 years in the prime of my life robbing me of a music career and printing career at the same time, and if I had 100 bucks for every time someone mocked me or called me a cripple or just looked at me funny I’d be rich, but guess what? I have more important things to worry about…..LIKE LIFE.

    What nutless whimps this nation is filled with today. I hate these people.

    All these freaking minorities and their endless droning and whining…I CAN”T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! President Roosevelt during WW II Called the Japanese Japs, so did cartoons for cripes sakes. Did the world come apart at the seams?… this name stuff is for weak kneed, spineless, whining, nutlesss whimps and weasels.

    I freaking hate what this nation has become. Or should I say not the nation, but what half the people IN IT HAVE DONE TO IT!! You people suuuuuuckkkkk. You’ve destroyed a nation, I hope you’re all proud.

    1. Silly Goose says:

      Amen, paesan, amen!

  37. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    And I was afraid today might be a slow News Day.

    If these two were offened, just go back to Pup-Filet.

  38. Buck Ofama says:

    Haw! For blacks, it would be Nig and Ger, Nig & Nag, Muh & Dik, Ob & Noxious, Stupid & Fvck, etc.


  39. Marian Carter-Rice says:

    People are so thin-skinned today. I went to McDonald’s and used the name Pink Floyd. Was anyone offended??? Liberals get their panties in a wad over the dumbest things!!! Maybe that was the names she was given???

  40. GW says:

    It was just a simple spelling mistake, it should have been … Cheech & Chong.

  41. blownfuelcoupe says:

    This all could have been avoided had only these Great Americans eaten the Steak and Arugula like they were told.

  42. Robert S. says:

    People need a “Thicker skin”! Much about nothing”!

  43. the media is at fault says:

    People get a life, in the old days no one gave a kaka about words like that, stop acting like you have been abuse. there are alot more things to worry about than thinngs like this report. but at the end its all the media is at fault. they talk so much about things like this one and gays that make people hated. “””media stop rubbing things in our faces”””” due to the media making this report, just watch in a couple of days another news channel is going to talk about some one else copy cat this report and talk kaka about hispanics or blacks.

  44. dad says:

    I Good thing they weren’t fat, it would have read Chin(s).

  45. mac says:

    It is highly likely the cashier couldn’t make out what they were saying so she did the best she could. Of course that doesn’t matter.
    I wonder how many strong asian accent speaking people are employed by Chic-fella anyway? I’ve seen their receipts… Tim is spelled Teem and on and on… ๐Ÿ™‚
    but yet Tim doesn’t get offened!!!!!!

  46. General Tso says:

    Me soo hungry, me eat you long time.

  47. Irving J says:

    My uncle ran a market in a “People of Color” Neighborhood; his three nicknames were “Shorty”, “Baldy”, and “Whitey”, despite him being a Survivor. Should those people have been arrested for calling him that? Or was he right in just laughing and saying, “Yep, that’s me!! What are you ordering today?”

  48. mac says:

    I have an idea. Why don’t we ALL quit using Chic-fella and DEMAND (the POTUS does) that they reinstate this young lady with back pay!!!!!!!!
    Instead of OCCUPY we can VACATE Chic-fella for say a month or so!!!!!!

  49. insensitiveAsian4566 says:

    I am half-Japanese, and couldn’t care less about something like this.

    If a moron wants to show their butt by doing something like that, it reflects poorly on them, not on the subject of their “humor.”

    To my overly-sensitive “Asian” compatriots, how about stop whining and growing a pair?

  50. mac says:

    Or maybe everyone is just so PC’ified that we Just Don’t Care! (about the abuse to those who may make a mistep and are treated like they physically assaulted someone!!!)

  51. Huh says:

    I’m as conservative as they come. How can you posters express anything but disgust for what the cashier did? Is it OK for the cashier to write “lardbutt” for an overweight patron? I’m not losing sleep over this, but what the cashier did was CLEARLY wrong and should be terminated.

    1. amazing says:

      Disgust? Really? Are you truly that weak and wobbly? A word could destroy your fragile little psyche? So whoever uttered that word MUST BE DESTROYED???? Wow.

      “Conservative”? Apparently, that word does not mean what you think it does.

  52. Smack Dab says:

    Sigh…are we still doing this stuff? Being blatantly racist I mean? Or are we just being overly sensitive. Well, the cashier should have known better, but I think instead of firing her, they should have taken her aside, told her what’s what, then fired her if she did it again. Some places use your name when taking an order, this might have been the case here. The cashier either didn’t understand what they said, or didn’t care, and used the first thing that popped into her mind. Dumb. On the other hand, I go to the mall and see all kinds of people of all races getting along just fine…don’t you?

  53. NowListenUp says:

    NO MSG!!!!

  54. john says:

    Short Dong.

  55. Steve Reid says:

    Glad the employee didnt write hung chow

  56. g says:

    americans in general are the most ignorant race on the face of the earth, expecting evyerone in this world to speak their language…..

  57. Steve Apatao says:

    This is neither news, nor is it worthy of a reporter’s time. Acts of juvenile behavior are rampant in the teenage community and, fortunately, most such ill-advised actions don’t make the news. Geez!

  58. rk says:

    Its clear most commentors are non asians so i’ll say this very clearly. Yes this is racist. If you dont think it is YOU ARE A F—ING RACIST and YES I will beat the sh-t out fo you if you ever say this to my face….F— YOU TROLLS.

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